Video #5: Not All My Deaths Were In Vain (Let’s Play)

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I’ve sort of gotten into this habit of playing a game on one of my days off. Actually, it’s something I hope I keep up for a while because sometimes trying to think of what to do to destress actually stresses me out more. In this case, just playing is easier because I don’t have to think and if I get a few achievements along the way, that’s even better!

This past weekend, or a few days ago, I played AI: The Somnium Files and pretty much everyone has mentioned that I should keep playing. Don’t worry, I will! Although that might be the last video I put up about it

But another game I played during my day off was Left 4 Dead and I went in with GOALS. Epically failed in some (kill the witch using a melee weapon) but had the pleasant surprise of achieving some that weren’t even on my list (ignite 50 infected with incendiary ammo)! That last one would have already been completed if, you know, I didn’t exclusively play with melee weapons. You’ll see why that is if you watch the video below!

And if anyone is thinking I’ve been posting a lot of gaming videos lately, it’s for a reason! I’ve always wanted to get into livestreaming but I lost the nerve because I’m no good at playing, WHO would want to watch me play badly? And I’m also bad at commentary. It’s like I can’t focus and talk at the same time, HM. Not to mention that I play old games and am a terrible tech person! Yup, I’m still having trouble with that mic! Maybe it’s time to ask for some help, hehe

But there’s an artist that I follow and they mentioned that they watch Let’s Plays without commentary and they just like to have it playing while they work. And that kind of inspired me. I figured, maybe someone doesn’t care if I suck and only mumble and cry and scream when the Tank theme song starts playing

If not, that’s fine too. I’m just playing because I like it. And if you’d like to follow along…my goal is to eventually use Twitch, once I figure out why my audio is very low compared to the game’s! I’ll still be posting the videos on YouTube but if I get everything settled down (soon), you guys might be able to find me livestreaming on Twitch (when the urge hits)

Well, until this weekend’s posts! I think I’ll be back to posting a few BL recs, I’ve missed those

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