[Review] The Awkward Steps of Love – A Too Cute For My Soul Story by Yoriko

So far I have enjoyed all of Yoriko’s stories (from my knowledge, she’s got 3 so not many but it’s going great so far~) and this one is tied with another I plan to talk about later for the #1 spot. GOD it was so adorable!! Actually, at this point I’ve already read it multiple times and I just can’t get enough of it!!

And if it wasn’t obvious, I picked this one up because of the cover (and then later realized it was by the same person who did that other story I like!)

Kotarou is just an average guy who has never had a girlfriend and is enjoying how calm his life is, free of the nervousness of being a freshmen and stress of being a senior. Of course, all of this changes when he gets a call from his childhood friend, Miyako, pretty much demanding that he pretend to be her boyfriend. Why? Because the university playboy is hounding her for some “playtime”. Reluctantly, Kotarou agrees to help but before he can think up a proper “plan of action” he is dragged away by Yoshino Aoi, playboy extraordinaire. And it’s because of this lack of plan that he is quickly found out. Dragged to the bathroom, Yoshino explains that he won’t bother Miyako anymore but, in exchange, the two of them “should get along”

And that is how Kotarou’s calm and stress free university days disappeared

So maybe this isn’t the most beautifully drawn manga EVER but it sure leaves me very happy. I mean, just look at Kotarou’s panicked face!! Isn’t it so adorable? And you all know how much I love adorable boys! Actually, I had to reread this manga (for the nth time) to properly review this because the whole thing was just a huge marshmallow in my brain. Cute and soft and cuddly, which my logical brain was like, that can’t be it? I remember the start being rougher?!

Like many BL titles, Hetakuso Love Step (or Clumsy Love Step) by Yoriko, also starts off with a bit of intimidation and blackmail, but it’s also so much more! After finding out that Kotarou is not Miyako’s boyfriend, has no attachments, and is a virgin, Yoshino decides to have a bit of fun in the bathroom. A sort of learning experience and ya boy Kota-chan is all shy and cute but very curious~

Seeing the two interact after this incident was actually the best parts for me. Yes, Yoshino does mention exposing “touching his butt” to Miyako when he first tries to meet up with Kota-chan but after this, you’d think the two of them were dating. Like, I’m not sure how Yoshino treated all his other sex buddies but you can instantly tell that Kota-chan is different. In fact, as much as I love me some tops, Kota-chan was my favorite in this story. He’s just so incredibly cute and just wants to have some friends. He gets excited about the simplest things, like the time he thought Yoshino thought them doing something fun meant going to the movies!! I nearly died

Yoshino calls it the gap moe. I call it, I love you and you make my heart clench stop being so cute!!

Also, I really like that Kotarou is very mature. Even during their first encounter, he was the one to allow for things to move forward, unzipping his pants because he was curious as to how “more” would feel. Likewise, in other situations, it doesn’t feel like he’s being pressured to do things he doesn’t want to. Even after the fact, he thinks about his developing feelings and the fun he has with Yoshino logically. It’s so refreshing, especially when, in other manga we have older adults acting like they’re still in high school or something

If Yoshino wants to swap places, I totally wouldn’t mind loving sweet little Kota-chan. As you can see, I’m totally smitten with him but Yoshino isn’t left behind. I actually love both characters, how they interact, and how they develop (although out of the two, Yoshino is honestly the one in need of growing the most, which he does get and that development was beautiful!).

I really think this was a nice combination of smut and character interaction and development. We got enough to know that Kota-chan really does have the sexiest expressions ever, but also not so much that it overshadowed the plot of the story. In fact, it felt like more than just fanservice and I really don’t want to say more about what happens later in the book because I think it’s just something super cute to experience on your own

Did I cry? Of course I did!! It was so adorable!!

Me the whole time I was reading this

Like the other manga I talked about before, this one is also unlicensed so I ordered it and will be adding it to my shelf soon! IT’S OUT ON RENTA GO GET IIIIIIIITTTT!!

But have you guys read this manga before? Have you read any other titles by Yoriko? They are so good!!!

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