[Essay] Arcane: Deep Diving Into The Father-Daughter Relationship Between Silco and Jinx

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It’s been a while since I last wrote a post like this and I feel the rust on my fingers, but I really felt like CRYING about this and a review doesn’t afford me too much leeway with spoilers. So, hello, I’m back with another “in-depth” look at something I thought was interesting! If anyone would like to join me, feel free to post about the topic of father-daughter relationships, or, if you’ve watched Arcane, go in-depth about something in Arcane

Arcane is a short series on Netflix that I INSTANTLY added to my TBW because of Jinx. I’ve never played League of Legends, although I have wanted to a few times (just don’t really understand it), but it’s always been a part of my life because my brother LOVES it. I mean, my first visit to Canada was because of League! My brother wanted to go see TSM play and so we had a road trip, which ended in me sitting in a stadium of League fans, watching two pro-teams play…and being completely out of the loop. Even now, I still wear a TSM sweater almost daily, which sometimes leads to gamertaku questions that I have no responses to (to which my brother later rants about because HE knows what I should have answered, lol). What can I say, they make some nice sweaters!

But even though I’ve never played the game, I’ve always loved the videos and music my brother has shown me, and I fell in love with Jinx. I just think her character design is SUPER COOL and it’s not a secret that I often fall for the villains or crazy characters.


Also, I missed my cue to summarize Arcane!

Arcane is a 9 episode series based in the League of Legends world. It tells the story of the people of Piltover, the City of Progress, and Zaun, the City of Iron and Glass, and how there has always been animosity between the two because of the imbalance of power. In fact, the last time there had been a serious war between both cities, Vi and Powder were left orphaned. Seeing the chaos and destruction this war created, the rebellion leader Vander decides to adopt both of them and to lead a life of peace for their and Zaun’s sake; however, all of this changes a few years later when his kids sneak into Piltover and steal from the Kiramman Clan, who demand someone pay for the theft and destruction caused

Vander has his hands tied. He either watches as Enforcer violence increases in Zaun, potentially leading up to another war, or he gives up his family

Ok, there’s honestly a lot going on in this series and the world of League and that’s sort of the gist of it, but do know that this is a lot of “background” plot nothing is really background, everything works together to create a larger story BUT. If you ask me, Arcane is the story of sisters Powder (aka. Jinx) and Vi, and how they came to be on opposite ends of a war that never truly ended


So yes, the reason I decided to check out Arcane was that I would be learning Jinx’s story

What I didn’t expect was to feel for her SO BAD, UGH, just punch me in the feels repeatedly. In this post, I’d like to focus on her relationship with her adoptive father, but it’s going to take some time to get to this. The relationships she has with the people around her are complex and they build off of each other. So before I talk about the father-daughter scenes, I have to first talk about her childhood insecurities and I will also constantly talk about her relationship with her older sister Vi, especially at the beginning


Let’s go through the people in Jinx’s childhood.

First, we have Vander, who is Vi’s and Powder’s adoptive father, and he isn’t really a problem and I’m not sure if maybe that’s a problem in itself. I feel like Vander did the most parenting towards Vi, often talking to her one-on-one and giving her advice. We hardly see him interacting with his other kids. He has Vi, Powder, and it looks like he later adopts two boys, Mylo and Claggor

Vi, Vander, Powder, Mylo, and Claggor

TBH I wouldn’t have made this connection if they hadn’t called Vander “father” in a later episode. This disconnect doesn’t appear to be a problem because Vi works as their leader/alpha but as we see Powder develop…I think she needed more attention from an adult, especially positive attention and we never really saw Vander give her that. I’ll talk more about him throughout the post but essentially, I’d argue that he just existed (to Powder). I don’t know if anyone else got these vibes, but Vander reminds me of Naruto in Boruto, except that Powder doesn’t really care that he doesn’t have much time to dedicate to her. Again, because Vi was there. I also like to think that Vander didn’t know about how Mylo spoke to Jinx and how Claggor and Vi sort of let it happen. I like to think he would have corrected their behavior. But, who knows if this is true or ever happened

Next up are the siblings!

Perhaps because they’re not really related (and who knows how long they’ve been adopted siblings), Powder’s relationship with her brothers Mylo and Claggor is tense. Maybe this is mostly circumstantial but it almost feels like they (especially Mylo) only tolerate Powder and only because Vi constantly protects her (so it’s more like they respect Vi and Powder is just…a hanger-on)

Sadly, we don’t get to see them interact much outside of a heist they plan, which ends up going wrong and is the catalyst to many of the tragedies that happen down the line. But from the bit we do see, Mylo is the one who often complains that Powder always causes trouble on missions because she’s incompetent. There isn’t really respect there and it feels like this is where most of the bad vibes come from. He’s very vocal

Heist FYI: Vi, Mylo, and Claggor sneak into Piltover to steal some items to then pawn. They got their intel from “Little Man” (Ekko). They manage to sneak into the Kiramman manor via the roofs (think Assassins Creed style) and the job would have been successful if it weren’t for an explosion that happens. The cause of the explosion is a magic crystal, specifically, one that Powder drops as they all escape (but nobody realizes that’s what happened). The Enforcers see them and give chase

As for Claggor…it’s a bit harder to get a read on him, but there are a couple of moments that we can look at. For example, on the day of the heist, he reacts in a way that aligns with Mylo’s feelings. One moment is at the start of the job, when Powder freezes up. While Mylo complains, Claggor offers to go and get her (they’re jumping between buildings) but the way he says it is resigned and even slightly exasperated, almost as if this isn’t the first time Powder has frozen up and/or he’s had to pick up the slack. Then, at the end of the job, when everyone’s wondering what happened (the cause of the explosion), Mylo and he automatically turn to Powder

Then there are moments, like in episode two, where he is annoyed at Mylo for picking on Powder (or perhaps tired of his shenanigans because I am too!). The difference between these moments is that in one, they’re on a job, and in the other, they’re all at home (whereas Mylo talks crap all the time). But I would like to say that silence does speak for itself as well. While he does get annoyed at Mylo (episode two) he never says anything to defend Powder, nor does he ever tell Mylo to shut it. I don’t think it’s because he can’t fight back because he does taunt Mylo’s shooting skills (episode two) so he is capable. Conclusion: he also believes that Powder is troublesome during missions

