A Mini-Yashahime Marathon (Ep 1-15) – So Many Answers!!

With the “first season” completed and that very informative episode 15, I thought it was time to babble about this show again. And what better way to do that then to watch it all from…kind of the beginning. You see, I told my brother that we finally got answers in one episode and we decided to binge watch until that point (since he’d dropped for a while), and it’s such a different experience

Just knowing what’s going on really makes the show more enjoyable and ok, here comes the complaint (and now I feel like those people that can’t just be happy that we got what we wanted) – I wish we hadn’t been info dumped like that. Ok, let’s warn for spoilers until episode 15

If you guys remember the last times I talked about this show, I was complaining and confused and excited whenever Sesshomaru showed his beautiful…features, not always his face, on screen. But every time he did, he came off as an asshole. My soul and heart just couldn’t believe it! I mean, yes, he was coldhearted from what I remember in the Inuyasha series and was always trying to kill Inuyasha but there were also times where he’d be helpful and when Yashahime started, we saw he was protecting the village. Granted, it was because Rin was there but the protection extended to all the kids in the village

So why did what the tree say imply that Sesshomaru had taken the wrong path? And why were we seeing him going up the shrine steps with that bastard Kirinmaru and Inuyasha taking out his sword against both of them?! And with Inuyasha and Kagome gone, would it make sense to believe the worst had happened? And what about the one time when we found out that Sesshomaru was ok about burning the forest where both Setsuna and Towa were living? Thus causing them to be separated. Too many little details pointing at Sesshomaru really having turned evil

I had to defend his honor at home but my brother just wouldn’t budge

Then episode 15 happened and I’m rather…upset that we just got all the answers. I know, I know. I was just complaining about not having answers and now I’m complaining about having answers. You see, it just felt like the creators gave up on an apparent master plan they might have been working on. A way to tell the story that wasn’t very linear. I mean, it didn’t turn everyone away from watching the show and even though every preview was bating us with the main Inuyasha cast and answers, we still kept only seeing our three princesses on their feudal fairytale adventure

Why do I feel like it might have been a plan? Episode 15 is a major info dump where we have Riku, while he’s fishing, talk to the viewers and tell us what exactly happened those 15 years ago when Towa and Setsuna were born. And it just felt so random, not even like a real episode. Who knows, maybe I even just imagined it? Plus, everything so far was banking on the mystery aspect of what happened to the original cast. Maybe it was too much

That said, maybe I can say this BECAUSE we finally got answers. I mean, the story flows so much better now that I know what happened to Inuyasha and Kagome!

Also, I’m a little confused about the comet. That felt like something pulled out of a magic hat, but apparently it’s a thing that happens every 500 years…I’m not sure how comets work but I’m thinking that if you destroy it, doesn’t that mean you’ve stopped it? Then again, this is the feudal era so perhaps this “Grim Comet” is actually not the same one? But it just so happens to always come back every 500 years? Ok, as you can see, I don’t actually know how this works!

Anyway, the last time it hovered over the world it was Kirinmaru’s father and Sesshomaru’s father who destroy it. This time, if Sesshomaru wants to not deal with a powerful demon coming after his wife, his kids, his brother, and his to-be niece and sister in law (because ugh impure “demons” and the humans who help create them), then he and Inuyasha have to work together to destroy it

I’m briefly having flashbacks to the movie about Sounga and how reluctant the two were to work together and here Jaken was just like, hey man meet us here on this day and everyone just kinda showed up!

So where do we go from here? Like I said, this episode felt a bit random to me. It felt more like Takahashi-sensei and the studio were trying to appease us so the next episode after this is just us back to following Setsuna, Towa, and Moroha around

Having watched episode 15 and then going back to rewatch the previous episodes was actually really nice. I stopped worrying about what had potentially happened to Inuyasha and the others and it allowed me to focus more on the girls (and even grow to like them more), but it also brought about new questions

  • Why was Rin in a deep sleep? From my understanding, her state of unconsciousness is tied to Setsuna’s inability to sleep and dream, but why is she like that? I remember that Jaken mentioned he’d bring Rin to the forest eventually and I wonder if this was part of the plan? Or if it’s something that happened as a consequence to the Kirinmaru lackeys getting involved.
  • Is maybe the dream butterfly something that Sesshomaru…not created but maybe requested be made? As a way to protect Rin? Maybe the Kirinmaru people were going to kill her and that was his solution?
  • Is the reason Setsuna survived the fire and later made it to Kaede’s village related to Jaken saving her? I honestly forgot all about him until we saw he was a major player in the events fifteen years ago. How could I forget such a loyal servant?!
  • I wonder how time flows in the Black Pearl? I mean, Inuyasha and Kagome have been in there for years now…Will she come out older? Potentially with another child? (LOL) Or will she come out at the age she went in? That would be kind of funny since that would only make her like…3-5 years older than Moroha?
  • Ok, I recently rewatched Swords of an Honorable Ruler and my brother and I were confused because Sounga just popped into the Inu no Taisho’s grave like it was nothing. I figured it might have been because he was the sword of the Netherworld so he’s got some secret magic that allowed him to just GO to the grave but then we also watched another Inuyasha episode where another demon somehow managed to get in there and we were like, if it’s so easy to access, why haven’t Inuyasha and Kagome gotten out yet?! Suffice to say we are confused about how the Black Pearl works…
  • Also, everyone got lucky and was able to skip the baby care of their children. Now their kids are pretty much independent
  • Probably not all that important but what did all the people around Inuyasha’s circle think about him or Kagome not being there? Like, when Moroha was dropped off with the wolf tribe, what did they think happened? Did they investigate? What about Myoga? What does he know? It seems like he’s been around Moroha for some time but how much time?
  • It seems like things still don’t add up completely. Maybe Inuyasha and Kagome were in on what was going to happen? It just feels like there’s too few bad vibes around if Sesshomaru had really tried to kill Inuyasha and Kagome. Like, nobody has really said anything bad about him?
  • Who is Zero? And funny how the enermy’s tears are what the girls are using to keep themselves alive

Also, I’m curious about how strong these Kirinmaru lackeys really are. The girls don’t actually feel all that powerful to me and it feels like it’s more luck that they get through their battles, but they’ve already defeated half their enemies so will Kirinmaru even be a challenge?

Well, time to watch the next episodes because I’m a few weeks behind now!

Are you still watching Yashahime? How are you liking it so far?

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