Finally watching demon slayer! (ep 1-7)

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I recently heard that there’s going to be a Demon Slayer movie in theatres this weekend, courtesy of my brother who apparently enjoys this series more than JJK (gasp!). He asked if I wanted to go watch it and like all the anime movies that have come out, I said I wouldn’t miss it (granted, I may have missed a few but when I know about them I try to make them!). Next thing I know, he’s pulling up the anime because I can’t just show up at the theatre without having watched the series!

I think I can. I’ve done it before for Psycho Pass but I was in the mood to watch some anime and I’ve only heard good things about this series. So I buckled down to finally watch Demon Slayer!

I will try not to spoil anything but just in case, BEWARE minor spoilers up to episode seven!

Demon Slayer takes places in Taishō-era Japan (early 1900s) and we follow the life of one 13 year old Tanjiro Kamado, the breadwinner of the Tanjiro family. One day, Tanjiro walks down the mountain he lives at to sell some charcoal (and do a few menial tasks) at the nearby village. On his way back home at night, he is stopped by a villager who tells him to stay the night, or else be devoured by demons, who are said to only be active at night. Tanjiro doesn’t believe in demons but decides to stay the night after seeing the grave and serious expression of the man. However, when he comes home the next morning, it’s to find his whole family, mother and siblings, all slaughtered

The only survivor, as he comes to learn, is his sister Nezuko, however, she’s been transformed and is now a demon herself. Vowing to turn her back into a human, Tanjiro’s life as a Demon Slayer, the only beings able to fight on par with demons, begins

I have to admit I’m not entirely convinced with this anime yet. I do like it but I’m not sure if I would continue watching it if it wasn’t for the movie or my brother’s insistence. He’s been trying to get me to watch this since it was airing but I kept refusing to. I don’t even know why

There’s nothing really wrong with the story or characters. In fact, I think that’s actually one of the nice things about this series. We start off the story from the beginning, the night that Tanjiro pretty much lost almost everyone he loved, his sister being the exception, and follow his growth. Normally, in other shounen anime the growth of characters needs to happen within a few months, but here we see Tanjiro training for YEARS. And it doesn’t feel like it. The pacing feels very nice and when he’s finally let out into the world, seeing him not lose the innocence he started off with but also being ruthless is very satisfying

That said, I haven’t entirely warmed up to him. Maybe he’s just not handsome enough…Although he does clean up well. When he first wore his uniform I was like, “Yes, now he is TANJIRO.” I mentioned this to my brother but I feel like he should have a softer name. He’s just too cute!


As for the other characters introduced so far…I can’t get into them. I’ve decided that it’s probably the art. I’m just not a fan of the dead eyes a lot of the characters have. I mean, I guess it makes sense when you’re a Demon Slayer, seeing all the death around you, not being able to save so many people – but still! This guy, Giyu, is more to my liking design-wise, but again, I’m just not feeling it. I would say it’s because he was only there for, what, a small scene but that’s never stopped me from falling for a character before.

As you can see, the art really does influence how much I will enjoy a show!

But, surprise!! There’s actually a character I like?! Well, ok, that’s a lie. I do like Tanjiro, he’s grown on me, but one character I instantly liked as soon as I saw him was Zenitsu Agatsuma! My fam was surprised, and I was surprised too. It’s not often that I pick someone as brightly yellow as Zenitsu as my favorite

In fact, he’s kind of hard to look at but so far he’s one of the characters that has the most personality?! And maybe not the best, he seems to be really scared, but I find him funny! I actually haven’t gotten to the scene above yet but I just had to add this screencap because it pretty much explains why I like him. Am I laughing right now? YES

There’s also another character, someone named Genya Shinazugawa, who I DISLIKE. We saw him during the Final Selection and UGH that guy gets on my nerves!! Like bro, Calm Down before I turn into a 2D character and slap you. He’s just really annoying. I don’t know if I’ll ever like him please sensei don’t make me like him!!


I’ve gotten as far as Tanjiro finally finding Kyoji Mujo, I mean, Michael Jackson, I MEAN Muzan Kibutsuji!! I actually didn’t expect this to happen so quickly but also, it’s kind of nice? And it makes sense with Tanjiro’s sense of smell. Actually, that was something I wanted to mention before! I think this ability of his is really cool, especially since he’s only human? (DOT DOT DOT, is he?? I’m looking suspiciously)

I’m not really sure where the story will go next. I mean, yes, he wants to turn his sister back into a human and yes, he’s finally found Muzan, but he’s also technically a Demon Slayer now and so he needs to do his job and perhaps that job won’t exactly align with his goals all the time. Plus, I’m sure he still needs a lot of growing to do

Nezuko-chan…I’ve been trying not to talk about her because I’m still trying to form an opinion about her. I know she’s pretty much the reason the series exists and why Tanjiro is pushing himself so much, but I just don’t particularly like her? But she’s also been sleeping for forever and mostly just spends her time in a box or sleepy…hm, why don’t I like her?! Maybe I’m jealous. Maybe I also want to be put in a box and carried around Japan on demon slaying missions?!

I guess part of it is that she’s kind of…boring? I think she’s really cute and I like the idea of her being a demon but she’s very un-demonlike. It feels very convenient. I mean, with her not acting up then Tanjiro can just focus on finding Kyoji Mujo and his demon slaying job. And she kind of feels like a doll to me. Like, she’s there but not exactly.

That said, I am curious to see growth on her part. I mean, she’s a demon! What if later in the series she becomes badass? She develops powers or something? Not sure, only continuing the series will tell

As you can see, I’m not entirely convinced with this show yet. I’m definitely going to continue it, may even finish it by tonight, but so far I’m rating it a 6 or 7. Not bad, but not exactly great either. I know, it’s early, but I’m also starting episode 8 soon so I think it’s enough time. Maybe it’s because it’s a more sober story so far. It’s clearly a supernatural story but the characters are very human and even mundane

The art isn’t bad but it’s also not my favorite. And it’s not even the animation, I think the animation is done very well (too well in some cases, the first person POV makes me dizzy), but THOSE EYES. I can’t. Eyes are my favorite parts of characters! As you guys may have noticed with my swooning over Fushiguro’s eyes

But I’m curious, how did you guys feel after watching Demon Slayer? Did you like it? I hear there’s a season two in the works this year? (I briefly saw it on Wiki page) so I guess it works out that I’m watching it now. My wait for s2 won’t be very long! Who was your favorite character? No spoilers after seven but let me know your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Finally watching demon slayer! (ep 1-7)”

    1. I had to pause and be like WHO 😆 yeah, during the forest episode I got really annoyed with Zenitsu and yes! I do think they’re both really exaggerated, actually, I find a lot of the characters very fitting of their character type, except maybe Tanjiro?? He’s more mature than I thought he’d be, it’s nice. Also, maybe after the beating they got and the training they went through, things will settle down?! I mean, their characters made me laugh but sometimes I just found myself done 🧐


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