JJK Haul – Tiger Cub AU Zine by Lightning Strikes

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I’m finally getting to share this with you all!! I’m so excited, but also, hello, it’s been a while

Well, a while on the blog because I was still semi-active on Twitter, which is where I found this GEM. Back in July, Lightening Strikes Art opened up preorders for a zine she was making. It was a compilation of her short comic strips of the JJK cast being super cute in a tiger cub AU, and after much thinking (mainly about shipping, there was no question about my NEEDING this zine), I decided to get it!

And it did not disappoint. It’s so cute!!

This is actually the back

The zine also came with some extra goodies, which included a baby Itapineapple sticker (I still am not sure what I’m going to do with this, it’s so precious)! And an acrylic stand/charm of JJK characters in their tiger cub forms. Are you prepared to cry from the cuteness overload?!

p.s. I didn’t actually realize that the acrylic items had this little plastic on the back. I was a bit bummed because it had this opaqueness I didn’t like but once I realized I was like WOW, these look so neat! So the close-up images of the charm/stand are before I took the plastic off. I would take more pictures but I already packed up these items for the move

p.p.s. I haven’t read the zine (as of this point of the post)

It’s such a cute little design and I don’t actually think I’ve seen all of these cub characters yet?! So I’m really excited to see what’s in store for me in the zine! The “charm” is also pretty cool because we have the option to use it as a charm (hence the dangle on top) OR we can use it as a stand (it had a tiny base)

However, it feels a bit fragile and it’s kind of an awkwardly “large” size, so I’ve decided to just use it as a stand. I also plan to get rid of the dangle so it’s not just hanging on the back weirdly

And since I was already buying from LStrikes’s store, I thought I’d go ahead and check out what other merch was available!

I was really into JJK when I ordered these, and while I’m still into it, I’ve also calmed down. The reason being that I just couldn’t keep up with the manga. It’s just brutal, I’m going to SOB when it all gets animated (*crosses fingers*). But I would like to pick it up soon. I think I’ve mourned long enough (4 months) and it sounds like some cool stuff has been happening!

This means that yes, I got even more JJK items from her store!

I’m just going to cry in the corner over there for a second, THESE ARE TOO CUTE!

I really like the little star dangle attached to the keychains and their little chibi designs are too adorable!! I think my favorites are Nanamin, because really, when is he not a favorite?! Sukuna most definitely because he’s one of my favorites in general in JJK! And Megumi, a rising favorite after he goes feral at the end of the anime!

He looks too cute here with his puppy ears and puppy hands and puppy puppies!!

As you can probably tell, he won’t be going with me on my move. My mom really liked him so I decided I’d give it to her. He now has a new home! And I’ll just get another later on~

The only “bad thing” is that they all feel a bit fragile and I’m not sure if they are or if it’s just because I’m not used to this thinner material, so I’m going to carry around Gojo for a while to test it out. I’m sure he’s fine taking one for the team. The rest will be used as home decor materials!

Oh! I nearly forgot!!

With the zine, we also got this really cute print of baby Nobara, Yuuji, and Megumi doing the JJK pose! It’s also the first illustration in the book, which saves me the trouble of tearing it out (lol, jk, I would *never*)

As for the rest of the zine, yup, I finally sat down to read it, and t’s just as cute (and more) than what I expected. Some of the comics I recognize and it was so fun to revisit them, they’re hilarious, but some are new to me and I’m just here crying over babysitter and baby Sukuna, and OMG, papa Toji!! I need more of him in my life and just, it also makes me want to cry. WHAT WE’VE BEEN ROBBED OF

Also, I’m kind of curious as to what the logic of this world is. Like, maybe there isn’t one and it’s just a whole bunch of wholesome and cute moments of the characters interacting, but why is Sukuna a babysitter? He even mentions being a curse in one of the comics

And Mahito as a “babysitter” (that’s just what I call the adult versions of the cubs) so I’m like, who are you and what are you doing?

Oh, and there’s this super adorable illustration in the zine, a celebration with baby Nanamin and Itasitter and just, I would love to get this as a print! I like that it’s in the zine but it’s a spread and so I have to really open that book to really see it completely and just, I don’t really want to damage it (LOL)


I’m really happy with how cute everything turned out and I would definitely purchase another zine from LStrikes! Actually, I will if she decides to make a part two (and beyond) because there are SO many other little comics she’s been making since (from the same AU) and I would love to have them in physical form!

You can click on any of the embeds above and it will take you to her IG that has everything perfectly laid out *chefs kiss*. I would also recommend following her on Twitter, where she posts updates

I know her store is supposed to open again this month so be on the lookout if you want to get some of her merch!

And if you weren’t able to get a physical copy (not sure if there will be more available when she reopens her store), she actually has a digital zine link and it looks like it’s only $7 so you guys should head on over and get a copy (and there’s actually a whole bunch of her other e-zines on that site too!)

Shipping is pretty affordable in the US, however, it did take quite a while for delivery. I got my tracking information at the start of September and got my items delivered on the 20th. I know, maybe that’s not super long but it’s longer than I thought it would be since shipping in the US, generally, used to be only a few days wait. So if it doesn’t show up quickly, it’s very likely just delayed (mine kept getting the delivery date pushed back)

LStrikes is really good about keeping everyone updated throughout the shipping process and I even got my questions/concerns answered quickly

p.s. You can also find her at cons but since I haven’t been to a con in quite some time and still don’t find myself comfortable going to one yet, I would say shop at her store when available ^^

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