All that said, I think Claggor really loves all his siblings

Also, I would like to mention that families have different ways of communicating. I know that a lot of families are used to dishing out burns and insults. My family is like that too sometimes, but we have to remember that one, everyone has different personality types and this type of interaction can be taken as an attack (vs. jokingly) and two, there’s usually a balance and we don’t see that here. Mylo and Claggor have one scene of physical touch (Claggor loops his arm around Mylo after they get out of the sewers and Mylo allows it) but they don’t do that with Jinx

I feel like if they had been closer in some way, I wouldn’t have felt like they (mostly Mylo) were attacking her

Now it’s Vi’s turn and this one is complicated for many reasons but mainly because Vi is Powder’s WORLD, which makes sense. I mean, they lost their parents at a really young (and impressionable) age and Vander, well, he exists in Powder’s life. He’s like the adult you know is responsible for you but that you hardly ever interact with. At least that’s the impression that I get when we look at the Vander-Powder relationship. Meanwhile, the Vander-Vi relationship is much stronger. I don’t think it’s neglect. Vander really does love his kids but I think that he creates a stronger bond with Vi because she’s the one who he sees needs the most attention and guidance at this moment. Plus, he’s busy. Remember the Boruto connection? He’s not just caring for his kids, he also needs to take care of the people of Zaun/The Lanes

Vander often compares his younger self to Vi and I think that this really fits, and not just because she is of a broader build. Vi is very hotheaded and is the type to punch and maybe ask questions later. She also makes quick decisions that don’t really consider future consequences. Life in Zaun is difficult and I feel like this makes Vi impatient. She wants to be an adult (like Vander) and make adult decisions. Because of this, I feel like Vi places a lot of responsibility on her shoulders that maybe she could do without.

I think that part of the reason she wants to grow up so quickly is because of Powder. A lot of the “parental” interaction that Powder gets when she’s young comes from Vi. Vi really wants Powder to have a better life, which is the reason why she wants to take up arms and fight Piltover/Topside. I don’t know about you guys, but I often got the “better life” talk from my parents and many adults in my life. The age gap between Vi and Powder doesn’t seem to be very big, but the truth is that they have lived through a lot and even though they have Vander, Vi still feels a sense of responsibility for Powder. I would even say that Vi wants to be Powder’s World

The nice thing is that Vi also gives Powder the warmth and closeness of a sister and we’re able to witness this many times. One gesture that I want to point out is the Head Bump. I believe it originates as a way of affection between Vi and Powder, hence why they do it, but we also see Vi and Vander do something similar, so while it is a sisterly gesture, it can also be seen as a parental one

Now that I’ve said the nice, I want to say that Vi also shows signs of agreeing with Mylo. We see this during the heist when Powder almost falls off the roof of a building. In this scene, Vi tells Powder that she can do it (jump between the buildings), that she’s ready. Powder takes courage from her words and clumsily makes it across, but she has trouble staying atop. She loses her balance and nearly falls off the roof. Vi manages to catch Powder by grabbing her arm and that is the moment that I have screenshotted above

We can’t see it in just one frame but there were a couple of things that bugged me here. First, was how aggressively Vi grabbed Powder. I get it, Powder is falling, there’s weight involved, etc., but then we see (though blurred) how Vi’s face looks almost annoyed. So then the way Vi grabs Powder takes on a different meaning (upset, annoyed), but because Powder is looking away (too busy looking down where she may have turned into a pancake), the details are…not clear.

Heist FYI P2: Vi and the others manage to escape the Enforcers and make it back to Zaun/Undercity, but while walking home, they are attacked by a group of kids who want to take their loot. A fight breaks out and Powder is the only one who doesn’t get pummeled. Instead, she ends up with the bag of stolen items, gets chased down by one of the kids, and in the end, she is cornered and ends up throwing the bag into the river. The loot gets lost.

We also have another moment right after the heist, just after Powder loses the bag of goods. She’s able to get back with the others and when they hear the news…well, things aren’t great. Mylo is the most vocal about it, going so far as to say that Powder jinxes every job. We also see Claggor at his most weary and even irritated. He even throws a glare… at someone, it’s not very clear who. Maybe at Mylo. Maybe at Jinx. Maybe just at the whole situation.

And Vi. She tells Powder that everything is alright, that at least she’s safe, but Vi makes it a point to not look at Powder. Instead, she faces the camera and we’re finally able to see her expression clearly. We can see that she’s not exactly irritated but she is upset with the situation, perhaps even disappointed. Not only were they chased down by the Piltover Enforcers, but they also took a beating, and for what? But the thing that stood out to me the most is that she also didn’t do much about Mylo’s words towards Powder, just a tired “drop it”

It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours and a lot of the feedback that Powder is receiving, specifically relating to her capabilities, is negative. She can’t jump between buildings like her siblings, her gadgets don’t work, she can’t fight, violence/confrontations seem to make her anxious, and she can’t even manage to keep a bag safe. What’s more, Mylo called her a jinx so it’s not her capabilities anymore, her whole person is a curse. That’s something you can’t improve


Even with all of this, we do see moments where she can smile and laugh, but most of this happens when it’s just her and Vi and I don’t think this is a good sign. I’ll bring this up later again but when someone is your World and they say or do something wrong, it can destroy you. This is what happens when Vi tells Powder she has to stay home the night she, Claggor, and Mylo go rescue Vander

Powder has a mental breakdown because Vi is only confirming her own insecurities by leaving her behind – she’s not capable

Rescue FYI: After the heist incident, Enforcer violence increases. They pressure Vander to hand over the culprit. Vi decides to take the blame and is about to surrender herself when Vander stops her. He gets arrested instead, but on the night he’s supposed to be taken, someone new appears. A man named Silco. He has manufactured a drug to create super creatures to do his bidding. He kidnaps Vander and kills multiple Enforcers and Ekko’s father. Vi and Ekko witness all of this

Vi tries many ways to get Powder to stay home. She says that this mission is too dangerous, that Powder is all she has left, but she’s alright with putting Mylo’s and Claggor’s life at risk? If you take into account all of the deep father-daughter talks Vi has been having lately with Vander, this seems unlikely. Also, even though she is hotheaded, it’s not in her personality to put others in danger and Powder knows this. Powder fights back, saying that family sticks together (Vi said so), and eventually Vi yells that Powder isn’t ready

It’s pretty obvious what she’s saying without saying it. We heard it in her tired voice after the heist mission, which hadn’t been as important. This time lives were at stake. Mistakes were not an option. Mylo was right. This is what Powder is registering and it’s what I hear too. And I don’t blame Vi, I would have thought to do the same thing.

