Video #2 – Anime I Recently Watched, Anime That Looks Interesting, and Preparing For #theJCS! (Let’s Talk)

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Hey guys! In case you haven’t been following my recent plight on Twitter, here is what’s going on:

Manga haul videos have been put on hold. Not so much because I decided but because that’s kind of what happened. I posted the first haul video on YouTube earlier this year and I was really excited. I thought this was doable, especially since I was just going to “quickly” talk about the manga I’d recently purchased. Originally, this was something I was going to do on Instagram, but apparently IG doesn’t allow long videos. I moved to YouTube, only to find myself falling into the “this video must be perfect because it’s getting posted on YouTube” mentality. I decided to move to Instagram and try out the live function because apparently, if I use the live feature, I can upload AN HOUR LONG video!

Sounds great, right?! So I went live earlier this morning HAHA OMG i posted the wrong link how do i not know my own ig handle

Only to get…uhm, a very not nice gesture from IG!

In conclusion, Instagram told me I was live so I started talking and even interacting a bit with someone who joined the live and then…at some point I wasn’t live anymore?! So basically I was crying and screaming all by my lonesome, which is entirely fine, I don’t mind. BUT the plan was to have the video saved on my profile for anyone who might want to stop by at a later date and you know, see me be an embarrassing weeb

That can’t happen if there was apparently no live or video!

So, due to Instagram hating me, I’ve decided to just return to YouTube. Aside from not wanting to do YouTube because of the perfectionist mentality, I also didn’t want to be found by any of my IRLs. I mean, they have yet to see me being a weeb and I’m not sure if I can handle them knowing I have more emotions than stoic ice prince SO…the videos are going to be unlisted after a few days. You can view them here on the blog since the links will be here but after some time, I will be unlisting them, causing them to disappear from my YouTube page

I know, this means my traffic will be low but that’s fine. My blog is honestly my main focus so it works out for me. The best way to then share my videos, which I’m hoping you all do if you like them, is to just share the blog post where I link them

So that’s what’s happening. And with this little experiment, the manga haul videos are back in session! Although they’re going to be different than what I originally planned. I won’t say much on this, I’ll just let it take its course. But onward, to the first Live on YouTube (cries in nothing is working like I planned) where I talk about anime and #theJCS!

Feel free to leave comments on the actual video and/or here on the blog

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