A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes BL vs. The Man Who Definitely Doesn’t Want To Be In A BL – by Konkichi

Oh boys! It got late while I was reading all these other sexy and cute boys’ love manga that I forgot this one was supposed to go up sometime tonight! Luckily it’s still tonight. Now, I was actually holding off on sharing this one because it’s a slower title but there was some recent news related to this so I figured now would be a good time to share it. Besides, it’s such a hilarious read!! I feel like even someone who isn’t really into BL would find themselves cackling while reading this one. Maybe. Or maybe it’s all just things the fujin population of the world can understand…

No fun title for this one because wow, just look at that title!

“I realized that I live inside a manga world. However, it’s not just any manga. I’m a resident of one of those manga called boys’ love.”

Those were the first words that our protagonist relayed to us upon the start of this series. A protagonists who has yet to be named and there’s already a second volume! Let’s just call him Mob-kun since he often describes himself as the mob character. This manga follows the everyday life of Mob-kun living in a BL world where he tries to keep his chastity safe by avoiding all of the cliché boys’ love scenarios. To anyone who has never read any BL, don’t worry, this guy breaks down all the must-not-dos if you want to keep your butt hole safe, and to all that do, he speaks the frustrations you feel when you indulge in the latest BL series!

I honestly have nothing to say about this manga. I think everything pretty much speaks for itself and someone really needs to tell Mob-kun that he’s handsome. Ok, maybe not sunshine and flowers or delicate and fragile, but come on! I am WEAK to his deadpan face and those droopy eyes and his normal messy hair and his casual way of dressing all the time. Sometimes being ordinary is the best thing ever. I’m over all those hot guys, they’re all trash anyway!

That said, Mob-kun doesn’t let things to chance and he instantly infiltrates the fujin ranks for research purposes. In a matter of a short while – because, come on, even I realized the same clichés were being played out in the ten stories I read during my initiation phase – Mob-kun is prepared to make sure he’s never on the receiving end of…male attentions. Because yes, he’s learned that there is indeed some appeal to the mob character.

Also, did nobody tell him that moles are super cute and boys will want to eat him because of them?! Or me, I want to eat him too! GOD he’s so CUTE!!

Thinking back on it, I’m not exactly sure why this manga is categorized as boys’ love (or, to be more accurate, shounen ai). Or maybe, I think I know why but I also feel slightly cheated. We get so many great character files scattered around this manga and I want to read THOSE stories too! Except they don’t really exist. Sadly. I haven’t read any of Konkichi-sensei’s other works because they’re not BL but considering how nicely drawn everything is, I’m sure they could make an actual story-based, super cute and funny…story (if this is anything to go by)

And maybe it’s because this is the only BL title they have that I’m like “HAHA omg that’s hilarious” and then “Ha..haha…am I being made fun of??”. Or maybe not exactly being made fun of but you know that feeling when people are laughing and you can’t really tell if someone is laughing with you or at you? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. That said, it doesn’t put me off because everything that Mob-kun observes is super on point!!

But in my defense, BL quality has gotten better…in some cases…DON’T JUDGE ME

Of course, our boy here isn’t without other problems (like he needed more, right?). While he’s managed to stay clear from all the clichés in BL stories, usually by sacrificing someone else’s chastity, he also has to live with the fact that even his friends and younger brother are not immune to the beauty of BL. This often ends in some hilarious situations that really make you wonder how some people just, EHERM, do things in public without NOBODY happening upon them. Like, I always asked myself the question of why my two sexy boys could be super loud (because duh, they can’t keep their voices down even when they promise to) and nobody will notice. Nobody!

