First time eating fluffy pancakes

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Last month, Kay posted these pictures of her cute outfit and eating out at a souffle, uh… restaurant? Cafe? What would you call it? And, of course, after seeing such cute and delicious desserts, I was inspired to finally visit one of the many dessert shops on my ever-growing must-visit cafes list on my Maps app

And I just had to look through the photos and find one that served…fluffy pancakes!

The place doesn’t look as grand as it sounds. I actually almost missed it but once I was in, I noticed it was grand at a second glance.

The place has a really great atmosphere. They have soft music playing and it’s very modern and cozy. I guess it’s popular with larger groups because they sat me at a 4-person table, so either the smaller tables were all occupied, closed for COVID reasons, or they just didn’t really have any/many

I thought this would be like other places where they give you time to look through the menu and then you call them over when you’re ready, but they don’t have that super convenient Japanese call bell. So yes, I was unprepared when the waitress came over and was ready to take my order!

I ended up choosing the first thing I could see, which so happened to be these plain pancakes with a side of salad and fruits. I chose it because it had a timestamp at the top so I figured, may as well!

Also, I’d like to mention that everyone told me to study katakana because it would make my life easier but for some reason, I find it much harder to memorize these characters than hiragana. Ah, well…I’ll learn now! To start off, at least enough to read a cafe menu

I did really like the pancakes but they were plain so not much in terms of flavor (outside of the pancake itself). I really liked the salad, but I wasn’t a big fan of the fruit. There was nothing wrong with the fruits individually, except for maybe the berry, which was frozen (I’m noticing that the berries are usually frozen at other places too, like, they just took them out of the freezer so it’s always a bit of a shock to eat one). But together they didn’t make the best combination (IMO). Some were sweet, some sour, and then the frozen berry. I guess some people might like that but it just felt disjointed to me.

I was only planning to get one item off their menu, but the fluffy pancakes were really light and I thought, may as well get something else!

I noticed that they didn’t just serve fluffy pancakes. This cafe also had other items, like pizza, which is what I decided to get. They had two options and I decided to get this red tomato sauce pizza because it looked the most familiar to me. The other pizza was white and I wasn’t sure I’d like it.

And since I figured it might be a small-sized pizza, I also decided to order another set of fluffy pancakes. This time, I decided to get the choco-banana pancakes

I definitely enjoyed the choco-banana pancakes more than the first set! And it’s not because this one had ice cream with it. Maybe. I also really liked that it wasn’t super sweet. Even though I enjoy desserts and sweets, I don’t like extremely sweet things and this one passed the inspection. I didn’t eat the custard under the bananas so that’s really all I ended up leaving

And the pizza, WOW. I super enjoyed the pizza!

Actually, I ate the pizza before the choco-banana pancakes because it came out first and I was almost full just off that. I’m not sure how I managed to finish the second set of pancakes but it was so good and I didn’t want to waste anything.

I think it would’ve been nice to stay at this cafe as one would at a Starbucks, but as I was finishing the last of my food, they started to get busier so I decided to leave. It was really a cozy place

I’ve decided I will need to revisit a couple of times and try the rest of their menu!

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