Jon’s December 2021 Creator Showcase: Fifty-Eight Posts to Help Heal the Post-Holiday Depression!

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another #theJCS post on this blog! I’m running a bit late here. You see, I hit my head that had me out for a week and then the holidays and then post-holiday slothness…just, it’s been hectic in a non-hectic way! Actually, I haven’t had any human contact in like 6 days. I’m having a surreal moment here…

Anyway, the post is out now so let’s move things along

Now then, I believe everyone at this point knows what #theJCS (or the Jon’s Creator Showcase) IS but in case you’re new, it’s a community event where people can shamelessly self-promo one of their more recent best works and at the end of the month, #theJCS hosts gather everything and showcase it on their blogs for everyone to gush over. And, as you can see from the name of the event, this showcase was started by Jon over at Jon Spencer Reviews!

If you’re curious about who has hosted before, I made a master page here and will continue to add to it as long as I continue hosting

And ICYMI, November was hosted by Magi over at Indiecator so please check that out! And if anyone is interested in hosting, the 2022 host list is out now! It’s a project that requires some work but it’s really gratifying at the end since I get to interact with some awesome people and get through posts I often miss. Plus, if you’re new, no worries, we’re all here to help you out

Like I usually do, I will be bolding posts I especially enjoyed but honestly, every time I host everyone blows me away! Time to dive in and make sure to give everyone some love~



There were many posts that I really enjoyed for this month’s showcase but these are some that I felt were unique and/or deserve some extra views!

Overanalyzing Anime Plots That Don’t Exist by Jacob (Side of Fiction): OMG THIS WAS AMAZING!! It was such a creative post and just, please continue sinning, I’m all here for it!!! Jacob creates the next big hit anime stories and it’s amazing

Taylor Swift/NieR Replicant Fan Art by Luna (EggHeadLuna’s Blog): OMGGGG this art is so BEAUTIFUL. I don’t really listen to TS and I haven’t played NieR but wow, I really love the composition and it’s kind of heartbreaking

Eden of the East – A thrilling masterpiece by Harshit (Harshit’s blog): OMGGG I had to add this to my favorites, not because it’s a review of one of my brothers and my favorite anime, but because of the rap section at the end!!! Check it out omg it’s so fun!!

Ten Years of Skyrim by Krista (LeeksPlays): This gets an honorary spot on my favorites for the sole reason it’s Skyrim-related. My brother likes to tease me, saying that it took me YEARS to finally finish the game but similar to Krista, I’ve also played the game on and off. And this year I’d like to come back to it again~


I didn’t get many videos this time around so Sam, you get this section all to yourself! A spotlight scene, which fits perfects with the music at the start of your video~ Also, this is Sam’s first video on YouTube (there are 3 videos as of this post). Go subscribe~


A lot of these posts work in other categories but there was just something about them that I thought, oh, now I know something more about this blogger! So to get to know our bloggers’ personal lives it is. Or at least the bit they’ve allowed us to see!

What Do I Write? by Matt (Matt Doyle Media): Oh snap! This was a nice read and made me wonder at my own writing. While I’ve written a novel and hardly ever write original stories anymore, I quite like the idea of knowing the type of content you write and being able to explain it. While I’m not the biggest fan of scifi, I love the fact that Matt’s stories are more than just coming out stories and/or erotica LGBT+. Check them out!

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 18 Review – Best In Show by Crow (Crow’s World of Anime): Wow, this wasn’t just your typical episodic review. I mean, it was and it’s got Crow’s signature all over it and I don’t know anything about Jobless Reincarnation but wow, episode 18 was a blow to the FEELS. Add to that, Crow’s personal story and you might need some napkins

Crafts – Embroidery, Cross-Stitch, & More by Rose (Wretched and Divine): Wow this is so wholesome and cute! Check out what Rose has been up to with crafts and other cute things~

One Week of Animedoro by Ryder (The Kitten Who Eats Ramen): I am really enjoying these off-topic and personal posts that have been submitted! And since it’s the start of a new year, when everyone is trying to start and build new habits, why not check out this studying method out? I actually didn’t know it had a name and I maybe accidentally did it a couple of times before, and I have to say, it’s actually a pretty good way to get stuff into my head. That said, I can also be bad at returning to the studying, but maybe you guys will have better luck!

