Crying Over King’s Maker (Manga Haul #15)

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Remember that I once said I’d had a plan for these? WELL. It didn’t exactly go as planned but we’re getting there! This is actually the video that was supposed to come out next but it’s been FIVE months since then and well, I’m not sure why I disliked it?

In this video, I talk about one of my “latest” hauls, not exactly a manga but a printed webcomic! It’s actually one I’ve talked about on the blog before, Enjoy my brain malfunctioning at multiple points!!

Please ignore me calling this the “February” unboxing because…well, it’s July now! I didn’t edit the video because it already took me forever to upload. On the other hand, the camera is finally here! So maybe on the next one I don’t have to use my phone again~

Not that there’s anything wrong with my phone. I actually like it! But I’m having trouble moving the file to my computer for editing so if it just automatically saved to my computer…it would be easier to crop those brain fart moments

Also thanks for the views on my last post! Sadly, it didn’t get as many likes, but alas, that’s ok. I would have written the review for that show but I wanted to have something between this and that so there wasn’t just Gameboys back-to-back so hopefully I can get something out next week for that show

Until next time!!

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