Well, unless they’re meant to be walked in on but that’s another BL story

Our bro here notices and loses sleep over it and sometimes drowns in alcohol

the one time he let down his guard

I’m not really sure where the manga is going, if it’s just going to be him dodging advances from ghosts and guys who only caught a glimpse of his beautiful visage eight years ago (it’s the moles I tell ya!!), or if he’s actually going to end up with one of the boys, BUT, I will continue reading

Actually, I would totally and absolutely love it if Toujou and him somehow ended up together. Toujou is like, one of the only recurring characters (aside from the younger brother), probably because he’s the younger brother’s beau. Sadly, he only has eyes for the younger brother so I’m stuck here pounding my table in frustration because it coulda been so beautiful~ And I guess I kind of like the brother too? Otherwise I’d be all up for Mob-kun stealing that bishie bae. Oh who am I kidding, I wouldn’t mind even if the guy is interested in his brother, all’s fair in love and war!!

sorry gay boy but Mob-kun has already been shipped

I’ve noticed some people have dropped this one because it’s a slow read, the majority of characters are all flat (their only purpose is to be critiqued), and it’s a gag manga. Like, this can just go on forever, which might be a slight fear of mine. The reason I usually drop comedy anime and manga is because they don’t really have an end goal so I’m hoping this will develop one?! I can’t really see him being in a gay relationship (logically speaking because OF COURSE I CAN but then he might be out of character….) and all the girls are pretty much a no-go (don’t worry, he explains why this is the case), so is he doomed to be a bachelor his whole life?

Only time will tell~

And as for why I decided to talk about this manga when I’m clearly so distraught….

It’s getting a drama in late March!! Mob-kun will be played by Atsuhiro Inukai and the author promises many handsome men! I don’t watch that many Japanese dramas, so I have no idea who this actor is, but I am trying to watch more of the BL variety, so I definitely will be keeping an eye on this one

Also, just based on the image there on the tweet, I think Inukai totally gives off Mob-kun vibes and I think this drama will be easier to watch than others. I mean, I still haven’t made much progress with Cherry Power because of the intimate moments but here there’s only blunt criticism from Mob-kun and I guess the background characters sometimes get handsy – BUT it’s supposed to be funny! So if something just ends up awkward I can convince myself it’s only natural…

But I’m curious, has anyone read this manga? What did you think about it? Have you checked out the CD? Are you excited about the drama? GOD, now I’m curious about who will play Toujou!! I swear I didn’t like him as much before I wrote this review but now I’m starting to like him more because SHIPS! Is there fanfiction for this manga?!

This title has not been licensed in English yet so please consider showing support for the author by buying the Japanese titles. I usually buy my stuff via Kinokuniya

3 thoughts on “A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes BL vs. The Man Who Definitely Doesn’t Want To Be In A BL – by Konkichi”

  1. honestly, I was shocked with how well I enjoyed this manga series; I picked up on it because 1. the title is something and 2. the character in the manga character is really, a type of guy I’d fawned over (not in a romantic kind of way, more of if you’d ask me “who’s your favourite character?” I’d immediately say “Him” even though he’s literally the mc) not really good reasonings, I know but it’s mostly with how his character is made to be; aware and constantly evading the world’s shenanigans.

    I didn’t know it would be this type of manga and quite embarrassingly, I’m now totally hooked and can’t seem to read any other bl manga without thinking profusely how cliche some of it is lol (I have always been aware, but after reading this, the level increases).

    The art style is neat and cute, I’d probably check if the author has other works I might be interested in because I definitely couldn’t get enough of the art style <3. Not to mention even though there's no apparent 'flow' for the characters in the manga, it's still addictive to read for me. I'm really glad I came across it.

    Didn't even know there was a drama about it until recently too! I would definitely try and watch it if given the opportunity. Man, but if there are fanfictions to be written for this, what would it even be about? I suppose if just recreating a scene that usually went in bl in a fic would not be a great of a delivery,,

    For now, I will continue my read and see the events that will happen in the manga.

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    1. yessss i also really like him, think my reasoning is that he’s cute and funny bc all the stuff he does is so extra but also understandable LOL. i haven’t checked up on this one in a while but def know i will this year *_* and omg for me, if i were to write a fanfic, it would be him failing at doing the bl xD


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