So I Started Watching Run with the Wind (Ep 1-3)

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Yesterday ended up being a kind of lazy day for me, but right before heading to bed, I thought, maybe I should watch some anime. I ended up finally finishing Yashahime and WOAH, when will season two be out?! But after this my only options were to rewatch something or check something new out. And I did, this anime, this HILARIOUS show, I can’t even begin to say how much I berate old me for not starting this sooner!!

I could have honestly watched even more last night but I wanted to write out a first impression before I devoured the series so I controlled myself. But only barely, I couldn’t help but, eherm, check out how many fanfiction stories were under the Haiji and Kakeru tag, it needs MOAR

Run with the Wind (or Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru) is a sports anime about running that aired on Crunchyroll in 2018. We have Kansei University fourth-year Kiyose Haiji who has been steadily and stealthily “recruiting” students to “join” the “Kansei University Track and Field Club”. However, he’s still one person short. Luckily, this changes one night when he has a run in with Kurahara Kakeru as he’s committing thievery. Mesmerized by the luminescent glow of his running prowess, Haiji decides to follow him and offer to be his sugar daddy, after learning they’re students at the same school, offers him a deal too good to be true (ie. free housing and food)

Once Haiji has all ten “members” he decides to inform everyone of the fine print of living at Chikusei-so, and so their just under ten month training camp begins!

It’s no secret that one of my favorite things about sports anime is how close all the boys are, and, get this, there are hardly ever any girls! Yeah sure they’ll all get blushy whenever a girl comes by and there might be one or two on the team that are completely ENAMOURED by a manager, BUT, their loyalties and professions of love are always towards each other. And what is more beautifully gay than that?

But I hadn’t realized how completely gay this one was and nobody told me. I mean, in just the first episode we have Haiji x-ray visionining (which, honestly, has always confused me, since an x-ray sees bones not through clothes but who am I to say anything) Kakeru’s beautifully slim body as he runs passed him. We could see it ALL

So, if you’re trying to convince me that what Haiji was after was Kakeru’s running abilities, I will raise my eyebrow. I bet it was something else and then he was like oh yeah he can also run pretty fast

And Kakeru my boy, obviously nobody ever gave him the stranger danger talk because he just accepted Haiji’s Very Generous Offer. I mean, I guess it’s not too bad. Haiji is pretty good looking

I am also convinced that Kakeru is somehow related to Kageyama because when they do that close up as he’s glaring, they almost look like twins. And it’s not just his appearance but I was getting Kageyama backstory vibes from him and whoever hurt him is going to get it from Daddy Ogre Haiji!!

Something I absolutely adore about this show – aside from Haiji because, woah, I’ve never been so in love with someone’s skills and get shit done attitude before, please torment me too – is that they’re all in university!! Which means they’re all pretty much adults and I don’t have to question where their parents are and they’re just more relatable because jobs and responsibilities!!

Maybe it’s the newlywed feels (and my lack of recent sports anime watching), but I feel like Run with the Wind is really setting itself apart from other shows

I think it does it just by having the characters be older. When you’re in high school, I feel like sports clubs and feelings of excitement and adrenaline are still very high, vs. when you’re in university, you’re mainly worried about what comes next and building that portfolio and networking. We see this in a lot of the characters like Musa, who is busy with school and work; Yuki who, while still a party goer, is also always on about his laws and lawyer to-be duties; and the King, who is seen trying to find a job right before Haiji whispers coercing words into his ears

The only two, potentially three, that I really see have some interest in the subject of running this relay marathon are Haiji, for reasons that are still not 100% clear but that probably relate to his injury, Kakeru, who has been running since high school (so very recent), and Akihiro, who…well, I’m not really sure but he seems to be game. The Jo twins also have so much energy but like they’ve stated, it’s more so about their interest in girls so they could be doing anything

So really Haiji has to build his team and he’s relentless in some of the most hilarious and eherm, concerning ways. He’s doesn’t only have to shape up the group but also encourage them and make them fall in love with this sport. And that is hard to do!

Even though Haiji and Kakeru have the spotlight for a) being the one to get everyone together and b) being, so far, the fastest runner, it almost feels like Prince might steal all the glory later on. He’s the slowest on the team and whenever I see him, I tremble at the thought of him damaging a bone. That’s how fragile he looks! I bet if he didn’t need to, he’d just stay stationary with books all around him, but I don’t blame him, that sounds like The Life!

And with Kakeru’s very loud admonishments of everyone being slow, you know Prince is going to be the one they need to work on the most. Afterall, if he doesn’t shape up, then the whole team won’t be able to qualify for the Hakone Ekiden!

As someone who recently got into running (or at this point jogging, I got lazy), I am excited to see what this show has to offer. But more importantly, I’m all here for Haiji~

But I’m curious, have you guys watched this? What did you think? Please tell me I’m not the only one soaring into Haiji’s arms. I’m suddenly getting IDEAS. Also, I’ve made a thread on Twitter so feel free to follow my thirsty tweets as I continue to watch this show

Until next time!

3 thoughts on “So I Started Watching Run with the Wind (Ep 1-3)”

  1. I’m glad you got into this series because it’s amazing in many ways, and sets apart itself with focusing on young adults like you have said. And a little note; this series is adapted from a novel, the author has also written several essays on BL and fujoshi’s so the gayness is not accidental 😀

    Can’t wait to read more of your thoughts on it ~

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