Jon’s April 2021 Creator Showcase: Forty-Nine Posts to Help Break Into the Spring Season!

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Hey guys and welcome back to another year of #thJCS on this blog! I honestly wasn’t expecting to be hosting this year, what with my hectic work schedule, but it’s been a few months and I’ve gradually settled down into a routine, which means that when my buddy Jon needed a host for April ASAP, I thought I can do this but more importantly, I WANT to do this! So here we are again

Now then, I believe everyone at this point knows what #theJCS or the Jon’s Creator Showcase IS but in case you’re new, here’s a recap: back at the end of 2017, Jon over at Jon Spencer Reviews decided to create this community event where people could shamelessly self-promo one of their more recent best works (I’ll explain in a second) and at the end of the month, Jon would showcase all this greatness in a post for everyone to gush over. Sadly (or not), Jon couldn’t continue this on a regular and another blogger buddy,  Raistlin, suggested having multiple hosts as a way to not let the project die! Since then #theJCS has become, if you ask me, a really beloved project by many people in the community

If you’re curious about who has hosted before, I made a master page here and will continue to add to it as long as I continue hosting

In particular, last month was hosted by RedBlinkey over at In Search of Number Nine so please check that out! And if anyone is interested in hosting, I believe there are still a couple of empty slots for this year. It’s a project that requires some work but it’s really gratifying at the end, I get to interact with some awesome people and get through posts I often miss

Like I usually do, I will be bolding posts I especially enjoyed but honestly, every time I host everyone blows me away. There is some awesome stuff brewing in the community! Time to dive in and make sure to give everyone some love~


Favorite of the Month!

I know, I know, you all thought I was going to just go with my bias and claim ALL the Jujutsu Kaisen posts were my favorite this month, and ok, maybe I was going to do that, but you all just submitted such amazing content and my plans were derailed. All of the posts submitted to this month’s JCS have been amazing in their own way but these are definitely some of the highlights and let me tell you why!

Maybe It’s Unreachable For Me: Inadequacy in “SK8 The Infinity” by Jessi (Season 1 Episode 1): When I saw this submission I was like ohhhh sports anime and I was excited because a) it’s a SPORTS anime and b) I’ve heard amazingly gay things about this and you all know I love my cute gay boys. WELL, let me tell you that it turned out to be not what I expected in the best way possible. This is such a beautiful personal post about how we can feel inadequate, particularly, relating to our hobbies. I feel this so much I legit had to take a breath not to tear up. Not even the Demon Slayer movie made me this emotional. Read it, I’m sure that many people have felt and still feel this way. Excellent post!

Taking a Dump by Emily (ERGON Stories): Ok, not only does this win one of this month’s favorite showcase award but also most interesting and vague title. And perhaps I’m having a mindblown moment!

Foodie Fanservice: Restaurant to Another World (Minced Meat Cutlet) by npg (NonPlayerGirl): As I type this up, I wonder how appropriate it is to have this post right after Emily’s comic and I can’t help but chuckle. That said, this one was a definite favorite because it was so unexpected and I love food!!

Jujutsu Freaking Kaisen!

Anime Discussion: Jujutsu Kaisen by Art of Anime (Art of Anime): Thank you Art of Anime for indulging me! In this post we get a run down of why Jujutsu Kaisen, rightfully so, deserves a 10/10 rating. Don’t believe me? Then check out Art of Anime’s full analysis of the show! God, I’ve never seen such a superb take on an anime before. Even the criticism is on point!

JJK Appreciation Post by MagiWasTaken (Indiecator): Ok, so we all are in agreement that JJK is amazing, right? What do you mean you don’t believe me?! Well if you need more proof because my crying is not “evidence enough” then please check out Magi’s post here where he talks about all the magic happening behind the scenes of JJK. If this doesn’t convince you, I’m not sure what will!

Gimme that Boys’ Love!

