Jujutsu Kaisen – Why are the boys all so HOT?!

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I don’t think I’ve been very subtle about my newest obsession, which I sometimes think about. I mean, it’s ok if my fellow weeb friends know I can’t get the JJK characters out of my head, but what about my IRLs?! Oh well, I just can’t contain all the emotions! So yes, even my boss knows I can’t stop crying over this weird comic and crying I am, how could you Gege-sensei?!

Now then, the original plan was to write a review on JJK but I’m not sure if I’m sane enough to do that yet. I mean, I’d like to soon, have been aiming for it for the past three weeks, but as you can see, it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe next week? I mean, even getting this post out feels like I’m slowly moving in that direction

don’t give me that look pretty boy! I WILL get it done!!

So what is this post about? I’m glad you asked! It’s just me crying over the cute and hot boys and MEN of JJK. Like, I don’t know if you all can understand how emotional I am to see so many older men taking the spotlight in a series, but also how DEVASTATED I am at what is happening in the manga. And I haven’t even caught up to the recent chapters!

Which is where I will place the warning, this post will be mostly spoiler free from the manga except for one character – Toji. He hasn’t been introduced in the anime yet but he’s been “alluded” to and he is going to be this posts number one DILF. God this word has been in my life so much since JJK’s entered my life. That and simp. I may also mention characteristics from a character like “damn he’s so badass” and “if only he was a bit tougher” that are based on later info. Aside from this, the anime is game and no events in the manga will be spoiled

Itadori Yuuji

I guess we can start with Itadori since he’s the main character and NGL, I instantly loved him! He’s just super adorable and genuinely cares about, not just his friends, but people in general. He’s also surprisingly intelligent, I mean, I’m so used to that brawny main character who just runs smack into walls and out of sheer will they knock it down. I think Itadori isn’t just brawn and I love it! Also, was anyone else surprised to see what’s under that shirt?! I mean, it makes sense, since he’s really athletic, apparently he has super strength (game with sensei) and can run like a vehicle (same episode and then we see it at the end of the anime). But I just thought he’d be lean? He hides those abs very well!

And I’m not sure if I like it? I mean, abs like that just aren’t my style but Itadori is and that’s his body so I will also shower it with delicate love for my cute boy!

That said, he’s quickly losing the spotlight in my eyes. Not because he’s not a good character but because everyone is having such great character growth and he’s…well, he’s not progressing at the rate I’d like. It’s been brought to my attention that many shounen mains power up at a very unrealistic rate and yeah but let’s go even more unrealistic. Who cares if he’s only been in the jujutsu world for like 2-3 months!

Ryoumen Sukuna

And with Itadori, the logical next step is Sukuna, right?! OMG, Sukuna is so hot!!!! I mean, why do I find him more attractive than Itadori when they’re technically the same body, the same face?! But I do think the markings really fit Sukuna, and the spiky hairstyle, and just, his expressions, the dramatic lighting! It’s all very Sukuna. Like, remember when Itadori switches back to himself during the fight with Megumi and he’s still got the Sukuna features but with the cute Itadori grin? Yeah, they just didn’t really fit him. There’s just something about his cute face that just doesn’t go with Sukuna’s more, uhm, evil? Style.

Also, I never understood why he keeps ripping Itadori’s tops whenever he changes like thanks Sukuna for giving us a feast because your markings look AMAZING on Itadori’s body but you’re always wrapped up in these robes when you’re inside him so like, why the hate for the sweaters? Maybe they’re not as soft? Would he be nicer to shirts I wonder?

And I mean, he’s the KING of Curses! That power alone is enough to get me excited like I know it’s bad to just randomly start fights and kill people but can you please show off? AND THE RANDOM MOUTH AND DOUBLE EYES. Sorry, he’s just too hot, I can’t take it!! And this is only season one Sukuna because I’ve seen some fanart and just oh boy, will we be ready!


Also his fixation with Megumi and apparently the adults know this?! Is this what they called WHIPPED?! I don’t ship it, surprisingly it’s the only ship I can’t seem to get into (ItaFushi or SukuFushi ) but the vibes are THERE. But I get it, even I’m a little in love with Megumi, who wouldn’t with eyes like those!!

Sukuna doesn’t really make many appearances in the anime and hardly any fights after Yuuji comes back, which obviously means I’m DEVASTATED but maybe later we get more?! Especially with all the hype he’s been getting! Like, I’m so excited to see him finally say the word so we can see Sukuna not killing people and just…idk, being kinda normal?! What’s he up to?!

