[Review] Carnal Desire Overflow – A Cute and Unconventional Omegaverse Story by Hatano Cabo

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I did my laundry like the good adult I am, which means it’s time to reward myself, and what better way than to start sharing some of my manga reads of the year! I did run a poll a few days ago, asking if you guys would like to see me review the manga I didn’t enjoy as well as series like this one (that I squealed at) and the majority said yes, so I’ll be doing that from now on too.

Carnal Desire Overflow by Hatano Cabo is an omegaverse story of best friends Yoji and Jin, who have been together (as friends) for years now. One day, Jin notices Yoji taking some medicine and asks what it’s for. Yoji tells him it’s his omega suppressants. As a beta, Jin doesn’t really understand, but he does notice that Yoji has been down the whole day so he invites himself over and makes Yoji a nice dinner to cheer him up.

What he doesn’t know is that Yoji has been harboring strong feelings of love for a while now and when his heat suddenly kicks in, their relationship begins to change.

Before I start to scream, I do have to warn that while this is one of the more lighthearted omegaverse stories I’ve read, it does have darker themes that you’d find in any of the more serious stories, like attempted rape. Luckily, “nothing happens” and it’s not really a huge focus but it is the catalyst for some of the more serious talks that Jin and Yoji will have to go through so in that sense it’s important…I say that because it’s what we have. I would have preferred the catalyst to have been something else

Anyway, I really enjoyed this story for many reasons and I think the more obvious one was the art. When I saw that cover I was like MUST READ NOW. It’s so hot! But also, I’ve somehow developed a love for gingers and redheads (because in animanga it’s different, red and orange heads, lol) and just, I knew I was going to love Yoji. And I did but I think his character was mainly formed by the typical omega not being able to control their body, guilt, and a hint of self-loathing, topics I think the more serious omegaverse stories talk about – which made what we did see of him kind of flat.

That said, I super loved the way he was aggressive. We could see this when Jin is interacting with someone at school and you know what, I’d normally say be more confident, but now I’m like PUNCH HIM. Not Jin. I mean the other person. But that seems to be the only time we see this. Otherwise he’s a pretty chill character and he totally not afraid to “attack” Jin. I wish we’d had more of this! SEQUEL, SEQUEL

Speaking of Jin…

I think it’s HILARIOUS how much of a bro he is. I feel like the way he talks, especially at the start, which I think we lose as their relationship dynamic changes, was the best thing ever. The way he would always friendzone Yoji was BRUTAL but also, I couldn’t help but laugh.

But I think another big appeal for me was how CUTE he was. He was utterly ADORABLE and not just because he has the most beautiful blushy face EVER, but also because of the way he interacts with Yoji. He’s like that cute doting partner and just, MY HEART. I love this dynamic between the more aggressive bottom (but not excessively) and the cute and fluffy (but not exactly puppy, or maybe a little) top.

That said, I do think he was a bit naive, but I won’t go into that. Wouldn’t want to spoil the rest of the story! But I think he does understand this and embraces having to grow

But I think the thing I loved the most from this story was that they weren’t your typical Alpha and Omega pair. It’s not that I don’t like those stories but there’s just something about the “unconventional” pairs that I just adore. I feel like they have more dynamic because they aren’t following the formula, if that makes sense.

That’s probably why I liked the butlers of Kashikomarimashita, Destiny, and their story in Answer. Plus, who doesn’t like a bit of suffering and angst?!

I’m actually really sad that I didn’t read this before the new year because I just got a huge book haul and didn’t get this one. But I will definitely be getting myself a copy when I go to the bookstore next time!!

If you’d like to purchase this e-book, there is an English translation of it on Renta. Each volume is $2 if you buy it, making the whole volume $12. And if you’d like to help me buy myself a copy, feel free to drop me a coffee~

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