The bad thing is that these words really hurt Powder and this is the first time we see her mental state reflected in the animation. It’s not to the degree that we see later, but she’s clearly not alright. Before this, Powder hadn’t displayed any violent inclinations, but here she’s tearing her monkey gadget apart by violently tearing off its head. She hits her own head. The music is jagged, high-pitched, and eerily creepy. The camera hyper focuses on the headless monkey gadget (visually and audibly) as it claps its cymbals and spins on its side. She’s crying and there’s spittle flowing generously from her mouth. Her breathing is also frantic.

Overall, she’s not okay


It’s now time to introduce our next special guest. I’ve mentioned him in the Rescue FYI but now you can look at his perfectly evil and handsome face. This is Silco, the man who kidnaps Vander. I have very conflicting emotions about him because he’s the villain and he does some Messed Up Stuff throughout the series (mainly implied but also by being the creator and distributor of Shimmer) but also his photos are all in my simp folder. I just can’t help myself

Silco isn’t exactly an unknown element like we may be led to believe. While Vi wasn’t able to identify him, Vander is well acquainted with him. In fact, if things had “worked out” Silco may have been called Uncle Silco by both Vi and Powder. Yeah, it was like that. This is where I frantically wink and smirk at you all because you’re at a BL blog, what did you expect?! At least I didn’t say Papa Silco. Oops~

And yes, my curiosity got the better of me and I went to Ao3

I didn’t really find anything that caught my interest I have to be honest and say that while I think Vander & Silco is cute, it’s not a full-on ship for me, you know? I just want some domestic father-daughter fluffs and if I must ship Silco it should be to the man he can’t forget, right?! BUT I am sort of surprised by how many Jayce and Viktor fics there are. Since, you know, Jayce was hooking up with that council lady. I don’t ship it. VIKTOR DESERVES BETTER oh god Viktor’s story VIKTOR’S STORY IMMA CRY

Anyway, moving on…

Apparently, and we’re only really given hints throughout the series so there’s some mystery here, both Vander and Silco had been best friends (brothers even) before Piltover and Zaun had first gone to war; however, everything changed when Vander betrayed Silco, probably during the war, nearly drowning him in a river (and thereby being the cause of Silco’s eye injury – possibly related to the rebellion – becoming infected by the toxins in the river, turning it into a deformation, and forever needing him to medicate)

Why did he betray Silco? I don’t think the exact circumstances were ever revealed, but when they do meet up again in the present, we learn a few things. First, Silco says that he doesn’t hate Vander for his betrayal. He says that he actually still respects Vander and aside from, you know, kidnapping him, I do believe Silco. I mean, would you try to recruit someone that you hate? Another thing is that while Silco is our antagonist, he also wishes for Zaun to free itself from Piltover’s rule, but his methods are more violent.

He has chosen violence. He has chosen to become what Piltover fears in the hope of becoming a great enough monster that they will be forced to play by his rules. He does this by manufacturing a drug called Shimmer, which distorts the body and mind, creating a super creature that can kill humans like they’re fluffy cakes. And like all drugs, it’s later revealed to be addicting


This is the night when lives change for the worse for the majority of the people. Let’s quickly recount what happens

Vi, Claggor, and Mylo manage to find Vander and even fight off many of Silco’s people (awesome Vi fight scene), but they still end up in trouble when Silco sends his Shimmer creature after them. While this whole fighting sequence is happening, we also have Powder heading over to help her family. During her breakdown, she comes to the realization that the explosion in Piltover (heist) was caused by the shattering of one of the blue gems that she found. And lookie here, she has a handful of them in her possession. She manages to make it to the warehouse where everything is happening, sneaks in close enough to where the Shimmer creature has crowded her family, places a monkey bomb with the blue gem attached to it, and finally gets to witness one of her gadgets “work”

The unfortunate part is that nobody could have predicted how devastating that explosion would be. That night, Powder kills her own family and you know, this hit me SO HARD because part of me is like, they almost made it out, ALMOST, Claggor had made an exit and Mylo had finally unlocked Vander’s shackles (he’d been shackled to a chair), but also Powder wasn’t really at fault, you know?

Also, I would like to mention that when I say family, I mainly mean Claggor and Mylo. I think that the explosion worked in favor of Silco killing Vander because it forced Vander to stay in the situation, but I think Vander was going to die either way. If they had managed to escape, Silco would have kept chasing after him in order to usurp his role as “caretaker” of Zaun

And then we have an emotional scene between sisters, where Vi finally lets us know why she told Powder to stay home


This is the moment when things change. Obviously, Powder and Vi are alone again, their family dead, but it’s more than this. Vi leaves Powder when she’s most vulnerable and we’re reminded that they’re both still just kids. Vi is hurting because she’s just lost her whole family…at the hands of her sister. She isn’t really abandoning Powder, but she needs time to herself. The problem is that, out of the two, Powder is the most fragile, and both Vi’s actions and words have broken her (again)

Right after the explosion, Silco orders his people to kill “them” meaning Vander and Vi. When Vander jumps out the window with Vi (to save her from a secondary explosion), Silco and his people give chase, but what he finds outside is Vander’s corpse and a crying Powder. He approaches with the intent to find out where Vi went and, potentially, to also kill Powder (he takes out his blade)

He doesn’t expect Powder to latch onto him (who would?), causing him to freeze or maybe the contact unfroze his ice cold heart and the shock of it made him hesitate long enough for Powder to talk, and as she tells him that Vi has abandoned her, he can’t help but see himself in her. He looks over at Vander’s corpse and is reminded that he was also betrayed by someone he considered a brother.

