[Review] Solo Leveling – The Weakest Hunter of All Mankind by Chugong

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Oh wow, how long has it been since I last posted here? Not as long as before but still some time ago. I’ve been steadily reading, but writing is always its own challenge. But today I read this webcomic and since it was technically one of those “free for review”…well, here I am. But I would like to try to come back…at least once a week. Let’s see how that goes

Solo Leveling is set in Seoul in a time when there are “gates” and some humans have developed powers in order to fight the monsters inside said gates. Hunters have an awakening and that is when they are given a power level. Jinwoo Sung is an e-rank Hunter but not just any e-rank. Dubbed as the “weakest hunter of all mankind”, some wonder why he even hunts. The truth is that Sung is just your average guy with many financial burdens, mainly that his mother is hospitalized and his sister needs tuition money.

Sung has come to terms with his fate, however, everything changes when he goes on a D-ranked raid with a large group of hunters and a hidden dungeon appears. There, everyone is subject to something that will change their lives forever

I’m pretty sure this is that one titan’s brother, they have the same smile!

Solo Leveling isn’t something I haven’t seen before. I remember that it would always pop up on my IG feed, that video of Yen Press flipping through the pages and I’d seen the cover image a few times before, but I kept ignoring it. I’m not exactly sure why, especially after finally reading the first volume of the manhwa!!

Actually, after reading this first volume I looked up where I can read this and it looks like you can buy the chapters on TappyToon, and right now they’re doing that special “free chapter” every 24 hours! So you bet I’m going to read it. The first volume really got me. I LOVE the art, especially the details in the second dungeon (very dynamic) and I actually really like me some violence and blood in my comics and Solo Leveling delivered beautifully

For a main character, Sung doesn’t really stand out and I am going to take a guess and say the one on the cover is him? Except that the cover guy looks beefed and has brown hair instead of black so maybe I’m wrong. But this is what I was thinking while reading the manhwa. I was wondering how he came to look like the little scrawny guy at the start to, well, the cover guy. I don’t really get concrete answers in this volume

That said, I do think that Sung ends up being a pretty cool main. Yes, he’s scrawny and his reputation of being the weakest isn’t completely unfounded (apparently) but perhaps because of the circumstances, we see a side of him that’s actually awesome. I really like smart characters and he was really the only one in the hunting party that really tried to think things through. I know, realistically, I would have probably acted like some of the other terrified hunters, but who wants to read that

And yes, I am SO curious about what’s going to happen next!! I feel like I have so many questions about this world. I actually thought this was some sort of gaming isekai because Sung was talking about dungeons and hunters, but it also sounded like it was happening in-world? Then we had a few more reveals and I thought the concept was pretty interesting. A gaming isekai except that’s the reality. But then the way things ended, I ended up more confused. What exactly was going on?

I’m also curious to see how his character develops. I’m not sure why but I can sort of see him going cocky, which, okay, he’s allowed to since he’s going to look like the cover guy, but I kind of like how cute and nice he is. He’s very ordinary and I was charmed. I’m also curious as to what the overall plot of the whole story is. Like Sung, we are experiencing many strange things with no explanation so it would be nice to get to know more

I saw that there are 179 chapters and that last chapter is titled “finale” but I also saw “hiatus” attached to the comic so maybe there will be more in the future? Not to mention a supposed anime in the works. If an anime comes to be I’m SO watching it

But I’m curious, was my stubborn self the last to read this? If you’ve read it, how did you like it? No spoilers but should I pick it up now? Should I wait until a second season has started? Is there a second season in the works? Any dates on when it will restart? I saw that there were also light novels for the series so I also hope to pick those up! But I love the art so much, I know I have to consume this visually in some way

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