T- The Trees in Spring by Nora (It’s All Your Fault That I’m Not Popular!): Oh my, I knew I was going to want to read this manga just from the link image but Nora really sold it to me! If you’re looking for a manga that will make you feel the FEELS then this one is the one for you, both for the BL fan but also for anyone interested in a really good story and character driven manga! I’d also follow her blog while I’m at it, the recs are amazing!

Killing Stalking Webtoon – My First Impression [V1] by YuAlexius (YuAlexius): It’s been such a long time since I last read Killing Stalking and I just remembered I never finished it!! Well, thanks to Yu, I kind of want to go back and reread and finish it. This is definitely not for the faint of heart, trigger warnings for toxic relationships, obsession, depression, abuse, violence, rape…I mean, the list goes on! But check out Yu’s first impression to see how you might like it~

Seven Days [Manga Review] by Matt (Matt Doyle Media): Oh I was so excited to see this submission! It’s always super nice to see sweet and older BL titles get some love. Seven Days is legit one of my Top Favorite BL Manga and Matt does a superb job at explaining why. I probably would have just flailed around and hoped you’d all understand what I was trying to say! It sounds like there were more sweet BL titles recommended so I’m off to discover the next manga that will wreck me!

Little Sleep, More Games!

Spiritfarer Review by Al (Al’s Manga Blog): I don’t play many games for a couple of reasons. One major reason is that it takes me forever to get through games because time just isn’t on my side and two, I am really bad at games! Although that doesn’t really stop me from trying to enjoy most of the ones I’m interested in and you bet Spiritfarer just made the list of games I want to play!! This game sounds AMAZING and you all should check out this post and then go buy it! I’m feeling emotional already!!

Playing I.B. ~ The Future, Destined by Unsociable Me~ by Emiko (Ramblings N’ Scribbles): I once tried playing a mobile game and huh, I just remembered that maybe I should go and finish the game! And then add this one to the queue. If you’re into AIs and…interesting endings in games, I think you’ll enjoy this one but go on and check out the full review, Emiko does a great job at explaining why you should play this one!

Rogue-likes Taught Me to Love Hitman by Frostilyte (Frostilyte Writes): So I’m just going to go convince one of my brothers to get this game so that I can play it! Frostilyte seriously sold me on this one and as much as I’m bad at stealth games and probably can’t think outside the box, I am strangely motivated?! Check out why Hitman is a definite must play but also a definite must replay~

Game Review: Tell Me Why [Chapter One] by Leeks (Leeks Plays): Wow, the quality of games has really gone up! When I was reading this post and seeing the screenshots I had to remind myself these were animations and not, you know, Actual people. With that out of the way, this game sounds pretty interesting. There seem to be some eerie and even supernatural vibes at work but it looks like the game is foremost character based, which is something new for me! So I decided to get the first chapter because it was free~

The Phantom Thieves Stole My Heart Again: Persona 5 Strikers by George (The Gamer with Glasses): My brother has been really into Persona recently and one day he sat me down to watch some of the early movies. That’s all my Persona knowledge BUT I do know that the character designs are super cute and I would definitely play a game based on character looks. While Persona 5 Strikers seems to not be in my immediate future, George gives us the rundown of why you should pick it up if you’ve already played P5!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review by Stephen (Honest Gamer): Ok, so I didn’t know Miles Morales was also a game?! I only went and watched the movie but considering he’s a character from the comics (or so I was told), it makes sense he’d also be in the games. Here Stephen gives us the rundown of the Miles Morales game and how, even with some of the more non-stellar aspects of the game, MM is a recommended in his books!

Persona 5 | Character Tier List by Meghan (Meghan Plays Games): Oh hey, another Persona post! While this one is less of a review of the game, it’s also a really valuable read for anyone wanting to learn the ins and outs of the characters. There’s so much useful information here and I can’t lie, that Slack Off ability sounds like heaven. Like, yes, I would like to spend my time blogging, I could really use more of that

Root Film Nintendo Switch Game Review by Naja (BlerdyOtome):  Finally! A game I sort of understand and have a feel for?! So I actually played the first Danganronpa game and even started the second (oops, maybe I should get back to that?!) and reading through this review, I feel that I would genuinely enjoy Root Film! Not to mention that the art from those screenshots is so pretty!