During one of Powder’s most vulnerable times, it wasn’t Vi who stayed and tried to comfort her, it was Silco. He allowed her to hug him, hugged her back, and (this part brings me to tears) he tells her softly, “It’s okay.” After everything that has happened, he comforts Powder. It’s easy for him to do this. He hasn’t lost anything, whereas Vi has, but in that moment, it’s what Powder needed. He follows this with “we will show them” and that isn’t really out of line for Powder’s situation. After all, everyone kept saying she was a liability and a jinx

You know, it’s so tough watching all of this because I can’t help but think, “If only this had been different”. If only Vi hadn’t left her at that moment. If only Vi hadn’t left her sister behind during the rescue, told her she wasn’t ready. If only Vi had defended her more often when Milo would blame everything on Powder. If only she’d talked to her more, coddled her less, I don’t know, trained her, made her feel like a true member of the team. If only Powder had stayed put. If only they had never done that job. If only Vander hadn’t betrayed Silco. If only – really the list could go on forever but we can only say all this in hindsight. Nobody ever really knows how life will turn out, what events will change things forever, until after it happens

And sometimes things that appear to be mistakes one day may not be in the long run


There is a time skip in episode 4 and we finally see Powder as Jinx. The character’s ages are a mystery but just looking at how Jinx looks, I’m going to take a guess that she is now the age (or close to it) that Vi was before the time skip. And I just have to say that she KICKED BUTT. Jinx has clearly grown into herself since we last saw her. She has always been a good shot so it makes sense that her main weapons are guns. We also still see her gadgets from when she was young except that they work now and their style has changed. Things appear fine and it even looks like she’s enjoying herself, but we soon realize that she’s gotten worse in some ways

While fighting the Firelights, which is a Zaun rebel group that is fighting against Silco and his distribution of Shimmer, Jinx freezes when she unmasks one of the Firelights and finds a girl with pink hair. Suddenly, all the last moments she had with Vi come to mind and she opens fire in a chaotic manner, even accidentally hitting members of Silco’s group

We see that even after she’s grown up, the people on her team still see her as a liability. All but one…


I talked a little about Jinx and Vander and how there was little to no contact between them. We only ever got to see one moment. They were at the bar. She was sitting with her head down, facing away from Vander who is behind the bar. Instead, she’s sort of staring at an old rabbit doll, a doll that used to be Vi’s when she was a kid. Vander approaches her like he’s trying to cheer her up and even serves her a drink. The most Powder does is look up at him but then puts her head back down. Vander frowns and you can see the worry but no words (to our knowledge) are exchanged.

That was all the father-daughter contact we ever had between those two. So when the time skip shows us the interaction between Jinx and Silco, I couldn’t help but cry happy tears!

In this section, I’m mainly going to talk about a scene in episode 4 that happens between Jinx and Silco, but I’m also going to talk about different moments in later episodes (that I felt were important) that also took place in Silco’s office. Let’s start!

After the incident with the Firelights, Sevika goes to Silco, and as she is (I imagine) reporting the incident with the Shimmer cargo, she rants about how Jinx fired on them. Silco is at his chair behind his desk, looking over a clipboard, and he’s listening, but he’s clearly not giving Sevika all his attention

Still, he responds to her in a logical manner and you can tell that there’s a slight edge to his response to Jinx’s actions. He’s pretty much telling her to drop the subject, but Sevika continues. She calls Jinx a problem “and we all know it”, which is when Silco finally turns to her and gives her his undivided attention. And Sevika knows she’s crossed the line

Silco’s reaction is what I wish Vi could have given Jinx when Mylo would go off. I’ve mentioned it already, but by staying quiet and always looking away, Vi’s defenses always seemed half-hearted. Silco, however, is not afraid to go off. His voice and demeanor are generally calm so when he gets upset you can tell. He “raises” his voice and he pretty much attacks Sevika’s competence, just like she’d done so to Jinx’s

And, well, she couldn’t say anything back because he was right. She’d been in charge of the operation, got easily immobilized, and it wasn’t until way after Jinx had dispatched a few of the Firelights that she was able to move again (and by then Jinx had done all the fighting)


When Sevika leaves (is dismissed), Silco speaks to himself for a moment, and then it’s revealed that he’s not alone. Jinx is up in the rafters and he has her explain the events to him. Jinx’s response is that Sevika already told him, but he insists, calmly, that Jinx relay her story, giving her voice and truth importance

I’m crying, can you guys hear me?! This is too soft!!!

And Jinx doesn’t just come down from the rafters and sits where Sevika was sitting, nor does she stand before his desk. No, she sits on his desk, sending some papers flying to the floor, and pouts. Not just anyone can go up to someone’s desk and sit on it. Can you imagine if Sevika had done something like that? It would be disrespectful and confrontational, but clearly, that’s not the type of relationship that’s being shown here. And Silco isn’t preoccupied with anything else. All his attention is on Jinx!

At this point, we don’t know all the details about their relationship, but it’s clear that Silco does not see her as a problem and he is not afraid to defend her. We could argue that he knew Jinx was present and therefore acted a certain way, but as the scene progresses, I don’t think that’s the case. Plus, he doesn’t seem the type to be so manipulative. He’s a more direct character and we get a few clues that he’s being honest.