Fushiguro Megumi

Speaking of Megumi! Just look at how freaking PRECIOUS and ADORABLE he is! Although, I have to be honest. I didn’t particularly like or dislike him at first. I was all about Sukuna and Itadori and even Nobara, but Fushiguro just wasn’t doing it for me. Yes, I still couldn’t help but be mesmerized by how achingly beautiful he was, especially his freakin eyes! But as a character, I just wasn’t feeling it. He had strength but nothing that really stood out to me, which I think is how Sukuna initially felt. Of course, being the King of Curses, he realized something before I did about Megumi’s Shadow Technique but he’s just very background character at the start. Like, the amount of times he’s been banged around! I worry for his precious head a lot!!

Then, I’m not really sure what happened, perhaps the fandom, and I was done for

Maybe it’s because he’s very private about his life that I just couldn’t connect but once we had those episodes with his old school and he’s all blushy-blushy and being cute and serious and just baby caring about his loved ones that I fell. And when he went FERAL, OMG. The amount of excited I am to see where he goes with his power and, uhm, perhaps sanity?! Is exciting! They did always say it was the quiet ones.

Now I find so many thing about him adorable, like, wow, why did I never realize his shikigami were so cute?! And I even find his strange hairstyle endearing. I mean, how does he do that? There are large gaps between the spikes so it’s not even like Sukuna’s hairstyle, which makes more sense to me

Also, his type of girl! He’s so soft!! Maybe it’s time to reform myself and be the type he’d glance at! Although I’m not sure if I’d survive being looked at by such beautiful eyes!!

Gojo Satoru

May as well finish off the family of dorks while I’m here! Next up is Gojo. This bro, THIS BRO *SCREAMS* Have you ever seen someone so gorgeous and conceited before like, my heart, I think it’s been knifed!

I was instantly on this man when he was introduced like, he was just so funny and cute and freakishly strong gotta show off a bit while my student is watching hehe I hope you don’t mind, and his voice! He would go from I’m a dork to Daddy in a second like wow, I’m crying over you! And I’m sure he’d be like yes yes I understand why you cry because I am indeed Amazing! I get why people want to slap him!

Actually, thinking about it now, he’s also pretty private about his life and yet I instantly gravitated towards him. I guess what they say about a positive personality is true, but I think it’s also helps that he has white hair, is stupidly tall, wears lip-gloss all the time (I was too focused watching his lips to know what was going on, so really did I even watch JJK??), and wears a blindfold that hides the most baby and beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen! Like, Megumi’s eyes are beautiful in the standard all around dark kind (although I’ve heard he’s actually supposed to have blue eyes? or was it green?! Where is this confirmed?!) But Gojo’s eyes are pretty in that I wasn’t expecting that color and wow Nobody has eyes that shade of bright blue, I can’t help but stare. And whenever he pulls that blindfold down he looks so cute and younger?! And when he’s out of Jujutsu clothes, AHHHH, his collarbone!!!

Pardon me while I clean up this spit from the floor


Also, I just super enjoy how much of a contradiction he is. We haven’t really seen much of young Gojo, aside from the flashback where he’s with Megumi, but he’s so different from how he is now?! Now he’s very goofy and serious when he needs to and passionate about properly getting rid of the “big fish” but he also has an unhinged side that I can’t wait to see animated! I wonder if we might get it in the movie?! I haven’t read volume zero yet but I think it covers something that really changed Gojo to teacher material?!

Yes I’m weak to cute boys but super powerful and morally grey and/or crazy evil characters are an even bigger weakness?? Apparently! I didn’t realize it was a weakness until this series!

Nanamin Kento

Who is Nanami? I only know NANAMIN. All caps too! Oh man, when I watched the episode where he was first introduced I thought I had missed a few episodes. And wow, he’s seriously THE BEST

You know those questions where you get a character and you have to choose marry, fuck, kill? Well, Nanamin is the one to marry!! He’s just so considerate and the way he’s all protective of Yuuji because he’s a kid and Nanami is an adult and must protect, my heart! I think Nanamin tries to be cold and unfeeling and no time for personal feelings on the job but he actually cares a lot about people but with his profession, it’s mentally draining to do so. Maybe for that reason, he’d be like nope to my marriage proposal *cries in understanding* Actually, now that I think about it, I feel like Nanamin is the only character on this list that would be the most sane and even, dare I say it, innocent?! Well, he’s on par with Yuuji but Yuuji is only starting his jujutsu sorcerer career so who knows what will happen with him!

