[Review] Saga of Tanya the Evil: Deus lo Vult by Carlo Zen, Narrated by Monica Rial

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Can you guys believe that I requested to read this book for free via Netgalley, got my request approved, and then forgot about it?! I should log into Netgalley more frequently so this doesn’t keep happening. That said, I couldn’t NOT listen to this audiobook, right?! So I went ahead and spent the one credit I’d been saving since forever ago on my Libro.fm account to buy this beauty

Consider starting a membership and buying this audiobook via Libro.fm. Libro is a great way to support your local bookstores. You can also pause your membership whenever you want. I’ve had mine on hold for a few months now. If you’re convinced, then please consider using my referral code to start a membership.

I’ve written about this series on the blog before, but if you haven’t heard about Tanya, because actually, now that I think about it, I haven’t really heard many people talk about this series…even when it was airing, then let me tell you what it’s about!

Before Tanya was Tanya, she was just your average adult Japanese businessman living in modern Japan, however, things changed after he (cruelly) laid off a salaryman, who then later got his revenge by pushing him into an oncoming train. In essence, he was murdered. But right before he died, he met Being X, who proclaimed to be “God” and after an unsuccessful “conversion talk” Being X decides to reincarnate our MC into an alternate universe Germany where magic is real and where he is now an orphaned little girl with little chances of survival. Using the hatred he has of Being X, Tanya decides to persevere in her new environment, enlisting in the army as a child and creating a name for herself.

This is Tanya’s story.

Since I did watch the anime, I can’t help but compare it and so far things are flowing really well. Like many others have mentioned. This book is DENSE, which is why I had been holding off on reading it. Luckily, and maybe unexpectedly, it got an audiobook release and now I can say I’ve read it. Monica does a SUPERB job at narrating the story (and I’m sure you guys can imagine how good it is, she’s a really good VA). I really like her range in voices and since the majority of the cast is male, it’s nice to hear her consistent deeper voice, along with the more childish voice that Tanya wields.

That said, one of the things I had a hard time with (with this book) was remembering who was who. While Monica creates unique voices for everyone, I’m just bad at names. In that sense, I really enjoyed the anime because I could visually see who was who. But it wasn’t a problem really. After seeing how they interact with Tanya, it’s easy to pinpoint the characters (yes, I’m talking about that cute megane who is always like TANYA IS EVIL)

The first book also doesn’t cover much ground. If anything, it only sets the stage. I would say it maybe covered the first 5 episodes of the anime, which is introducing Tanya and Being X, and then following her around while she’s a newbie in the army. This also means that the action scenes weren’t many, but there were many exciting scenes (like the one with the crazy scientist because of course they’re all crazy).

I do think that there were certain places where the dialogue could have been cut since it felt a bit repetitive, but I also really enjoyed the military and psychological talk. It’s very interesting to see Tanya’s thoughts about certain members in the army, which was also a highlight in the anime (I love that she’s a wacko), but it was also nice to see, through others’ POVs, how they perceived Tanya (so many faces).

I think most of it really lines up with the anime, except for maybe one part towards the end, which I found very interesting. We’re introduced to a journalist that I don’t quite remember in the anime, and I’m curious as to how his role will pan out after everything.

Can’t wait for the next audio volume, which comes out in a few days!!

If you’d like to buy this audiobook, it costs $29.88 or you can start a Libro.fm membership and get it for $14.99 plus tax. Remember, you can always put your membership on hold for however long you want. And if anyone wants to gift me volume 2, here’s more info! Til next time~

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