So I Started Watching Gameboys! (Ep1-3)

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Hey everyone! And welcome back to the blog for some cute boys!! I don’t have manga or webcomics for you today (maybe?) but I do have another Netflix title I’d like to bring to your attention

While I was browsing through the catalog last week, I added a few titles to my list so I could slowly go through them (which, I am very bad at doing, if my unwatched for years now list is anything to go by). BUT, because there were cute gay boys, I knew I’d get to them sooner. And sooner just happened to be last night!

One of the titles is a series called Gameboys Level-Up Edition, which I wasn’t totally sold on, but that I thought, eh, why not?

Obviously the cover is super cute, so why the hesitation? WELL, when I checked out the trailer, it was a video of a video call between two gamers. We had the cute guy with a headpiece being all We must have a gaming rematch!! and this other bro with a flirty playboy smile being all Only if you kiss me~

So no, I wasn’t entirely convinced and maybe I was kind of confused, but the boys were indeed cute!

Then I started it and I am LOVING IT

Gameboys is a Filipino drama featuring Cairo who is a gaming livestreamer and “Angel2000”, a newbie gamer who somehow beat Cairo during a livestream. After this loss, Cairo notices he’s got a friend request on ScreenTime from someone named Gavreel and to his surprise, this turns out to be Angel2000. On their first talk, which happens to be a video chat, Cairo demands the two have a rematch while Gavreel’s only interest, it seems, is to court Cairo. And thus their online courtship begins!

Of course, not everything is perfect, as we come to learn down the line. Cairo, while keeping a pretty cheerful persona during his livestreams, is actually having a family situation at home, what with his father at the hospital because of COVID, his brother and mother stressed with this trouble, and, well, everyone being under lockdown. And Gavreel? Well, he seems to have the troubles of your typical playboy and they like to crop up during crucial moments

I actually haven’t watched all that much. I only just finished the third episode, watched maybe a minute or two of the fourth episode, and then decided I needed to drop some thoughts on this before continuing THE DRAMA

There’s nothing really mindblowing about this little series. It relies on some of the cheesiest lines, courtesy of Gavreel, and Cairo being an IRL tsundere, which is kind of cringe to see outside of the 2D world, but it somehow works in this online world of theirs. I mean, Gavreel IS coming onto Cairo strongly so it’s only normal Cairo be on his guard right? Make sure he doesn’t give in too easily because it’s totally obvious he likes Gavreel too! The acting is also not the best and I often wonder if they have to be so over the top, but then they’ll have a moment, or there will be an adorable smile from Cairo (rare!) and I’ll be fawning over the two of them! Not to mention that Gavreel’s flirting is HILARIOUS (and he cute too, ahhh!!)

Actually, the reason I really am enjoying this series so far, aside from it featuring two cute guys being cute, is how it’s “filmed”

Even though the two are in the Philippines, they are very far apart (plus lockdown doesn’t help), so really their only interactions with one another is online. But instead of getting some scenes with just one character and then switching to see what the other is up to, the whole series is of them interacting with each other online. So, we’ll start with the livestream where Gavreel beat Cairo at a game, then we’ll move to ScreenTime and a video chat, and then follow how the two check out each other’s Instagram pages, their stories, feed posts, and more. It’s a story told via online interactions and chats only. We’ll just ignore, for now, until the final review, how disturbing it is that they can pretty much stalk each other online, like wow doesn’t that mean anyone else can do the same

Watch this video!!! I’ve never been a fan of the endearment “baby” but now I’m suddenly ALL FOR IT. I need someone to call me Baby like Gavreel calls Cairo. Too cute!

This means that there are no filler moments, unless you count the time they spend together but I think that’s actually important since that’s growth and development for their relationship. We get directly to what we need to

It also kind of answers a question of mine from a few months ago. Since nobody was going out and interacting and everyone was wary of people they didn’t live with, were there any relationships developing? What would dates look like? And can we really make a relationship that started online work IRL after? This last one isn’t COVID specific, but it’s one that I think this show might touch on down the line

I’ve heard there’s a “season two” in the making that’s coming out next month, but after some online searching, I think it might just be a movie. I’ll be continuing and if all goes well, might drop a final review in the near future~ Also, I think there’s a spinoff called “Pearl Next Door” that features Pearl, who is Gavreel’s ex and the cheerleader in the GavCairo ship. Yup, you heard that right, Gavreel is bisexual!! And Cairo is an innocent cinnabun

But I’m curious, has anyone watched this show? Or Pearl Next Door? I haven’t really checked if the Pearl show is on Netflix but Gameboys definitely is

4 thoughts on “So I Started Watching Gameboys! (Ep1-3)”

  1. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ, glad you found this. It’s my earliest pinoy BL series, despite being a Filipino and gay, I felt a bit strange towards the stuff here in general but Gameboys had ignite some excitement for me to binge watch Filipino made bl last year. I definitely agree how you described the two characters, I think i even had my heart stolen by Gavreel last year, and Cairo’s story is totally relatable, and the pandemic makes it even more appealing.
    I like the innovation with how they filmed the series, I think this was hardly done here before, the pandemic really pushed the production industry to innovate and come up with something new.
    There’s also another BL that you might want to check, I am not sure if you had seen it, it’s called Gaya sa Pelikula (Like in the Movies). These two are my favorite pinoy bl, they had both substance and social relevance rather than being just another boyslove story. -Yu

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    1. Ohhh thanks for the rec! I’ll look it up ๐Ÿ˜€ i don’t really watch much TV but wow glad I picked this one up and YES to everything you just said!! And me too, i looked up both actors sm too because I was like so adorable!! But they don’t post much or at least not in English and now i want to learn a new language xD Gavreel flirted into my heart and Cairo, his smile ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

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  2. Thank you for your blog abt it. Please continue watching it. My fave ep is 6,7,9,11 on netflix. Youโ€™re in for a roller coaster ride. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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