Excuse me sir, I’m going to have to ask you to remove it ALL

I also think it’s about time to put a stop to the I’m not into blonde men because the truth is that some of my favorites are! He looks so good even with that tired salary man look and his voice, good Lord spare me! If Yuuji doesn’t want to listen then please, lecture at me all you want, I want to listen!!

I’m also rather put off by the fact that he’s obviously badass but doesn’t have a domain?! Like, why?! He can obviously do Black Flash multiple times! Does he not want one? Is he lacking in something?! I’m trying to think about the lesson with Megumi and Gojo and I vaguely recall it being a matter of wanting to expand your abilities. Maybe it’s ambition that he lacks. I mean, it doesn’t seem like he really wants to be a Jujutsu sorcerer, he’s just there for the money (aren’t we all!)

This man deserves only happiness (and let me join you *cries in I love him*)


The amount of love and hate I have for this guy is unparalleled. I know I shouldn’t like him but he’s so pretty and he’s powerful and oh so evil. More evil than the other bad guys! At least characters like Jogo (which my brain always reads at Gojo, makes for some confusing reading) seem to have a goal and they use violence to get that goal but Mahito? Nah man, he just likes to kill people and not even a quick death, it’s some of the most sadistic things ever

So why do I still like him?!

Actually, one of my favorite fights in JJK is probably the Mahito and Nanamin and Yuuji fight where he finally unleashes his domain expansion (which he hadn’t been able to do, how amazing is it that he made it happen on the spot, risked his life to get Nanamin in the palm of his hands?! I get it man, Nanamin is indeed irresistible! And then Sukuna all like bitch don’t touch me *cuts you*). I’m actually offended that it doesn’t get enough love. I always see gifs of the other fights like the one with Aoi, and Gojo and Sukuna, but what about Mahito? Don’t tell me people don’t like the stitched look anymore?! Nobody was complaining about Stein!


He also likes to read, has some interesting philosophical thoughts (though I got lost in that talk about love and indifference but this guy knows his stuff, I can feel it!), and even cares about his comrades! Did you see him all protective over Hanami? They were totally BFFs

I’m actually excited to see more fights with Mahito. I think he’s a very versatile fighter and that’s why everyone has trouble killing him but I also think it’s only a matter of time. Will I miss him? Of course, but I will also find pleasure in his demise. Definitely a character I want to kill


Ok first, we’re just gonna keep Toji as Toji, and second, yes that’s his intro image and I hope it makes you all love him! The only spoiler I’ll give is that he’s not a good guy and that’s probably why I love him!!

Actually, now I’m wondering what to write under here because technically anything I may say can be a spoiler?! I mean, he’s super powerful all things considered but I can’t mention what this “all things considered” even means! Maybe I can write a separate post for him? But then it would just be a list of all his crimes and me being like well he’s not all bad he just has terrible habits and ok I admit, that doesn’t look all that great buuuuut……

And that body!! Ok, I make the “I’m not a huge fan of the big guys” exception for him because wow, I am loving the view! I bet he could throw my house without effort…

Also, I just realized he’s actually pretty funny?? Like, he’s kinda trash (I mean, his enemies would say, right?! It’s a matter of perspective…*crowd starts booing*) but the manga caps with no context make me realize that if things had been different. I like to think he’d not be a criminal. That said, I don’t actually know anything about him so maybe being a thug was always meant to be for him. Ah, I hope we get more revelations. Really my only reason for wanting to continue the manga asap!

Like, you know what? Forget Jujutsu Kaisen. I don’t need this painful series in my life anymore, just give me more Toji content and I will be forever happy

Wow this post got away from me but I feel like I can add even more! In fact, there are still so many characters I haven’t mentioned, some I haven’t met yet because they’re only in the manga, and wow, what about the ladies?! Because I’m kinda drooling for a couple of them too! I hope you guys enjoy the screaming and if you’d like a part 2…well, it may already be in the making!

Who is your favorite guy in JJK? Do you agree with my EHERM assessments?! Anything else you’d like to add? I’m always up for some screaming~

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    1. super late with the reply but OMG he’s somehow so cute?! like i was not expecting to feel that way about someone who pretty much beat up my boy but like UGHH he cares so much *cries uncontrollably*


    1. i like to grab all the breadcrumbs i can get as well but i also doubt it was meant any other way, i’m wary of all the baits. that said, if it did turn out to be canon that he doesn’t care for his partner’s gender, i would rejoice and cry happy tears. nope i’m still not up to date with the manga


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