JJK Haul: Buying Many Delicious Men From Onegingek

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I’ve been meaning to write this post since almost six month now, which is around the time I got this in the mail. But every time I would sit down to write, words escaped me. I just wanted to show you all the pictures and scream. Well, today I will do just that!

I actually can’t remember when I made the purchase but production and then shipping took forever. But we knew this when we made the purchase since Onegingek was pretty transparent about it all. Don’t order unless it’s okay that it will be delivered way later. I wasn’t in a rush, so I ordered a bunch of stuff!

And it’s always an amazing feeling to get a package in the mail when you least expect it! I’d almost forgot about this purchase

Here is my loot!! I had to clear most of the table for all these beautiful prints! Actually, I have no idea still what to do with them. I most definitely have wall space now but how do I arrange it all so it doesn’t look like messy clutter. Wishing I was good at interior design right about now

And as you can probably tell, I had my eye on a certain character. If you haven’t read the JJK manga yet, I hope this works as incentive because TOJIIIIIIII (I also briefly talk about him in my why are the JJK boys all so hot post)

Just look at how amazingly hot this man is like I CANT. And he looks even more delicious in Onegingek’s art style. Also, I just super adored all the prints of him with baby Meggers. I don’t know why I call him that

And speaking of that crazy baby, I also ended up getting prints of our younger generation JJK hotties. Megumi was a given but I also got some of Itadori (and Sukuna because BEST HOTTIE, well, maybe, he’s kind of tied with Toji but there’s also so many others, stop, don’t make me choose!)

Since most of these prints came in bundles, and also it’s not like I particularly disliked anyone too much in JJK, I also got me some hot teachers in the mix.

I feel like there’s always and abundance of Gojo merch and NGL, that guy is hot and powerful, and while he’s kind of annoying it’s also endearing in a certain way but PLEASE GOJO, let my other babes get more merch!! I know, I know, everyone does love Nanamin, but I’d love more, MOOOOORRRE

But this wasn’t just a JJK sale so I also jumped on all the other series hotties that I could!

I feel like Sesshomaru made a comeback because of Yashahime so it was nice to see some of him on Onegingek’s site. Although, I’m not really sure if the art is old or new, but still. I also hadn’t watched any Chainsaw man at the time of this purchase but I ended up getting some prints because I loved the print. After reading it, I can say I’m glad I didn’t buy more. Just not a fan

I also decided to get a Demon Slayer print. I’m not really into Demon Slayer but again, the art is beautiful and I didn’t exactly dislike anyone. But like with the CSM prints, I also limited myself here.

I only bought a print of Giyu, who really only appears in the anime at the start and end of the series, like, ok, I see how it is. Trying to deprive my eyes of the best looking guy.

And I got some original character prints! I’m actually not sure but I think the characters are from their comic AxB or BxA (I think that’s the title!) which you can read here

As you can see, Onegingek had a pretty wide selection, most of which I didn’t touch and can’t really remember. I just went with some of my favorite hotties and the ones that caught my eye

But the biggest reason that I decided to make a purchase during this store opening was this, THIS TOJI GEM. And I also got Gojo because why not?

I’d seen the Toji one online and couldn’t help but cry at how baby Meggers is peeking out from this imposing but lounging Toji. CUTEST THING EVER OMG. So I kind of ask myself if I bought this because of Toji or baby Megumi. Maybe both!

Here are a few close ups

I’m really happy with my purchase, but don’t ask me how much I paid because it’s been maybe a year at this point since I clicked the yes take my money button.

The only complaint I have is that I got a second charge after the initial one. I think something happened and shipping ended up being more so I had to either, I guess, cancel my Toji-centric order, or give up more money. It’s not that I wouldn’t have paid for it but just, I’m not a fan of more than one payment, especially when I think everything’s been paid for

Well, that pretty much wraps up this post! Most of this merch has not really found a great home yet, but maybe it will soon?!

You can follow Onegingek on Twitter and Instagram. You can also visit their store here, and it looks like it’s in Final Sale, No Restocks mode so get what you can before it gone! I might have to go through it again, see if there’s anything more I’d like, lol. Just know that it is being shipped from Thailand so it may take a while to arrive

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