[Review] Dekoboko Bittersweet Days – Get Ready for an Angsty Love Story by Atsuko Yusen

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You know what feels great? Logging into Goodreads and finding that I am 19 books ahead of “schedule”. What schedule? The one that Goodreads apparently made where I will successfully read 120 books this year. I am so on top of this that I am sooooo tempted to make that number bigger but I’m only just stopping myself because, what if I go into a slump?! It’s only February! Sadly, I’ve yet to figure out how to transfer all of the feels into blog posts because I think I’ve only reviewed (with this post out now) like three books this year?!

I really need to get myself together. Also, this is a NetGalley title, which means I received a free (temporary) copy in exchange for a review

First thing first. This is actually a sequel title, which I apparently missed when I requested it. My eyes were just too focused on the pretty cover, but it’s all good because this book dedicates the first few pages to a book one recap. Mixing in all the information with my many years of BL expertise and it’s easy to fill in the gaps. That said, I really want to see more of these two so I will need to hunt down the first volume!

As for what this book is about…

Dekoboko Bittersweet Days (sequel of Dekoboko Sugar Days) is exactly what the title implies. We follow Rui and Yuujirou, two childhood friends, now happily dating boyfriends, as they leave their Sugar Days and enter the dreaded Bittersweet Days of a relationship, which always happens right before graduation. As the two start to think about where they want their futures to go, they come to realize that maybe things won’t work out as they originally planned

I would just like us to appreciate THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE these two have!!! Like, this will never not be my favorite kink. AHHHH. And the other times we see it throughout the story is just, the best thing ever. Especially during one particular scene, hint hint, wink wink. This is a scene from one of the first pages and I was instantly SOLD. I knew I would scream about this in my reviews and that it would get a high rating. Yup, I’m easy to please.

But it doesn’t stop there. I also super adore the art and the weight of the characters! There was one scene where we see a side profile of Rui, the taller character, and I just STARED at his neck for like, too long. It was nice and thick and I thought, yes, 5 stars. We see this weight of the characters throughout the book, which I absolutely love because, I don’t know, it makes the character interactions more alive? I love how thick both of the characters are. Rui because he’s a big guy (6′) and Yuujirou because he does judo so he’s all muscle (swoons)

omg his legsssss *drools*

Also, the nice thing about this being the post-dating phase is that we are fed with some yummy scenes, and as you can see my drool, we get that weight of the characters nicely shown. Not as perfectly as other manga that I very much enjoy, but then, we can’t have everything all the time, right? I’d be extra spoiled. The details do get smoothed over when the boys are doing the sexy, but that’s ok because I live for their expressions! Look at how cute Rui is being!!

But this isn’t just about these two being horny teenagers. This book has plot and it’s the type to make you feel all emotional and maybe cry at the end. It’s the Bittersweet Days after all.

The drama is not anything new when it comes to BL stories, but I just really enjoyed it because it was Rui and Yuujirou’s drama and they’re both very serious and committed characters. It made the drama less just drama for the sake of drama, and more like this is how these characters are truly feeling and I wanted to 2D myself and hug them.

As you can see, Rui is very anti-misunderstandings and I absolutely loved that because some stories use that to drive the plot (and it can be really annoying). Of course, that doesn’t mean there are never misunderstandings but it sets the tone for something a bit more mature and it makes me feel like they really value each other and their relationship. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it all

The story touches on a lot of heavy topics relating to their future that I’m sure many will recognize, such as how to break it to the family and how they can be together when Japanese society doesn’t allow same-sex marriage. It’s seriously a super adorable read.

If there’s anything I have to complain about, it’s these two

It seems like they played a bigger role in the first book since (I think) they’re the two friends who helped Rui and Yuuijiro get together, but here they’re just TEASING ME. I am 1000% sure that cute baby boy likes dark-haired dude, like, I will not be convinced otherwise, and I need a story for them. I need them to get together, MY TINY SON MUST HAVE A HAPPY ENDING.

I don’t know dark-haired dude all that well aside from maybe him being a persistent third wheel, but I like to think maybe he can be sweet on my tiny child

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a nice combination of horny, angsty, sweet, adorable, and mature. The characters know who they want to be and they strive to reach their potential, causing some angst, but also being realistic and unwavering. I would read more of their story! Actually, yes, I want that, please!

Have you read the first book or have this book in your TBR? It comes out in English next month on the 22nd so the wait is almost over!


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