Trying Out AI: The Somnium Files (Let’s Play)

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Remember when Steam had a sale on Japanese games a few weeks back and I asked you all for recommendations because I wanted to play something new? WELL, thank you again for all the recommendations! I actually ended up getting more than I was planning but that’s all good because my personal library was very lacking. As for the no news on the gaming front – May was pretty hectic but you bet I’ve been sitting down with a few of these to test my nonexistent skills

And the first one on the list was AI: The Somnium Files because quite a few of you mentioned that it was a good game!

I also figured it would be the one that would require the least amount of skill since it’s a visual novel. The only skill needed here is reading and I read all the time, how hard could it get?! Well, nobody told me that it does require some skills, and (apparently) I’m lacking in this area as well…

The amount of time I wasted at the start is quite embarrassing!

But how did I like it? WELL. For one, I’m slightly (or very) confused!

We start the game out at Bloom Park which has turned into a crime scene. A woman was murdered and strapped onto one of the horses on a merry-go-round that has come into disuse. Also, it’s raining heavily, the atmosphere is gloomy and I happen to know the victim, which is why I’m on the case. Funnily enough, I thought the opposite would happen, that because I know the victim I wouldn’t be allowed to participate in the case?!

Oh, and my character’s name is Date and I get to meet him early on! He’s actually really cute but he’s also a pervert, which I wouldn’t mind normally, but damn, he’s got bad taste in women. I mean, I can’t believe he’s ogling at others when his boss looks like this!! GOD, she’s so sexy. Pardon me while I hover over her character Now that I think about it she’s also got this Pokรฉmon vibe to her

But this isn’t even “the problem”

So far my “problem” is that I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. Date seems to have some kind of amnesia, and his boss seems to know something (and won’t say anything), and because of this, I feel like I’m playing a sequel game. But I don’t think so? It’s a strange feeling

I haven’t gotten very far in the story so I’m not exactly sure where this is going (aside from unlocking my amnesia and solving the case), and the only “playing” I’ve done so far was at the start where I was perversely making Aiba, a strange girl in Date’s unconscious that likes to do weird dance moves in empty rooms, do whatever I wanted with a pistol…so I’m curious how the gameplay will be later on. I am taking notes though and hoping that when the time comes I will at least know the names of each character and their relationships. But I have little expectations of myself. I’m just very bad at mysteries

Also, did it take me an hour and a half (aka. after I closed the game) to realize that the dancing “shrimp” girl at the start of the game was my eyeball? Yes

*sighs in disappointment at myself*

I decided to stop the game when Date returned to the crime scene for a second time with EHERM my second “problem”, the character I currently dislike the most!! – I forgot her name but she’s the idol girl. Again, not cute AT ALL. I was hoping she wouldn’t be a major character but I’m afraid that she’ll be sticking around for a while…

All these youngins are not good for my blood pressure

But I’m sure it will get better, I trust you all (LOL)

p.s. My favorite character so far is Aiba


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