[Review] B: The Beginning (Netflix)

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I’ve been meaning to talk about this anime on the blog for what feels like forever now. Every time I open WordPress and check my drafts, this is at the top. But when I open the post, I always stop. Why? Because all I can really say about this show is that I didn’t entirely understand it but still really enjoyed it

I know, what kind of review is that, right?

And by the time I actually had the will to just write anything, I also forgot the smaller details. Yup, it’s been a while since I last properly watched this. That is, until last month. Yup! Last month I decided to rewatch this show because I’d seen that there was now a S2 and I can’t just jump into S2 without remembering S1, right? But I gave myself a little challenge this time. I rewatched it…in Spanish!

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