[Review[ Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart (Netflix)

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Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all been thirsty for some gay boys because I am so excited to share with you all two more cute ones. I’m actually really emotional right now!

I was just browsing Netflix and I don’t know about you all, but I always browse for two hours and then decide not to watch anything. But this time was different! I somehow ended up seeing the cover image of this “show”, added it to my list, kept browsing, and then eventually succumbed to the curiosity, watched the trailer, then BAM, I huddled up on my bed to watch me some cute boys!

It was so beautiful!!

Kang In Soo loves music and hopes to one day make it big, to release an album and find his songs on the charts, but for now that’s only a dream that feels almost impossible to grasp. For now he performs on the streets and has his friend Choi Min Sung record and create music videos for him, which they post on YouTube

Then one night he catches the eye of Yoon Sang Yi, a keyboardist working at a major record company. Sang Yi is instantly transfixed and unknowingly ends up recommending In Soo as a new talent to Lee Yoo Jin, who decides to make him her next big project!

I really loved all the characters in different ways but Yoon Sang Yi definitely stole the spotlight! Which I wasn’t expecting since he was very demure and awkward, but the eyes, THE EYES! Plus, he’s just so freakin adorable!

From the moment he laid eyes on In Soo, this boy was done for. The amount of staring and doe eyes sent towards In Soo was seriously one of the highlights of the movie. You could just see how much this guy was feeling with just a glance, and it made for some really beautifully intimate moments. If he ever tried to deny the fact he was head over heels with In Soo, I would have shown him pictures of his eyes as proof that indeed he was a bad liar. But he would probably freeze instead and try to change the subject. Yoo Jin is right, I would love to tease this guy!

Since the story is mainly told through his perspective, he is also the character that we get to know the most

In Soo, on the other hand, is a character that I had to come to like. There seems to be something going on with him, which we can tell from certain moments, like when Min Sung mentions his family, but we don’t really get many details about this conflict. We do get answers but they’re only surface, just enough to give the movie some “conflict”. I feel like this could be a turn off for some people, but I don’t think the point of the movie is to create and resolve a problem, but to show us the relationship of these two characters, which I think they nailed!

Was In Soo as fleshed out as Sang Yi? No. I think In Soo’s character relied more on the mystery guy stereotype. He was also kind of broody and now that I think about it, which I didn’t do much of while watching this movie because it was An Experience, neither character is especially fleshed out

And it makes sense, this is only a short movie and we are only seeing them at the beginning, no the pre-beginning, of their time together, potentially even careers and lives together

Something that I’ve noticed in Korean dramas is that musician characters are often (or maybe always, I only have two examples to point to) cast when musician characters are needed

In this case, we have multiple music industry people playing the characters in the movie, which means that the actual playing of instruments and singing is real! And natural! I might be traumatized by a certain fake violin playing telenovela so whenever I see how smoothly stuff like this is, I am always thankful and impressed. When it’s not, it’s like watching an anime where the audio doesn’t match up with the lips (yikes)

Perhaps because of this, or perhaps it’s just a happy coincidence, but the music in this movie is Amazing! In Soo has such a beautiful voice and the lyrics of the main songs bring tears to my eyes. I absolutely adored the use of “you” and “our” and no gendered words because then the song works! For everyone! And it worked amazingly for Sang Yi and In Soo

The story isn’t the most creative or even plot-driven but considering this movie is less than two hours long, it really does an amazing job of creating a Moment. We see how Sang Yi and In Soo influence each other, not just in their character development, but in their music. At the start you could tell that In Soo’s songs were beautiful but after working with Sang Yi, the songs held more life and passion. The tension during moments of distress are heavy and the yearning is palpable in so many of their interactions that I was ready to burst with affection

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I really recommend it! Also, you should watch this video because it’s so cute!!

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