For example, Jinx is able to get into Silco’s personal space without a problem. When Jinx sits on his desk, she only stays in one position for a moment (when his chair’s back is facing her). When Silco finally turns his chair around and shows Jinx that everything is alright (more on this later), Jinx slowly starts to make her way closer and closer to his chair, going so far as to lay her legs over his lap

This, coupled with the way she leans her head against his, reminds me of the way I’d lean into my parents whenever I was feeling down or felt bad about something that I did, and I think that’s what she’s doing too. She does verbally apologize for her actions but she’s also trying to test the waters (slow creeping towards his chair) and make sure that everything is alright between them. It’s like a hug but, if you ask me, deeper

She doesn’t want to be rejected and she falls back to the head bump that she used to do with Vi (and Vi with Vander). And Vi, even after all this time, still continues to be Jinx’s World

Not only does Silco allow her to be in his personal space like this, but he also doesn’t push her away! He’s supposed to be a villain but he’s so soft, IM SCREAMING

But this isn’t just a cuddlefest or simple conversation.

Perhaps it’s because Jinx is older now (we don’t really know how Silco acted with her between the time skip, I imagine it was in a similar manner) but I also really liked that they were speaking like equals, another parallel with Vander and Vi.

Silco speaks to Jinx calmly but also with purpose. He tells her that what happened has consequences and that she should be more careful but in a way that is both comforting and strict. I think that something that Jinx didn’t have a grasp on when she was a kid was consequences, most likely because Vi babied her. This is something Mylo is very vocal about. There was a scene where he is upset and says that no matter what mistakes Powder makes, she always gets away with it. If you are never held accountable for your actions, do you really grow and understand them?

Silco is different. He explains things in a realistic manner and he’s direct. He’s not mad at Jinx, clearly doesn’t blame her, because (as he told Sevika) mishaps happen, but he does want her to understand that what happened is not ideal and that she should be more mindful. And when she responds by saying that there won’t be more future problems, and he says “I know”, I CRIED. I CRIED. I don’t want kids but I’d have kids with him. I think he’s the first character I’ve felt like this about. I blame it on his single status and the bad quality of men around him. And well, Vander, who knows what happened there

Also, just look at her face!! I’m so soft for her, I must protect!! The physical contact, the speaking as equals, I just adore this moment. You can really tell that Silco’s approval of her really means something to Jinx and I like that he doesn’t make her feel bad or takes advantage. I really feel like this is his daughter vs. a facade he uses in order to keep her as a tool. Does that mean he doesn’t see value in her? No, I think he realizes he scored big when he picked up Jinx, especially as the series events progress, but I think his feelings for her aren’t so simple

He really loves her and the trust he has in her, ugh, my feels

When Sevika leaves his office, he starts to talk “to himself” and it’s not random. The things he says are worries that he has and he’s allowing Jinx to hear these things. Also, it seems like that is one of Jinx’s usual spots (she even has some gadgets hanging up there) so she is pretty much allowed up there and in the office whenever she wants. And we do see her up there often (and in his office), which shows us that there are no secrets to be kept between them. Jinx is his daughter but also his equal, his business partner, and even a confidant

Also, please direct your eyes to THAT MUG. I think it’s a mug but the point is that Jinx drew all over it!! And it’s on Silco’s desk where people CAN SEE IT. Not that he’s ever been shy with showing that he cares for her in front of his people. I. LOVE. THIS.


Going back to the start of their interaction in this scene, the way that Silco signals to Jinx that everything is okay was also full of trust. He does this by handing over his syringe for his eye. I mean, how much more trusting does one get? I don’t even want to let myself near my own eyes (contacts) but Silco has Jinx doing his medical shots for him on a regular. Actually, we get to see Jinx do this for him one other time that I think is also important and it happens in his office too

In episode 4 (this scene I’ve been gushing about), both Silco and Jinx believe that Vi is dead, however, it’s later revealed that this is not the case. This is the only time when we see a major point of conflict between them. I will (again) come back to this later, but I do want to look at the way they interact in his office in episode 7 real quick

Instead of being this pouty and shy/timid character, Jinx lashes out, which makes sense. She’s noticed for some time now that things have been happening without her knowledge. When she goes to investigate, some people are quieter, giving her vague answers, and when she finally finds out that Vi is alive, she is angry. When Silco is alone in his office, Jinx appears out of nowhere (behind his chair but clearly nobody realized she was somewhere in the office)

She snatches Silco’s syringe and crouches over him, grabbing his face roughly, and pretty much immobilizing him. She then starts to pierce him with the syringe on his cheeks because oops, missed your eye

It’s clearly a violent way to confront your dad about keeping it a secret that your sister is actually alive (even though it was only a day or two because he also had only just found out), and Silco is in pain; however, he never pushes Jinx off of him or gets violent, instead, choosing to grit his fists and even hold Jinx’s arm when speaking his truths (I’ll mention his truths later)

Coming back to episode 4, the last thing I want to mention is that I love that Silco believes Jinx is capable but he also realizes that moments like these (Jinx being reminded of her past) can be stressful. He tells Jinx to take a break and to focus her energy on other things. I think that’s something that we often don’t even do for ourselves. We keep working and working until eventually, we burn out. He doesn’t want this for Jinx and is strict about her getting some rest

Sadly, Jinx’s insecurities run deep and she takes this the wrong way


The first time that we see Jinx go a bit out of control is the night Vi tells her to stay home because she’s not ready. Jinx begins to cry and the scene becomes very hectic, hyper-focusing on certain elements, the music is high-pitched, and Jinx appears to be talking to herself as she cries, only for her to abruptly stop when she has a realization. But we never see who that voice in her head is. Now we do and it’s no surprise it’s Mylo

After talking with Silco, Jinx goes to her “room” (domain more like it) and has another manic episode. During this episode, Jinx doesn’t cry and she’s more vocal about how she IS capable (and others aren’t, specifically Sevika), but it’s also weighed down by Mylo, who is the voice in her head telling her that she is weak. The only way she saw to remedy this weakness before and now is to do something of value to balance out her mistakes. Before, she ended up helping in Vander’s rescue. Now, she decides to go to Piltover and steal the Hex crystal (a more refined blue gem to the one she’d originally stolen when she was a kid)

So we see that even with all the soft talks with Silco, all of his assurances, Jinx’s past weighs on her. In fact, we see this in her room as well