Jedi: Fallen Order by Basscape (The Almighty Backlog): First off, I just have to say that your blog’s name is so on point!! I think that’s how I feel about all of my hobbies! Another game review but one that had me a little nervous. It seemed like Fallen Order was lacking in many aspects but it actually pulled itself together? Well, I wouldn’t want to spoil so why not just check it out? I probably wouldn’t play it but it does sound interesting!!

The Evolution of Hack and Slash Games by Corthos (Corthos Fellrin): It’s not a secret that I can’t play very difficult games and especially not games involving guns. I just have really bad aim! I remember laying L4D and thinking, I’ll use a gun this time, only to find I hardly hit any zombies and all the kills went to my brothers. So yes, I very much prefer hacking and slashing and wow, the more we know!! Corthos really gets into that history and shows us how these types of games have evolved over time

Know the Bloggers Behind the Posts!

Of Ones and Zeroes by NegativePrimes (The Curiously Dead Cat): Ok, I wasn’t sure what I would find when I clicked the link but it somehow made it into one of my favorite submissions this month! Please join us in celebrating NegativePrimes latest achivement, follow him on Twitch if you haven’t already, and give this post a read. It really made me laugh and I hope it brings a smile to your face too

Super Sunshine Blogger Award #2! by Brink (The Brink of Gaming): I have to admit that some of my favorite posts are usually the ones relating to bloggers and their personal lives and just spontaneity, and while a lot of the questions Brink answers are related to gaming, they still feel personal and fun. Check it out!

[Response] Creativity in Blogging by Rose (Wretched and Divine): A quick little post but I think Rose talks about something really important that I’m sure many creatives struggle with. What makes you creativity output soar? And when is it time to just take a quick break and recuperate?

So Let Me Tell You About This Thing!

Evangelion 3.0+1.0’s First 12 Minutes: Thoughts on The End || Cafe Talk by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe): I am starting to think that Takuto hasn’t gotten any sleep this year, what with all the premiers I see him attend, but I guess I understand, it’s always worth it for the things you love! And also, I’m flabermagasted that Eva is ending?! I only ever watched the original when it aired on adultswim and have been “following it” via Takuto recently, but I almost can’t believe it! And it’s kind of exciting! Definitely need to pick this up now after seeing Takuto speculate some stuff based on the PV that was released of 3.0+1.0!

Why Bell’s Minotaur Fight Is An Excellent Anime Moment by Karandi (100 Word Anime): A little different from your typical analysis post and also not an anime review, I decided that this category fit this post better, especially since Karandi is looking at why she enjoys a specific fight and even goes over the mechanics! I haven’t watched this anime yet (like all others it seems!) but I haven’t watched this one on purpose. I just wasn’t a super huge fan of the genre or title, but after reading this, I want to give it a try? I’ve yet to hear anyone say anything bad about this series either. Most of the people I know have enjoyed it too…HMMM

Sports Anime and DRAMA by Luna (We Be Bloggin’): You got me at sports anime and drama! I mean, are there sports anime without drama?! When I first fell into the sports anime hole, I never knew that there would be so many feels and characters yelling out cringey and corny cliches that would probably made everyone around them blush in secondhand embarrassment or potentially clap in congratulations because obviously that was a marriage proposal, right?! But what about, and Luna proposes such a delicious trope I hadn’t even thought about – the jealousy?

MechaMarch IGPX: Nascar Racing with Mecha Battles by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews): Ok, so this one has more of an anime vibe but I just couldn’t help but drop it here! Scott’s tone and awe in his review just made me feel like he was nerding out and it even made me want to check out this series because hello, RACINGG.

Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train Review – What A Ride! by Kuro (TwoHappyCats): When I saw this post during early submissions, I didn’t really think anything of it. It was another movie I hadn’t seen and that, I imagined, I would want to see after reading the review (and so the backlog continues!). But then I watched Mugen Train and O.M.G. Kuro’s review is SO SPOT ON. And the best part is that there are no spoilers!! So if you haven’t watched Mugen Train yet (or if you have), read this!! It will make you want to watch and rewatch again

Laid Back Camp – Anime Playlist by Derek (Apprentice Mages Lounge): Recently I’ve been into anime music, thanks JJK, although still not as much as the people around me. I’m not sure why but sometimes it’s hard for me to really get into opening and ending songs but wow, the first and last songs on this list and definitely going to get played a couple times during my commute! Are these on Spotify? Must find out!

A Guide to Nendoroids by Aria (The AniManga Spellbook): Do I have nendoroids? No, but you bet I’ve been debating getting one because JJK is determined to suck me dry!! But like Aria mentions, there isn’t really anything to do with these aside from decorating and even then, I’m really bad at doing that. Also, I hadn’t realized you could potentially be scammed into buying a fake?! Like, it makes sense but I felt like maybe this would be something that didn’t happen with figures because only specific places would sell them? I guess I was wrong. Do I want to buy one after reading this? Yes, I know no logic, I know only pretty boys on my shelves

Why Did the Promised Neverland Season 2 Remove the Goldy Pond Arc? By Spooky Red Head (The Spooky Red Head Blog): Like usual, SRH gets down to the point and makes posts that are easy to read! I didn’t finish the TPN but just the thought of having something slashed as it’s adapted between manga and anime…doesn’t sit well with me. I mean, I know it generally happens but I thought TPN had a pretty decent following but I suppose SRH has a point with her reasoning. What do you guys think? And we’re you also upset?

Am I That Powerful? The Powerful Female Tag! By Celestial Sparkles (How Anime Stuff Works!!): First off, I just have to say this list is amazing! Not only do I agree with many of the women Sparkles chose but, EHERM, Hitomi is on here and I don’t really hear people talking about her enough?! What about you all? Who would you say are some powerful females in anime (or really from anywhere!). What is your “criteria”?

So Much Anime, So Little Time!

Don’t Sleep on High-Rise Invasion by Jon (Jon Spencer Reviews): I know I said I wanted to watch more anime but I didn’t think I’d double and triple my backlog so quickly! At first glance this show doesn’t seem to be my type of anime but the more I think about it, the more I want to check it out. Jon does a great job at detailing the pros and cons of High-Rise Invasion and then enticing you to go watch it, if only just one episode (and isn’t that how we get hooked??)

The Owl House: A Breath of Fresh Air on TV by YumDeku (MyAnime2Go): I don’t watch much TV so I always feel out of the loop with…well, everything! But something I’ve noticed, gradually, and potentially only because a lot of my friends and just people I know are very open to being ourselves (I love you all, thank you!) – Is that there are more diverse stories out in the wild. Stories touching on mental health and sexuality because, come on, heterosexuality is so boring and it sounds like The Owl House is one such show! It doesn’t surprise me that there are thousands of people who want it cancelled and while I haven’t watched it, I hope that doesn’t come to pass. Disney is such a huge outlet (and I’m not surprised they don’t want all the beautiful gay) so I hope they continue to take risks

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Episode 11 Review – Best In Show by Crow (Crow’s World of Anime): I want to say this sounds familiar but I’m not really sure. That said, I’m so glad Crow introduced me to this show and I know this is the breakdown of episode 11, which probably means almost the end, BUT, I kind of want to watch it now? It sounds like it’s beautifully dark (what can I say? I crave the blood and fights) and according to Crow, there are some great moments and developments!

