(Reacting) Netflix Series: Two Fathers

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When I’m bored, as you guys may have noticed, I like to just turn on the TV and browse through the catalogues

Well today while browsing through Netflix, I found this Taiwanese drama called Two Fathers and not only did I instantly add it to My List, I also watched maybe 5 minutes of it before needing to run over here and just SCREAM (and thus Crimson started a new section on the blog)

Now, I’ve only watched the opening credits, the series preview, and maybe two minutes of the actual drama so don’t take my word for anything. I just felt like I had to run here to cry over the missed potential

Two Fathers is a series following two guys who slept with the same woman. On the day she gives birth, she has the clinic call them both, however, instead of seeing them, she sends the doctor to give them a note. In the note she confesses that she doesn’t know who the father of her child is, that she doesn’t want to give up on her dreams, and that they can keep the child. Signed, Wen Wen, don’t look for me

The two are obviously surprised and that’s when I paused the show

In the preview we have a different scene where the kids are talking about their parents. The daughter, Tang Wen Di, starts talking about her father who is good at gardening and cooking. You can see everyone giving her doe eyes. Then, she mentions she also has a “daddy” and I’m sure you guys can imagine how her audience started looking. But after seeing this I was like YESSS OMG because with cohabitation comes gay vibes, right?!

I was so excited!!

And then I saw THIS as the episode one thumbnail! Obviously, this was my cuppa tea

Plus, the actors are so CUTE and they would look even cuter being gay. I know, genius thinking here. WELL. I was all up for watching this and the potential bantering because hello, these were just two normal guys connected by a woman they both liked. They were bound to have some mishaps. God this is starting to sound like an amazing fanfic idea!!

Then the opening credits happened and I DEFLATED

Why are there two woman back there? And why, instead of having sequences with the two dads, are there sequences with each dad and a woman?! I know why…

Sadly, I probably won’t be getting my gay fix from this show, however, I did start to hear Maluma’s Felizes los cuatro in my head and while I’m sure his rendition was more focused on sex, the idea is sort of the same. I mean, I think the two dads are cohabiting (it just makes more sense to me) and if they are, when they each get their other half, will they just all live together? Or will they separate? How would this affect their daughter? How much (years) of their lives will this drama follow?

And if they DO cohabitate, well, that’s where the four comes in~

I’m going to watch a few more episodes and see where this leads me!

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