Cherry Power! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! – Manga and Live Action First Impression

Last night I decided to watch some anime. I managed to catch up with Yashahime and while I was browsing for another fall 2020 show to start, I noticed that there was a liveaction listed with the anime. I knew that Crunchyroll has had liveactions for a while now, but I’ve never been interested in checking any out since they tend to be too embarrassing for me. But I’ve also always seen them in their own category, why was this one here? And, more importantly, why were there TWO GUYS on the cover?!

I got curious and oh my god, after reading the summary, I knew I was going to watch it and even if the second hand embarrassment was high, I’d power through. I told myself this as I pressed play

As of last night there are 8 episodes to – get a load of this epic title – Cherry Power! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! – and as of writing this post, I’ve only watched one episode and read one volume of the manga. I plan to devour the rest of the episodes ASAP!

Kiyoshi Adachi is your average Japanese salaryman. There isn’t anything really special about him – his looks are average, his work average, and he’s too shy to even approach girls, let alone be in a relationship with one. So when his 30th birthday is around the corner and his coworker tells him that being a virgin at 30 will turn him into a wizard, Adachi begins to overthink how he’s failed in that department. Unlike his more popular and more handsome coworker Yuichi Kurosawa, who probably lost his virginity as a teen

Of course, what he doesn’t expect is to wake up on his 30th birthday…a wizard?! From one tumble to the next, Adachi realizes that he’s able to read the minds of anyone he touches. Rearranging his life to avoid these stressful situations, he begins to use e-money to avoid being privy to the silent judgement the food stand clerk gives him, and goes to work early in order to avoid as many crowded spaces as possible

Unfortunately, he can only control so much and when he’s placed in close quarters with Yuichi Kurosawa, he learns a secret that will change their nearly non-existent relationship into, well, a relationship.

Kurosawa likes him and is slowly trying to get closer to him.

I had SO MUCH FUN watching this!! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone thought I was the boogeyman with how much I was cackling late into the night. I haven’t watched many BL liveactions, maybe only Seven Days, since I’m slightly put off by liveactions in general but I’m glad I picked this one up. I don’t know anything about actors and I’ve especially never seen or heard of Eiji Akaso (Adachi) or Keita Machida (Kurosawa) but so far I’m loving their performance!!

Adachi comes off as super cute and clumsy, and a bit shy and reserved. It’s clear he’d rather not have this mind reading ability but is too shy and pure to go “fix it” (he believes that if, like the belief that makes you a wizard if you are a 30 year old virgin, the way to stop being a wizard is to lose your virginity). Also, I think it’s super hilarious that his mind reading also became can see some visual fantasies of the person he’s in contact with but pffff ok, we all know this only applies to Kurosawa

As for Kurosawa, I do like him as well, but I have to admit I had to warm up to him. He’s really smiley so his character felt a bit forced but then when you get into his thoughts, you realize that he just gets really nervous when he’s around Adachi and you know that made me squeal and my heart clench *kokoro in danger of overflowing with FEELS*

While there are some moments I feel are exaggerated for the sake of this being a rom-com, I mostly felt that Adachi and Kurosawa interact, with each other and with others, in a way that is realistic. Ok so maybe I WAS a bit traumatized by the few Japanese dramas I watched before, lol.

Not much has happened in the first episode. We’re really mainly introduced to our cast, Adachi gains his wizard abilities, and he learns of Kurosawa’s crush. Oh and we get some cute moments with them, which culminates into one of the funniest cliffhangers I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to continue this and see where it goes!!

The Manga

After watching the first episode, I immediately jumped on the manga, which is by Yuu Toyota. I managed to read the first volume out of six (in Japan, still ongoing) and 2 in the US (the 3rd scheduled to publish in May!), and I’ve got to say, this is probably one of the few times I think I’ll be enjoying the liveaction more than the original?!

There’s nothing wrong with the manga really. No, the art doesn’t hold up to some of my favorite mangaka but it’s got its own charm and I feel like it fits with the story. And yes, Adachi and Kurosawa are still super cute in fictional 2D format, but the liveaction…it got me. I guess I have (aside from our two lead actors) Hiroki Kazama (director) and Erika Yoshida (script writer) to thank for this. Again, I have no idea who they are but I do know that everyone has always praised Boys Over Flowers and Cheer Boys was cute sooooo…good stuff incoming, I can FEELS it

But I will admit there were subtle differences in the story that really made me love one over the other, at least initially. For example, in the manga we pretty much jump right into Adachi having his mind reading abilities, while in the liveaction we had a build up. We got to know Adachi a few days before he turned thirty, got into his head, got charmed by his natural clumsiness and, I don’t know about you guys, but I felt a connection with his life. Yeah, I’m living a pretty average life myself. And I really enjoyed all of those little details

But in the manga we also get Adachi trying to fix his situation…with a professional and you bet that made me laugh. Oh man, I wish we’d gotten that in the liveaction, or at least had his coworker mention it because as much as the two are the same story, the characterization of Adachi felt very different, which in turn really changed the story in a subtle way. In the manga, Adachi, while not being fond of his new abilities, also sometimes WANTED to use them to see what Kurosawa was thinking. In the liveaction, he really doesn’t want to hear what Kurosawa is thinking and often makes sure to create distance between them after an accidental touch

I found both of these sides very cute!

Sadly, while the first volume of the manga had a lot of super cute moments that I can’t wait to see adapted, it also didn’t go very far in terms of where the relationship may go (and how soon). I can feel the slowburn begin and I might not be prepared but I’ma jump in regardless!!

But I’m curious, did anyone watch this? I didn’t really see anyone talking about it but that may just be my lack of lurking. If you did, did you enjoy it? And if you didn’t watch it yet, will you after my rambling? Or…I can’t imagine it but…did anyone drop it?! I’m hoping to catch up sometime this week. Ideally, I’ll watch a few episodes tonight but realistically, it’s almost Friday and my homework is due on Fridays…ahhh, but the temptation to see what happens next is strong!!!

5 thoughts on “Cherry Power! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! – Manga and Live Action First Impression”

    1. I couldn’t stop giggling when I was watching this, the secondhand ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ was too much and then i just sadly never got back to it, but I was at the theater the other day and saw the movie flyer and just!!! I knew it was time to come back to it xD i saw it was a continuation of the drama so!! I’m excited!


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