Last Special of the Year – Crimson is Hosting December’s #theJCS!

Hello everyone and welcome back to this little corner of the internet! It’s been a few months since I last hosted #theJCS and I’m glad I’m getting the opportunity to help out for a second time this year~

Most of you are probably veteran #theJCS participants but for the newcomers, which I hope continues to increase with every month this project continues, let me explain what this is!

Jon Creator Showcase (JCS) is an online community event created by Jon (hence the title) that is open to all creatives from bloggers, youtubers, podcasters, fancreators, and more! Each month a different host, uhm, hosts the showcase on their desired platform and presents a showcase of creative works from all realms of the internet. Well, as long as they get submissions! Which is where you all come in

Last month was hosted by Magi, which I will link here once the roundup is complete! The thing I love about having different hosts each month is that we always get something new to checkout because everyone has different audiences, but also (this year especially), I’ve noticed new hosts helping out with the showcase (Magi being one of these new hosts!), so it’s been getting better each time I check it out!

If you’re curious about previous months, who hosted, and what was submitted, please check out this roundup page I have on my blog. Also, I haven’t seen it yet but the 2022 host sheet should be available (soon) for people to fill out if they want to host #theJCS next year. Just make sure to follow Jon so you don’t miss out!

Ok, you’re convinced. Now what?


Since I’m hosting the December showcase, you all get to submit something you created in November that you are proud of. It can be a review, an essay, an original or fanfiction story, art, crafts, video, etc. – anything that you’d like to share with the community!

Also, I know I’m an anime blogger but you don’t have to be an anime blogger in order to participate. Do you blog about books, games, dramas? Don’t have a blog or other platform? Do you just throw your thoughts or drabbles into a Twitter thread or Facebook post? Or maybe you make videos or music or post art on IG? That’s fine! Throw it all at me, I want to see and showcase it all!!


It’s actually very easy to submit!

We always start submissions with a tweet from me (linked above), where I announce I am hosting the event, and we create a tagging chain. BUT ALSO, please submit something even if you haven’t been tagged! Create your own thread, but make sure you follow the guidelines below

Submit it to me via Twitter (this is IMP! ->) using the tag #theJCS and tagging my blog’s twitter account @anerdyfujocries (same as my blog). Please make sure you use this tag and handle, otherwise, I may miss your submission, although Jon and I are pretty good about finding stray submissions so I wouldn’t worry too much! But it does help make sure that others following the tag can also see what you’re submitting

Also, to make sure to spread the word and get even more submissions tag at least three others to join in the fun! Remember thy neighbor, especially the little creators! And if you can’t think of who to tag anymore because everyone has already been tagged, let me know and I’ll hunt someone down…

For blogs and other platforms that have multiple writers and creators, you’re in luck! You get “extra submissions” because everyone gets to submit one item of their choice!

I will be taking submissions until December 31st so you all have until the last day of the month to submit something. Also, I’ve been known to tag people to remind them to submit something so if you get tired of me booping you, just let me know and I’ll stop

December 31st is a Friday but it’s also the last day of the year and everyone, I think, tends to celebrate the New Year in one way or another. I will try to get the roundup post out ASAP but do forgive me if I run a few days late ;;;;

But the plan is to have it out before Monday the 3rd so be on the lookout if you’re online during those days, especially because….


It’s the end of the year and many things are happening because, well, end of the year holidays!! One big one being Christmas. I know, not everyone celebrates Christmas, but I sort of do (if you mean I spend way too much money on gifts for myself and eat til I’m about to burst), which is why I wanted to do something special for you all.

I’ve decided to host a giveaway!

Everyone who submits is automatically entered to get a gift from this nerdy fujo and you all get to write FujoSanta a letter with what you would like for the holidays.

But how will this happen?

Well, as I get submissions, I will be adding them to my notes and each person will be assigned a number. When it’s finally time to pick a winner (this will be after submissions are closed and I’m writing up the showcase), I will use a random number generator and the winner will be announced (in the showcase)! If you do NOT want to be part of the giveaway, please let me know. This giveaway is open to anyone!

Also, an example letter would be something like:

Dear FujoSanta,

I’ve been extremely naughty this year, but you promised me something and so I want THIS BOOK off my TBR. But I also like BTS and my bias is SUGA. Oh, and I just LOVE sports anime!!

From, Crimson

I’m thinking of just having the winner send me their letter once they’ve been announced, but also feel free to write me a letter in the comments or on Twitter. I would love to read what you guys would ask FujoSanta to get you 😉

I hope you guys enjoy this Special because I am so excited about gifting someone something!! I’m thinking the gift can range between $20-$30 USD but I’ve been known to be generous when inspiration hits

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