Happy New Year!

I’m writing this post from my room. I’m sitting at my new kotatsu, drinking cinnamon tea, and some store-bought food. It’s my first time spending New Year’s on my own, and by this, I mean without my family. It’s not the worst thing, except for the fact that my room is freezing and my fingers, as they type, feel like revolting and hiding under the kotatsu with the lower half of my body!

Hello, and welcome back to the last, or potentially first, it depends on where you’re residing, post on A Nerdy Fujo Cries.

this is going to be me for the next 4 days

First, I want to apologize for how bad 2021 was in terms of blogging. I pretty much fell into inactivity even though I really wanted to write. Not for you all (that sounds harsh but it’s sort of true), but for myself. I had so many things to say and that I wanted to share, but I kept second-guessing myself and just…being lazy.

I felt like people didn’t really want to visit my blog anymore. I mean why would you all? All I do is blabber and go on tangents and just, too many words. As someone who is sometimes (often) turned off by wordy content, I ask myself, why do you write so much?

But also, I feel like this break was nice because that’s what I’m going to call it! I’m not quitting blogging. Again, not so much because I like to blog but because writing is something I love. And blogging just so happens to be writing. I also write elsewhere. I think I once revealed that I write fanfiction, so I’ve also been (slowly) writing on that front.

But ok, this intro is getting long. What’s the point of this post?

It’s my Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022 post!

Since I don’t really have much in terms of a yearly roundup, I want to take this chance to make it less about my blog and me, and more about you all.

First off, Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone is keeping warm (if you live in a cold winter country) and that you’re able to sleep tonight. I’ve been seeing some things on Twitter and it sounds like maybe that’s not going to be possible. I suppose in that regard, I’m lucky I live in a quiet place. No fireworks here. But that also means that today doesn’t feel any different from yesterday (which, I mean, it isn’t, but still).

I also hope and wish for everyone’s good health, not just for tonight, but also for the whole of 2022 and beyond. Good health and happiness and just, if you have 2022 goals, I hope you accomplish them! But if you don’t have any goals from the start, that’s ok. Many people don’t even start on their resolutions until way later anyway, lol. In that case, I hope you have some great moments and that along the way you make goals, even if they are simple things.

I have simple goals this year like to keep blogging and to read more books, even something as simple as to keep weebing. I hope I can share all of this with you all!

I also want to go ahead and say THANK YOU to everyone who has visited my blog, Twitter, FB, stories, and have left comments and likes. I enjoy writing regardless of feedback but I’m going to be honest, comments are what make me think that continuing is fun. So thank you to everyone who has made me feel that warm happiness. And thank you to the silent ones too! I see you in my stats, which aren’t the best, but that have been consistent. I really appreciate you stopping by~

Well, that wraps things up on my end. I hope we all have a great 2022!

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