[Review] My Perverted Youth – Just Give Into Your Own Perversion by Takashi Hata

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I’m not usually a big fan of an older drawing style, which is why I haven’t read titles like X, which I own but have just been collecting dust on my shelves. So I’m not sure what exactly made me pick this title up. I mean, there was something that I found really cute about the composition I suppose, and ok, that title, EPIC

I was not prepared for this book

My Perverted Youth is a story that follows high school seniors Mitamura, the school’s unabashed and proud Pervert, and Hayami, the school’s Idol and all-around innocent shoujo child. Or so it seems initially. After a comment from one of the girls, Mitamura can’t help but agree that Mitamura really never undresses in front of others. But why? What is he hiding? This fact coupled with his extreme natural perversion causes Mitamura to do the unthinkable, he edits and creates a perverted photo of Hayami for his personal use…

He realizes this is wrong and yet he can’t seem to stop his imagination from going wild with thoughts of Hayami’s mysterious body

NGL, I thought this was going to be something darker, especially when you have someone creating an edit like this (one of the many, hey, he should send some my way~). I really thought we might have some blackmail or coercion happening so when we got to the reveal of the photos I had to take a break because my imagination was going wild, but everything ended up being really cute and stupid?!

Even though the story follows a pervert, there’s actually an innocence about Mitamura that made me coo over him. But other times I was just EXTREMELY JEALOUS. Like, can we swap places?!


Also, this is probably my favorite page with the next panel being one of my favorites as well, but I’ll let you all go find out for yourselves WHY. And it’s not enough to take a guess, you must put yourselves in Mitamura’s shoes and STAAARE

The manga does cover a pretty long span of time starting to before these two decide to date up until they finally do the do, which oh boy, was a long wait for many reasons such as them being responsible students who take tests seriously but also more hilarious reasons that make me wonder how insane everyone in this word truly is

I wouldn’t say that this is a story with substance but it’s not all fun and games either (and the only smut we ever consistently encounter all seem to belong to Mitamura). We do get to see how the two mains interact and influence each other’s personal lives, but because they’re both noobs in the relationship department, Mitamura and Hayami do get some outside help, which allows us to see some of the more serious sides of the story (in a comical way still but yeah). But yeah, I think the biggest plus for the story is that it’s a comedy and a story about just being yourself (and how that can positively, in this case, inspire others)

It’s a really short read and I really enjoyed it!

You can read this lovely manga on Futekiya!

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