Interpreting and even seeing if I can relate to the lines uttered by Archer from FSN by Roki (Secluded Anime Observation): I don’t know why, but I want to say “that’s deep” but in like a really bass voice, low and gravly, with maybe some bar atmosphere and music playing lightly in the background. Don’t ask me why. But this post was definitely a deep one! How do you relate to this character’s quotes?

Review | TokyoTreat — A Box of Treats from Japan to Your Door by Minty (Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers): You can TOTALLY get to know people based on the food they enjoy! Here is a unique submission this month. I’ve never really tried a subscription box before. I have a fear and dislike of randomness but it sounds like Tokyo Treat was a GO!

Eating out alone; solo date plan by Kamie (Kamie’s Wave): As someone who often spends time on my own, this post was very interesting to read. I don’t think it’s often an issue in the west, eating out on your own, but I do have some friends in Japan and other Asian countries, and I’ve noticed that they’re always surrounded by people. I don’t think I could handle that all the time. Plus, I get very self-conscious when I eat. Am I eating too fast? Am I eating too much? Am I making weird faces? I mean, probably, but oh well. I hope you can get comfortable having a solo date!



Another category of posts that could have been split into different categories, but I just felt like there was a passion behind these posts that was contagious. Obviously, that doesn’t mean the other posts didn’t have this passion, but these are the ones that stood out to me the most!

Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below: A Review and Full Recommendation on Makoto Shinkai’s 2011 Film At the Ten Year Anniversary by InfiniteZenith (The Infinite Zenith): I read this post and my only thought it, is this really only a FILM?! I absolutely loved Your Name, watched Weathering with You (and thought it was ok), and maybe watched one or two of Shinkai’s previous films but I’d only vaguely heard of this one. Now I know I HAVE TO watch it! Check out this post but be warned, it pretty much tells you the whole movie (or so it seems)

Leave it to Netflix to ruin all the fun by Andreea (Andreea’s World): Another JoJo post and I’m not entirely familiar with the train wreck that is Netflix and shows (well, only slightly, I’ve heard some stories), but it sounds like there’s some good and bad in the upcoming JoJo sequence. Check it out on Andreea’s blog!

Uta no Prince-sama: The Princes of Songs by Lyn (Tabibito’s AniStory and Beyond): Oh god this post could fit in so many categories or I could just make a whole category just for itself. But I decided to put it here because apparently, it all started with some games. And WOW. I’d always heard about UtaPri but never really knew about it and the guys are all so HOT OMG. I’m not really into idol anime or reverse harems but I am TEMPTED. Also, Idk if the concert has already passed but Have Fun!!

High School Dating, the Game: The Interesting Case of Doki Doki Literature Club (spoilers) by Athena (AmbiGaming): NGL, I’m kind of confused about how this game works but BOY am I INTRIGUED. It sounds like it’s a game, but also it does what to our computers? Or is it like a computer in the game? I’m so confused. I’m also sort of… disappointed I didn’t see anything disturbing, which, I know, I need to check out the next post, but still, lol

Ghost of Tsushima by basscape (The Almighty Backlog): You guys have no idea how HEARTBROKEN I am to note that I can’t buy this game on Steam. I wonder if my brother has a PS4. Maybe I can have him let me borrow it…forever, lol. Oh man, this seriously sounds like a game I would enjoy!


As if we didn’t already have an eternal backlog. Here are some of this month’s anime reviews!

Anime Corner: Digimon Adventure: (2020) Review by Chris (Never Argue with a Fish): As a big fan of Digimon I am rather mindblown by the fact I didn’t know this existed until I read this post and also crying in a corner because it sounds like it’s a DigiMess. That said, I am suddenly in the mood to have a Digimon Marathon! Also, I love the name of your blog!

Romance Anime, “Golden Time,” and Amazing Drama by Jack (Animated Observations): I remember when this first showed up under the simulcast list and I was INSTANTLY attracted to the cover. There was something really flashy about it and the art was nice too, however, I never actually got around to watching it! Luckily, Jack did and I’m so pumped that it’s actually a great series. Especially if you’re into romance

The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window Episode 6 (Dis)Belief by Nora (All The Fujoshi Unite): NGL, I was slightly confused when I started reading this. My mind was like, I thought this was a manga, and the other was like, isn’t this a BL? Still confused, but it sounds like it’s a very suspenseful and mysterious story, maybe even atmospheric. I’m actually really curious about it now!

