[Review] Sugar Dog Life – A Delicious Plan of Attack by Yoriko

In celebration of Valentine’s Day I picked out a few of my top favorite manga I recently read and shared them with you all. This is the last one and it’s another title by Yoriko, who has officially become one of my favorite BL mangaka at this point. The amount of smiles and squeals Sugar Dog Life squeezed out of me are numerous!

And if it wasn’t clear already, I picked this one up because of the art. Just look at how adorable it looks! Plus, a 2D man in a uniform isn’t half bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

In Sugar Dog Life we get to meet Sakuraba Isumi, a third year university student in the cooking club. One day he goes out drinking with his friends and on his way back home (alone), he is stopped by a police officer who asks for his ID card. Used to being seen and treated as a kid because of his stature, Isumi angrily shows his ID and declares that he’s 20. While another officer may have just told Isumi to be on his way, fluffy and all-smiles Amasawa ends up walking Isumi part of the way home. When they part Amasawa’s “good night” hits Isumi hard and he’s reminded of how lonely he’s felt since he’s been on his own

Luckily, Amasawa works at the local police office and the two see each other again when Amasawa visits the convenience store Isumi works at!

You guys have no idea how hard it was to select what images to use for this review!! There were so many cute moments I wanted to share with you all but alas, I have to control myself.

Also, can I just point out that I am WEAK to HEIGHT DIFFERENCES. And Isumi is the tiniest angry boy I’ve ever seen in BL manga!! Because he’s so short (they don’t specify but if we go by average heights of Japanese people standards…he’s probably tiny. There’s a scene where a girl stands next to him and he’s taller but average heights indicate she may have been 4’9″…maybe 5′ sooo…) he has a tendency to explode in situations so you could almost say he has a tsundere vibe to him. Whenever Amasawa pats his head or calls him cute (or really does some friendly gesture), he always believes he’s being treated like a kid and he gets angry. It also seems that it’s because of this that he’s hard to approach by people outside his friend group so obviously my heart soared when Amasawa got past all this angry fiery boy! But then, who could say no to Amasawa? He’s so fluffy and cute too!

Even though the two are super cute and I was rooting for them from the beginning, thinking about things logically (which Isumi does), how the two ended up getting closer is a bit weird. After noticing that Amasawa usually (more than others) stopped by the convenience store to get his lunch, Isumi suggests that he can make him some food every now and again. I mean, I would be super weary of anyone I wasn’t close to asking to get into my house to make me some food. And I LOVE food

The book has an interesting pace. For some reason it felt like I devoured the story too quickly but I also know that there were some gaps in time so while the romance felt a bit quick, it also felt right. I mean, from the very beginning Amasawa was unknowingly seducing Isumi with the whole cute, kind, and handsome comments! And Isumi may as well moved in with how quickly he got into Amasawa’s house

Honestly, it’s just adorable fluff from beginning to end so if you just want to read a story about two guys being cute, this is the one

Also, I would like to point out that the feels and cute moments aren’t just between our main couple. While it’s not uncommon to have a side character friend that roots for you or helps you out in some way with your potential love interest, I have to say that Shouji and Youhei are next level best friends! Shouji, the guy with the black hair, was super hilarious since the beginning and ok, I couldn’t help but relate. I’m also that person who would probably just eat and not help make something (for legit reasons *cough*). But really Shouji was a funny otaku with a fujoshi sister and what better romance wisdom can one need with such a knowledgeable character at their side?!

Youhei, on the other hand, is a giant mother hen who is constantly trying to keep the peace between these two but also always worrying about Isumi (since Isumi doesn’t really have anyone to rely on). And it’s all beautiful and platonic and who said hot boys can’t just be friends in BL manga?! The wholesomeness of it just blew me away

As you can see, Yoriko-sensei has made another masterpiece and if you haven’t read this yet, I highly recommend it. I will soon be placing it on my shelves right next to all of my other favorite titles! ย Have you guys read this manga before?

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