In a corner, she has dolls that look like Claggor and Mylo. Actually, I think it’s kind of cute that Claggor’s doll is mainly his goggles. It’s kind of like the goggles ARE Claggor, but his doll also has some resemblance to him. She’s made sure to outfit it properly and I mean, it’s got a big head and out of the two, Claggor’s build was bigger. But I think that the difference in size and resemblance is also important. While Claggor’s is a tiny doll, the one that looks like Mylo almost looks like an actual corpse. It looks human and it feels like it’ll stand up and move around

Also, there is no representation of Vander anywhere. Part of it could be that she wasn’t responsible for his death (vs. she was for Claggor’s and Mylo’s) but I wonder if this goes back to the whole ‘Vander just exists’ belief that I have. She spent the most time with her siblings so they’re the first to come to mind when she thinks of family

She also has Vi’s rabbit doll from when they were younger, which she keeps in a box under Mylo’s foot. It has a few vibes. Pandora’s box (she’s trying to lock up the feelings she has for Vi), Schrödinger’s cat (she believes Vi is dead but she’s not actually), and also just cherishing the last thing she has of Vi’s

Even with all the hurt, she does love Vi


There was a scene right after the Heist mission when Vi and Powder were kids. Vi comes to Powder’s bed and smiles down at her. She asks if Powder wants to talk about the events that happened and Powder says no. Timeskip Jinx does the opposite. While she is working on deciphering how to use the new Hex crystal, its power reminds her of the explosion that killed her family. She goes to Silco and tells him that she can’t continue working on it, that she’s not ok. Silco decides to help her by taking her to the river where Vander almost drowned him

Vander also did something similar with Vi during one of their talks, taking her to the bridge where they first met. They must have gotten parenting tips from the same place

the trust in her eyes, his hand holding her softly, I CANT *CRIES*

When we see Jinx, she’s not just crossing her arms because she’s waist-deep in a river at night, but also because this is a vulnerable moment for her. Not only was she forced to remember the night she lost everyone, but she also showed (and is showing) her insecurities to someone that she looks up to. We’ve already seen that she hates the idea of being seen as weak, but she especially doesn’t want Silco to think of her that way. Her going to someone, seeking help, means that she really does want to move on from the pain she’s never had the chance to heal. And Silco does not disappoint

Silco talks with Jinx, and shares how he felt when he’d been betrayed by Vander. Based on how Jinx reacts to his words, he truly understands how she feels. He gives her advice and it’s just such a soft moment. Did he have to do this? Not all parents do and that’s why I love him. Everyone saw Powder as flawed and an inconvenience. Silco has never seen her this way and he constantly shows us this

“Betrayal, that pain that feels like it’ll eat you from the inside out, can either break you or forge you into something greater. You need to let Powder die. So the fear of pain will no longer control you. You’re strong now. Just like you were always meant to be. Jinx is perfect.”

Sometimes I wonder if this truly could have worked. I wonder, if Jinx had had time after this to just be herself, would she have begun to heal? Would her past weigh on her so much?

We clearly see her rejuvenated after Silco’s talk. She’s once more working hard in her room/lab, trying to decipher the mystery of the Hex crystal, which she had run away from before. And, I actually missed this the first time I watched this episode but, in her lab, she has Vi’s rabbit out in the open. It’s no longer hidden inside the box under Mylo’s foot. Instead, she’s staked it to her wall. Kind of violent perhaps, but it felt like she was finally taking initiative to heal

We don’t get to see this potential healing because it’s at the end of this episode (5) that Silco finds out that Vi is alive



Now let’s turn our lense to Silco

From the very beginning, we see that Silco is a calm character. He speaks calmly and with purpose, not usually raising his voice and especially not being violent himself (he has lackeys for that). One of the first times we see him lose composure is after he finds out that Jinx went to Piltover and caused chaos

He goes into Jinx’s room while Jinx is playing her character song (and being a genius) and his voice is drowned out by the loud music, but we can see him screaming out her name in the background and he stays there. He never goes up to Jinx or touches her, instead, choosing to “turn off” her music by pounding his fist onto the surface near her recorder. The music shuts off just as he screams out her name and she turns to him. Similar to how Jinx waited until he’d turned his chair forward in his office before approaching him, Silco waits until Jinx has acknowledged his presence before walking into her space. The number of times I wish my parents would do this…

This is the first time that he’s this angry. Meanwhile, Jinx is giddy, and again, Silco is restrained. The closest he gets to making contact with Jinx is snatching her pencil. You bet this wouldn’t be the case with many other parents

Also, even as he’s yelling at her, he doesn’t accuse her of anything. He states the facts (multiple Enforcers dead, buildings blown up) and then asks her if she understands what she’s done. This is when Jinx shows him her prize, the Hex crystal. He calms after this (actually, he’s more like speechless). I don’t think the problem here is that she went on a killing and blowing up spree, Silco is also a violent person. He just didn’t want trouble with Piltover because they’re so much more advanced in their technology. If they ever attacked Zaun, they would be at a severe disadvantage, but, as he stares at the crystal in his hand, with the Hex crystal in their possession, things are different.

The next time we see him lose composure, and I think this is the more important one, is when he finds out that Vi is alive. NGL, I laughed when this happened. He was just sitting at his desk, cleaning the left side of his face, and through a compact mirror, tells Sevika that she’s making a mess (she was bloody and spilling Shimmer on his carpet)

When she tells him that “the sister” is back, he turns around abruptly and is like FROM THE DEAD??? From here we see the closeness between him and Jinx start to crack

While Jinx is busy trying to figure out the Hex crystal and how to use it to their advantage, Silco starts to look for Vi. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Jinx but I’ve already talked about that. What I want to focus on in this section is Silco and the time he goes to kill Vi. She’s already injured from her fight with Sevika (though she does get some healing done) when Silco shows up at her door. But things don’t work out in his favor and she manages to escape…to his immense rage

I decided to leave a video this time because it’s hard to capture all his FEELS with just a screenshot. But yeah, he pretty much goes crazy. He starts beating the people in his vicinity, he screams out, he’s disheveled (makes sense, he almost got crushed), and we even got spittle flying around. We can really see his desperation here.