Anime Spoiler-Free Review: A Silent Voice by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat): This is actually a movie I have a complicated relationship with, but I wonder how accurate that is now. I watched this movie a few years back and I sort of blacklisted it since. It’s not that it’s a bad movie but I felt very…particular about the characters and their relationships with the others. I think I can be very cynical and this show really brought out the distrustful of me. That said, I do think it’s one of those unique stories that are important. Check it out!

#BitesizeAnimeReviews | “Genshiken” and What It Means To Be an Otaku by Bell (Bell’s Corner): Oh wow, I haven’t seen anyone talk about this anime in AGES. I remember buying my anime DVDs and this show was usually in the previews section. It’s an older title but according to Bell, a good watch!

5 Episode Rule, Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire Impressions by Tessa (All About Anime and Manga): I just have one question because after reading this post, I’m having THOUGHTS, but is this…A BL ANIME?! Because if it is sign me up!! OMGGGG, my brain, it’s going places, what happened at midnight?! AHHHHH

Berserk (1997): On the Edge of a Knife by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews): The thing I really like about Scott’s reviews is that a) they’re usually about older or more obscure titles and b) potentially because of that, there’s a lot of feelings in his writing. I could feel how much he enjoyed watching 1997 Berserk and it made me want to check it out too!

Eromanga Sensei by Cody (BakaNow): Holy Smokes! Can I just say that your blog is EPIC! Like, I am reeling…But anyway, I think this was a positive review but littered with many warnings, one is to keep your door closed while watching. The premise doesn’t really sound like something I’d enjoy but also, the ART, it’s so pretty

Anime Review #67: Hyouka by Tridentina (The Traditional Catholic Weeb): I didn’t know this was an underrated anime?! I mean, I see Oreki’s face everywhere and I think he’s actually super cute. That said, it’s an anime I’ve decided I don’t want to watch because of Tridentina’s waifu, LOL. But it sounds like it’s a really good slice of life to check out!

Shoukoku no Altair-What is the Cost of Peace? by tanteikid (BlazTavern): Ohh, good question. I feel like we always see the good guys and heroes cause so much destruction when they’re trying to stop the evil ones. And then often the ones who are “right” often use underhanded tactics in the name of good. Haven’t watched this anime, but I’m curious as to how it answers this question!

[Review] The Great Pretender (Netflix) by Crimson (A Nerdy Fujo Cries): If you guys don’t mind my shameless self-promo but I really liked this anime and I want everyone to check it out. Catch me drooling over the cast and looking INDECENTLY. Plus, I had a lot of fun writing this *hides in a corner*



Because you know that reading more books is the best way to have fun! I have a weakness ok, and I don’t plan to fix it. Bookish posts down below~

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Vol 1 Review by Alyssa (Al’s Manga Blog): Ok, why are there so many posts about death, I CAN’T HANDLE IT. That said, I LOVE the premise of this story and ok, now I’m going to have to find myself a copy! Also, just follow Al in general if you want to read some interesting stuff

Review for The Great Dream Robbery by Mehsi (Twirling Book Princess): Sadly, I didn’t get too many bookish posts this month but that’s ok, Mehsi really indulged my bookish cravings with this post! I also have to mention that sometimes kids’ books really do blow us away and now this is going into my TBR. It sounds like an exciting adventure!

Drop The Book: Telltale Signs You Should DNF and Why by Megan (Nerd Rambles): Yes to everything in this post! I know this is what I tend to do when I’m not really feeling a book. Actually, I used to also fall asleep as soon as I started reading a book. I remember one book, a tiny maybe 100 max page book, made me knock out THREE times! I eventually finished it because I’m the type to try and finish a book if I’ve already started it, oops!

Show-ha Shoten Has Struck Comedy Gold by Aria (The AniManga Spellbook): I saw Ohba/Obata and art and just, my brain exploded and why are there no pictures to lure me in?! This sounds like an interesting premise, especially if you’re into comedy. I’m not so much. I’ve dropped almost every comedy series I’ve decided to try BUT the art…the art… I have priorities…

Review: Kissed by the Rain by Claudia Winter Spoiler-Free by Jade (Drink Coffee and Read Books): A review for Kissed by the Rain, which sounds like it’s an interesting fiction book, not just centered around romance (like the summary suggests) but also on family!


Posts that take a deeper look. Really enjoy the insight all of my nerdy buddies have, and NGL, sometimes these posts are the ones that really push me towards a series.