Sonic X anime spoiler review by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat): Oh man, how long has it been since I last watched Sonic?! A LONG time ago. In fact, now I see my childhood fights with my brother flashing before my eyes as we each wanted to watch something different because you know, back in the day we only had ONE tv! Reading this post really took me back to those times and it’s really cool that Matt went and revisited something like this. I’m also glad that it still gets good marks since Sonic was one of those shows I enjoyed as a kid! Check out his review for it~

Just watched Re: Zero by Fred (AuNatural): You know when you’ve just watched an anime and you have no words to really describe what you’ve just experienced? That’s what this post felt like. Check out Fred describe Re:Zero in screenshots!

Shirobako: The Movie- An Anime Film Review, Reflection and Full Recommendation by Infinite Zenith (Infinite Zenith): NGL, when I first started reading this post, I thought IZ was giving us some background information about the actual staff involved in this Shirobako movie but the more I read, the more unrealistic it sounded and I realized it was the anime summary! I’ve heard of this series before but never actually learned about the content so getting to read it here (and in much detail), I’m surprised and happy to see how different it is compared to what I thought it was! I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but this is also another I’m adding to my list! I think it’s about time I start consuming anime with working adults (not that there’s anything wrong with my all time favorites, the shounen and seinen, but I think sometimes I just need some of these types of shows)

Imouto sae Ireba Ii, Light novels, games, and a little sister by Tanteikid (BlazTavern): Why am I getting a sense of “I have seen the first episode of this show”? Because I think I might have but just don’t remember the title! The description of the really hot crazy lewd girl and the cute brother are just too familiar. If it IS the show I’m thinking about, wow, why did I drop it? I mean, based on this review I might have dropped it eventually since it’s not my cup of tea but it sounds like it’s really a bundle of ecchi fun! Also, all the girls can hit on me, wow they’re so pretty!

So You Wanna Get Punched In The Feels?

6 Amazing Authors That Encourage Me to Never Give Up on My Ambitions by Neha (BiblioNyan): If you have not checked out Neha’s blog or checked out ang of their blog posts then I just have to say, you are seriously missing out!! I just adore the way they write and how I always feel motivated after reading something they’ve written. This post, especially, is a gem! Definitely check it out and just feel the positive vibes, enthusiasm, and just love Neha has for these authors and their books! And, of course, check out their stuff too! There’s a ton of great titles in here!!

Page Turner: The Man Who Invented the Daleks by Megan (Nerd Rambles): I’m not a huge Dr. Who fan and I can only say I’ve ever watched maybe one episode…actually, now I ask myself why I even watched it?! Maybe I was doing something for the holidays because I vaguely remember it being Christmas related! So I can’t comment much on the topic of this show but I think Megan does an excellent job at explaining why she loves the Daleks, one of the antagonists of the show, and how she’s come to appreciate the characters and show more after reading up on the creator!

Anime Discussion – Celebrating Detective Conan’s 1000 Episode by Art of Anime (Art of Anime): Did you guys ever watch Detective Conan? Or as I grew up with, Case Closed? Have you watched ALL the episodes and movies?! Because I haven’t and may never but I can’t deny that this series has a special place in my heart and it’s nice to see that there are still people who enjoy it as well!

Review for I was Reincarnated As the Villainess In an Otome Game But the Boys Love Me Anyway!, Volume 1 by Mehsi (Twirling Book Princess): So maybe I’m missing something or maybe mixing this up with another anime but…doesn’t this already have an anime? Because I was just about to say that I know some people who were into this and recommended I check it out…a while ago. Wow, this is a little awkward now, my non-weeb side is showing! Moving on, this isn’t the type of story I’m usually into but it’s one I’ve been seeing a lot and people really like them and others have better tasted than me, viewer of only three shows so check this one out!! Mehsi mentions that it’s different to other series and, the most important part, the guys are HOT!

The Detective of Muiella Webtoon Review by Aiya (Anime Tokoyo): Oh My! It’s so exciting that webcomics have gotten super big recently and as much as I love me some manga, well, can’t deny that there are some really good (and better) webcomics and this is apparently one of them! Also, you mean the love interest isn’t a Prince or other type of royal?! Ok, now I’m interested!!