I think that if the problem had only been that Vi escaped and she will one day come back to ruin his empire, he wouldn’t have cared. Let her come, I’ll be waiting, is what I imagine him saying. The problem is that she’s alive and that means Jinx has options. From everything we’ve seen so far, I see this as his fear of losing his daughter

And he’s not wrong. I mean, as soon as Jinx found out that Vi was alive, she went and lit up the flare that Vi had given her when they were kids (yup, she kept it!). There are a couple reasons their reunion doesn’t go well, but I think it’s mainly because of Sevika’s words

Words that are later reinforced by Silco. Vi is not back because of Jinx, she’s after the crystal. This is also the first time that Silco’s words have started to become manipulative. He tells Jinx that HE is her family, that they’re all they’ve got, and that she needs to finish working on the Hex crystal (making a weapon). He tells her that he needs her, and he does when you think about his goals for Zaun, but he also cares for her.

Honestly, he’s not entirely wrong. Yes, Vi doesn’t know about the Hex crystal’s existence at this point, but as we later see, she blows many opportunities to stay by Jinx’s side



Time for another quick info dump! Because yes, we’re finally going to start looking at episode 9. I suddenly see the end to this post!

Finale FYI: Jynx almost dies during a fight with Ekko (Firelight leader). Silco finds her and manages to get her treated with Shimmer. Sadly, the amount of Shimmer used was A LOT and it makes her more mentally unstable. Meanwhile, Vi has gone to Piltover and ends up working with Jayce to destroy one of Silco’s Shimmer warehouses. Jayce comes to the realization that Piltover would demolish Zaun if they ever go to war. Vi and he part ways. He later meets with Silco to bargain for peace. He agrees to all of Silco’s demands, but the price is handing over Jinx. Silco is heartbroken and goes to see Vander (a statue of him). He talks about the bargain to the statue, unknowing that Jinx is listening from behind it

Who stayed by Jinx’s side? Who RESCUED HER as her sister watched from afar?! WHO BELIEVED IN HER AS SHE LAY DYING ON A TABLE?! CRIES

When Jinx finally wakes up from her operation, her mental stability is nearly crumbled. We had already been seeing her get worse as the series progressed. When she finally meets Vi, she hears the voices of Mylo and Claggor around her and we see that Caitlyn is put off by her behavior. Oh, I don’t think I ever explained. Caitlyn is the daughter of the Kiramman’s and she’s also an Enforcer that is working independently to find the Hex crystal Jinx stole. She ends up freeing Vi from prison (thanks to her connection with Jayce) and the both of them are together for most of the series, which enrages Jinx

Later, when Jinx is fixing up an injury and trying to remember Caitlyn’s name, she once more hears Mylo’s voice, but this time it’s different because we can hear him too

With Shimmer within her, things only escalate, making her jumpier and worsening her anxieties. She kidnaps Vi after she (once more) fights with Sevika, pays Caitlyn a visit (and makes her a snack), and also kidnaps Silco. She brings them all together in a macabre “tea party” scenario where Mylo, Claggor, and even Vander join them. As for what caused all of this, Jinx is hurting because of Silco. She knows how important it is for Silco to free Zaun from Piltover’s rule and having heard that the only price he needs to pay for Zaun’s freedom is handing her over…she decides to act before she is betrayed.

And no matter how many times she’s felt let down by Vi, Jinx goes back to her because Vi is the only other person that she has left. Her old family is dead and because of her actions, Ekko quickly forsook her. We don’t have much to go on with Silco’s people but they probably don’t care and Sevika doesn’t like her. Then, on the other side, Piltover wants to make an example of her.

So really, Vi is her only out, and Jinx is so close to giving in but Vi can’t give Jinx what she wants or needs. Silco makes sure Jinx knows this

Her name is Jinx!

They can all burn. Everyone betrays us Jinx. Vander. Her. They will never understand. It’s only us. You’re my daughter. I’ll never forsake you.


The problem with this little tea party is that it only makes things worse because these are two sides of Jinx that cannot co-exist

To be Powder, she has to be that timid little girl who does no wrong, but she’s already killed dozens, hundreds perhaps, of people. She would have to be the little girl who isn’t violent and that has Vi to protect her when, in reality, Jinx revels in violence. We saw it when she fights at Vi’s side against the Firelights. Vi sees this and it scared her, but to Jinx, this is a) her life now and b) a way to show her usefulness and competence. Not to mention that in fights, she really doesn’t need anyone to protect her. She’s perfectly capable.

The part that hurts the most is that to be Powder again, Jinx would have to be “good” and fit the memory Vi has of her, but the only remanents of Powder lay in Vi and Jinx’s memories, and in Jinx’s insecurities. She would have to reject who she is now

Vi, in trying to get her sister back, makes Jinx remember the people of her past, people that mocked her. As Jinx is remembering, she flinches from Mylo, Claggor, and even Vander. They become monsters and she loses control. But Vi isn’t the only one trying to reach Jinx. Silco is also desperately trying to make sure that Jinx stays by his side. The things he says are cruel, but they also ring true. For example, in her own desperation (to save Caitlyn might I add), Vi offers that Powder and she run away, for them to leave everything behind. Silco counters that this arrangement will only last a day. That when Vi sees who Jinx is now, she will leave her again, and I agree. Vi has had many opportunities to stay with her sister but she has always chosen to leave. It’s clear that Vi loves Jinx, but their beliefs clash

Sadly, this struggle leads to Silco’s death. With all of their shouting, Jinx focuses on other sounds, particularly the sound of a gun about to be fired. In defense, she ends up taking up her own arm and firing. When she comes to the realization of what she’s done, she runs over to Silco and starts crying, apologizing for what she’s done

I never would have given you to them. Not for anything. Don’t cry. You’re perfect.