Jon’s Bizarre Adventure – A JoJo Retrospective in Preparation for Stone Ocean by Jon (Jon Spencer Reviews): It’s always so fun to read people’s analysis posts and about 90% of the time, they’re the ones that make me want to watch something new. That said, JoJo is a tough one. I know that people love it but it’s just a little too much for me. And I like how Jon touches on many of the pros and cons of the series in this post! Also, I didn’t know that JoJo was an old series?! I thought it was super squeaky new!

CrossCode is an Excellent RPG with a Timely Message About Our Relationship with Technology by Robert (Adventure Rules): Oh, this was an interesting post and while it’s more review than analysis, I felt it was fitting to drop it here because of the parallels between technology IRL and how it’s explored in the game.

The Art of the Teasing Girl | Takagi, Nagatoro, Anjou by Galvanic (Galvanic Team): Ah, I just really enjoy watching these! They’re nice and short and to the point. As for the content, I can’t really say I’m a fan of the teasing girl but that’s less because I don’t like the character type and more because I’m not a huge fan of heterosexual relationships. Because if you have a teasing girl teasing a girl, IM ALL THERE

Sailor Moon “Dark Kingdom Arc” Themes, Motifs, & Symbols by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe): Reading this made me realize that maybe it’s time for a rewatch, or maybe I just didn’t watch enough?! I don’t recognize many of the characters mentioned and some of the plot points, I am a FAILURE. But this is such a cool idea!



She’s short but maybe not so sweet, LOL. Here are the posts that I felt were short and to the point in one way or another. Easy to read and just as good (if not better, but shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that) than longer posts~

The Best in Anime by Fred (Au Natural): I’m always amazed by how people can pick out bests for any type of list. For one, I just forget a lot of the things I watch, especially the more detailed things, but going through this list was like going through memory lane (for the ones I recognized). This was a really fun post to check out!

7 Strong Female Lead Webtoons Recommendation by nabe-chan (GeekNabe): Ahhh, it’s so nice to see more webcomic content out in the world, and of course, it’s even greater to see some love thrown at the ladies! If you’re looking for some good webcomic romance recs with an interesting female lead, then check this out

Anime that’s all about family! by Amanda (Anime Hanabi): This was a really super cute list omg!! I need to add these to my tbw, although, honestly, some of them were already on my radar (but now they’re coming closer, come to me~). Are you into family anime?

The Best Games I Didn’t Play This Year by Frostilyte (Frostilyte Writes): Oh wow, you sold me on almost all of these games!! I added a bunch to my wishlist but since I’ve been separated from my gaming computer for the time being…well, I will have to wait, lol. Have you guys played these? A lot of them look stunning and others, while I know I’m going to SUCK, I still would love to try them out! One day…

Cure the Expresso Depresso by Rina (Rina Senpai’s Anime Closet): NGL, you had me fooled with this title. Not what I was expecting! That said, wow, I can’t believe I actually recognized all of the titles on this list. And I have to agree that they really are the cure of depresso. They’re all so wholesome!!

Top 10 Anime Series Similar to Dune by YumDeku (MyAnimeGo): Oh wow! I loved this list!! You had me hooked from Jyu-oh-sei. I didn’t even think others knew about that series OMGGGG. I have not watched or read Dune but I was there to see that book fly off the shelves like crazy. Now I’m curious about it, especially seeing all the Dun-esque recs

Good Goings: November edition by nonplayergirl (nonplayergirl): OMGGGGGGG I wish I’d seen this post sooner!! I mean, I don’t know what I would have done, maybe drooled longer, maybe given away my life savings, who knows! A list of things that were happening in November *cries*

Tales of Berseria First Impressions by George (The Gamer with Glasses): A nice and short first impression of Tales of Berseria! Actually, this is a game I’ve heard about before and it sounds like it’s been a good game so far. Have you guys played it? Also, many places have been making it hard to do screenshots like part of my motivation has dropped for anime reviews for the same reason *cries*

Top 10 Underrated Waifus to Fall in Love With by Mia (9 Tailed Kitsune): Ok, I don’t have too many waifus, it’s all about the husbandos for me, but I think a lot of these girls are really cute! Who is your underrated waifu?

Gaming in November 2021 by Thero (A Reluctant Hero): Ah man, I remember wishing I had more time to game and finally FINALLY I do! And it’s been great seeing what people have been playing and hoping to pick up. Here Thero summarizes his November gaming


Oh don’t mind me, I’m just taking notes on what music to add to my playlist!

