Cute Boys and Failing at Videos (Manga Haul #14)

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It’s finally here!! Ok, so maybe it’s been here for a few days now but I just hadn’t gotten around to really setting aside some time for the boys until now. And oh, how much time they demand! Like I mentioned before, the manga hauls are back and I decided to start with these cute titles that I read (or reread) in January. Also, I know I mentioned I would be posting the maybe video (now dubbed the for sure video) on Instagram but I must have remembered wrong about something because it ended up being too long. Oops. So now it’s on Youtube and maybe I’ll just keep posting them there? I’m not sure if I’ll be successful at cutting down the video time to fifteen minutes…

Well, we’ll figure things out when we get there!!

God, how did I used to do these posts? I can’t remember, but here are the titles I ended up getting:

  • シュガードッグライフ(Sugar Dog Life) and ヘタクソラブステップ (Hetakuso Love Step) by Yoriko: All of the books I ordered here are some of my favorites but I have to admit that these books by Yoriko are some of my All Time Favorites! When I first started planning this haul, I instantly knew that her books would be in it and while I read Hetakuso Love Step only recently, I knew I’d love it it enough to add it to my shelf! Also, I haven’t read Sugar Dog Life since a couple months ago but I still adore it!! Maybe it’s time for a reread. Sugar Dog Life has a more mature quality to it since it doesn’t really take place at a school (and one of the mains isn’t in school anymore), but Hetakuso Love Step has Kotarou and he’s all that we need in life!!
  • 秘密には向かない職業(上) and 秘密には向かない職業(下) (An Occupation Unsuited for Secrecy) by Kanai Kei: I talk a bit about my dilemma with this title, mainly, that I only ended up buying the sequel series. I’ve noticed recently that some BL titles are coming out in parts. Instead of just continuing from the first volume there are now “sequel series” where it’s the same world and characters but the titles changes slightly. Not sure if this is because there isn’t an expectation to continue a oneshot but then creators find that there’s enough squealing people begging for more, or why. Anywho, the point is that I liked the sequel series more and…didn’t get the introductory volume. What to do…TBR later this week?
  • 坊主と蜘蛛 (Buddhist Priest and Spider) by Haji: If you have not read any titles by Haji PLEASE, YOU MUST. And this is a really cute and sexy one, but really, ALL of Haji’s works are cute and sexy so really, I’m not helping narrow things down, am I?! I will definitely be adding more of Haji’s works to my cart in the following months but this one just called to my heart because of the husband talk. Hit me in the FEELS. Ideally, I’d like to review this one before the month ends but I’m not sure if that will be possible. I have a few titles I want to get to before this one?!
  • 狼への嫁入り〜異種婚姻譚~ (Marriage to the Wolf) by Inui Hana: Oh my lord!! I hadn’t even finished reading this title before I just threw it into my cart!! The cover is just ADORABLE and I can’t help it, I loved all the character interactions. I also recently discovered that this title has been licensed in English so consider dropping some money at Futekiya’s doorstep. It’s not a physical copy but it’s the next best thing. If you’re unfamiliar with Futekiya, as I was until the end of January, Futekiya is sort of the Crunchyroll of BL Manga. So just a few dollars a month will give you access to a wealth of cute boys!! And this was the title that made me drop my money with them. It’s so worth it!!

Give the video a watch to hear me talk a bit more in-depth about the titles and maybe see me shed a few emotional tears

p.s. Pardon how bad this is. I realized I made a giant booboo while recording and I had to go in and edit the video, which I don’t want to do because it takes HOURS to get tiny details done. When I told myself I would be doing videos again, I was like, I’m just going to hit record, finish, and upload. So if it’s a bit sloppy, oops…it’s been a while (lol)

6 thoughts on “Cute Boys and Failing at Videos (Manga Haul #14)”

  1. BL haul me gusta 🤭🤭🤭
    The art is so pretty and cute in some of those titles, now I really wanna read them too since I haven’t heard about these titles before 😳

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