YOU KNOW WHO ELSE IS PERFECT?! YOU SILCO, YOU! You guys have no idea how much it hurt to find screenshots of this scene, the number of times I had to rewatch this. But it’s also my favorite moment of the whole series. Not as an individual moment. I think that it has the most impact because of all the little things that Silco has done for and with Jinx. All of those times they head bumped, how he has always been so gentle with her, and comforting. He has always believed in her and never demanded that she change. “You’re perfect.”

Even as he’s dying, and at her hands, he speaks to her quietly, even tries to smile at her. He tells her not to cry. There is no anger in his voice. Only calm and comfort.

And I believe what he says. I really don’t think he would have given her up. When he talked with Jayce, he argued that Jinx was not at fault, that she acted on his orders, when we know that wasn’t the case. When he talked with Vander, he said that he finally understood. Vander had also been pressured to give up his kids but he chose to protect them. He was the reason he stayed in the ditches. Now Silco had the same problem and I wish I could have seen what he would do in response to Jayce’s demands. Vander stayed put because he wasn’t as violent, but Silco has always chosen violence



After this incident, Jinx decides to take her seat in the Jinx chair, showing Vi who she has decided to be. I would like to think that Silco’s words have finally broken through to her, but I also know that negative feedback is so much stronger than any nice words. While Jinx has not been bullied by people who matter in the present, she has been repeatedly rejected by Vi and if anything, I think she’s coming to realize that Silco is right about something. She is not the girl Vi wants back. She has changed after all these years and Vi has yet to understand this

In this last scene, a song called “What could have been” starts to play, and actually, I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for DAYS. I like to suffer daily.

The thing about this song is that it’s Jinx’s song. Not like “Get Jinxed”. Jinx has never really shown her feelings when she’s being bullied or rejected. When Mylo would yell at her, she would curl up into herself. She would never really speak for herself. Even in the present, whenever Vi would leave her, she would make some excuse to herself to explain Vi’s actions

This song is her finally speaking

I hope you know we had everything
When you broke me and left these pieces
I want you to hurt like you hurt me today and
I want you to lose like I lose when I play
What could have been
Oh, what could have been
Why don’t you love who I am?
What we could have been
I am your ghost, a fallen angel
You ripped out all my parts
I couldn’t care what invention you made me
‘Cause I, I was meant to be yours

The series ends with Jinx firing at Piltover. She managed to create a weapon using the Hex crystal she stole and it crashes right into the meeting the council was having to agree on peace with Zaun.

When will the tragedy end?


If you’ve made it this far WOW, I am impressed. What was the point of this monstrously long post? Honestly, I’m starting to wonder too. I feel like all of the observations I made are SO OBVIOUS. You guys are probably like yup, we saw all this, and what? I don’t know. I just felt like gushing about the two of them

Also, while writing this post, I came to the conclusion that both Vander and Silco are great dads. I think perhaps I came off as a bit biased and I am. I like Silco more, but I do think Vander and Silco are very alike in their parenting. The thing is that Vander “had it easy” (there I go again!). Vi was never a character that killed for the heck of it. She wanted the world to be better and she valued the lives of those around her. Vander just needed to help guide her so that she could be less hotheaded. How would he have been a dad to Powder? Would Powder ever develop into Jinx if Vander hadn’t died? I think that based on how she reacted to the violence around her (hyperaware of it during the fight when they were kids vs. almost uncaring that there was a corpse behind her the night she met Silco) some of Jinx would have developed eventually. How would he have handled that? Would he be as accepting as Silco? Would some of that development be alright as long as she used it for “good”?

I feel like Silco wasn’t just accepting. He truly cherished Jinx and through their connection, we were also able to learn more about him. Specifically, Silco is just as hurt as Jinx is after being betrayed by a loved one. He has closed himself off from affection but then this girl he’d never met hugged him. He saw himself in her and he then dedicated himself to her. He wanted to help her heal but did he ever heal? Perhaps he started to through his dedication to her and perhaps things would have gotten better once Jinx showed signs of healing. Their relationship was soft and close, but I felt like Jinx was always afraid and not always 100% present. I think it’s sad that Jinx didn’t see all of his love until it was too late

I feel like I focused so much on the sad parts but Jinx has always been a great kid. As a child, she was already very intelligent. In Zaun, there is no education (that we saw) but Jinx somehow learned how to create gadgets. They didn’t work when we first met her but it was only a matter of time. Even during the Heist job, Vi tells her to look out for valuables before Mylo just filled their pack with garbage. She really does have good eyes. Not to mention her exceptional shooting skills. She was certainly not praised enough when she should have been. In the time skip, did she somehow get some education? Or did she learn what she does on her own? It’s never mentioned, but it is clear that she was able to decipher the notes that Viktor and Jayce spent years perfecting…in just days. I know, it’s harder to do things from scratch but this was really impressive. Her potential! And it wasn’t only her intelligence that was excellent. She was also very good at fighting, able to beat multiple adversaries singlehandedly. Her creativity really made her shine.

And yet she often felt like a burden

Well, I think I’ll wrap things up now. If you’ve watched Arcane, what did you think about Silco and Jinx? Which did you prefer, Vander and Vi or Silco and Jinx? Who is your favorite character? Characters you didn’t really care for? What do you think will happen next? I am not aware of any season two plans but I’m also not really super invested. I do know the fandom is huge though and with that ending, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got more down the line. I especially want to see what Jinx’s role will be now. With Silco dead, wouldn’t that make her the next Zaun head? I know I said Sevika didn’t like Jinx but towards the end, I was starting to see something, ya know? Not “like” but maybe growing respect (or at least enough feelings to give her a chance to speak, lol). I also wonder how Vi and Jinx will interact after this. I don’t think it will be bad. I feel like they both will always try to protect each other but how does that work when you’re on opposite sides of a war? When one of you is the one who started it and the other had also wanted that to some degree?

Ok, I have to stop. If you haven’t watched Arcane, wow, I just spoiled all the good parts (lol). I’ll be writing a review in the coming days, and don’t worry, it won’t be this long. BUT, I kind of want to write another but on a different character. We’ll see how it goes

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