Anime Playlist – Sword Art Online by Derek (Apprentice Mages Lounge): I have not watched SAO and I probably won’t but I definitely recognized and enjoyed the music on this playlist! The opening song I had to skip because it was overplayed at my last job and I didn’t need it stuck in my head, lol, but I really like Luminous Sword!

Pix’s Anime Jukebox, part 5 by Pix (Shoot the Rookie): Another music post! I’ve actually been meaning to expand my playlists because I’ve been playing the same 10 songs since forever ago and they’re starting to get on my nerves, lol! And this list was actually right up my alley. Cowboy Bebop was probably the only one I recognized as soon as I heard it and maybe the OPM one is a little too hard for me, but the others, so nice~



Persona 5 Royal: With Colors Flying High by Dewbond (Shallow Dives in Anime): So I hear there’s a sale going on right now on Steam, is this game on there?! Or rather, it sounds like maybe I should get Golden instead, or at least first. Dewbond reviews the next Persona game and it’s super neat to see the comparison between these two installments. Ah, I want to see the hot masked guy on my screen~

Marvel Contest of Champions | Kraven the Hunter + New Motion Comic by Joseph (scorpzgca): I’m slightly confused about this post but I think it’s a NEWS post. It’s also about Spider-Man and I am currently lamenting the fact that I haven’t watched the new movie yet!

Hyper Echelon – a review by static (Overage Gaming): Oh snap! I was just reminiscing about how I miss some of the old games I used to play!! This one looks and sounds fun, and is currently on sale (at least that’s what I saw while writing this post, the sale ends SOON)!

Scarlet Nexus Yuito’s Story: Review by NMarfo (NMarfoBlogs): Oh wow!! This game looks really cool, and not just the story. I’m a sucker for visuals and the BEAUTY. It sounds like things get pretty dark (I would check out this post for ALL the DETAILS) but apparently that’s a thing in a) action games and b) cyberpunk stories. I think that was the word…rip. This game is also on sale and I’m dropping it into my wishlist!

Game Over – Grow: Song of the Evertree by Krikket (Nerd Girl Thoughts): NGL, these repetitive and simple games are actually the ones I like the most! Skyrim, I love, but you know how I spent a lot of my days? Building houses and seeing my wife and kids. Yeah, dragon-slaying is fun and making offing bandits, but I just…I’m a simple person, lol. This game is currently on sale, but still a bit too much for my budget so I’ve gone ahead and dropped it into my wishlist for now

Heart Fragment | Book One: Fantasy Fragments | Game Review by Oona (Sweet & Spicy Reviews): Oh, this was a tough one to categorize because I could feel the excitement that Oona had over this game. In the end, I dropped it here because I really think it should be on people’s wishlists, or in their libraries. Also, I saw it was on sale on Steam! I’m not really into otome games or visual novels (as I’ve come to learn) but this one sounds like it’s a real treat

A Review of Atelier Sophoe: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (PS4) by AK (Everything Is Bad For You): This game is so PRETTY! And while there are a lot of reasons that I would want to check out this game, mainly the cuteness and outfits EHERM, it also isn’t the type I’d be into. Maybe. I suppose I’d have to check it out first…Have you played it before?

Indietail – Carto by Magi (Magi Was Taken): NGL, with all the violent games out there, it’s nice to see that the simple and cute ones are starting to come to the forefront. Or maybe it’s just the people I’m following? Not sure but Carto sounds like a really cute and chill game!

Games I’m Loving This Month by Natalee (There Might Be Coffee): So many gaming recs!! This one could have honestly gone in a few other categories but I just couldn’t help but look at these games with shiny eyes and you know that means wishlist. Have you played these games?

Thanks so much, everyone for submitting to the showcase “this” month! I always have a great time checking out everyone’s posts and what do you know, all the gaming reviews and recommendations came at just the right time!! I may have gone a little crazy on Steam.

I’m hoping to host again in July so please let everyone you know know so we can get another big collection of posts and videos and art and EVERYTHING.

About the giveaway, remember that everyone who submitted something was automatically entered into a raffle to get a surprise (before Xmas, now) Winter Gift from moi. But it’s almost midnight so I’m going to do that tomorrow when I’m more awake!

In the meantime, enjoy these posts. Leave some likes and comments and follow each other if you aren’t already!!

Til tomorrow morning

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