Shortcomings: A Visual Social Commentary by Chisayatzu (A Penny for a Daydream): Oh GOD, this graphic novel sounds terrible and yet part of me is curious about how bad it gets. I usually like some dark and dubious content, but the thing that makes me able to stomach certain stories is that often they fall so clearly into the realm of fiction and fantasy. But this? This is stuff I’m sure many can and have encountered, and I haven’t read this yet but I already feel so annoyed, frustrated, angry! Check it out

Too Much Brain in Those Cute Heads!

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED’s Flay Allster: The Girl Who Didn’t Belong by Shallow (Shallow Dives In Anime): Another show from my childhood come to haunt me! Lol, just kidding, but seriously, this is one I’ve been wanting to rewatch for forever now! It’s also possibly the only Gundam series I ever watched and I can’t even remember it. Thanks Shallow for the FYI on where to watch, now it’s time for me to uh, go watch it and maybe I will try to be sympathetic towards Flay. Honestly, I feel like I’d also hate her but you’re right, characters like her are also needed because, realistically speaking, that might be me in a crisis. I’m a coward, I admit it *cries*

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun keeps getting better as a fantasy shounen manga by Nabe-chan (GeekNabe): I thought about where I could drop this post since I felt it could fit into books and anime as well BUT with the opening Nabe-chan gave us, I thought it would be more interesting to drop it here, in the analysis pile! Part analysis, part review, Nabe-chan asks us to consider the shounen formula. Do you think it’s changed in recent years?

Reinventing Yourself In Games | Log Horizon by Rila and Riley (Galvanic): Not gonna lie, when I saw Akatsuki I saw my life flash before my eyes but when the video continued, I thought, safe this time (I’m the opposite of Rila in terms of affection towards Akatsuki)! My brother and I watched the first season of Log Horizon when it first came out and LOVED IT, and you should too! Rila and Riley actually sell it better than I would ever be able to. I hear there’s already a third season airing (or aired?!) so there’s a lot to watch! Will I ever get to it? Probably not…lol

Webtoons|Another Look at Manta After 2 Months by Minty (Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers): As someone who has come to love webcomics in the last couple of years, I’m super excited to see new ways to read more and more, without breaking my wallet because woah, coin purchases ADD UP. So when I heard Minty talking about Manta, I knew I wanted to give it a try! Check out what she has to say after two months of using Manta and the surprise she had on Instagram~ We are always watching Minty, kekeke

The Space Train of Winesburg: Galaxy Express 999 and Grotesques by Iniksbane (In Search of Number Nine): When I read this post, I instantly thought about the one country that Kino visits during her exploration. I never did finish Kino’s Journey but I believe it was in one of the early episodes where she visits a country filled with crime because nothing was really “illegal”. I suppose Galaxy Express 999 is that episode but made into a series and turned philosophical and wow, I didn’t know I needed that until Iniksbane introduced it! It makes for a really good and potentially tricky analysis. What are your thoughts?

Puparia is Incredible by Jack (Animated Observations): I had not watched this mini-film before although I had heard of it before and woah, it’s really something and Jack does a really great, though short, job of a fast analysis. I think it’s also interesting that the message of the video coincides with the director’s feelings of wanting to create something for their pleasure rather than because it’s a job. Also ties in well with what Rose talks about in her creativity post! But what did you think? It’s not a long video so it’s even a quick watch!!

I can’t believe we got so many submissions this month and you bet I was extremely happy!! In fact, I was very conflicted in which posts to highlight because I really felt like I got many enthusiastic posts and those are always my favorites. I think that the more feelings we put into things, the more they transfer to the reader (or viewer) and it creates a fun experience

I was also pleasantly surprised by how many gaming content I got this time. Just in time for my sudden desire to buy some games!! Thanks for the recs everyone

Now then, I hope you all enjoyed everyone’s stuff and left some love, be it with a like and/or a comment. Remember that comments feed souls!

Next month (or I guess this month at this point), will be hosted by Jack from Animated Observations so be on the lookout for that info post and May tweet

Until next time!

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