[Review] Inner Beauty, A Wholesome BL Webcomic by Fairytale

I probably started reading this webcomic early 2019 and just like all other boys love titles, I bookmarked it and read updates close to when they released. I wouldn’t really say it was the BEST story I’ve read and most definitely not the sexiest but wow, it had its charm. Then it ended…

IT ENDED. Part of me is happy and part of me is devastated. Happy because I love finding out how stories conclude but also DEVASTATED because I really could have done with more cute fluff between these two. Like wow, why do I always demand fluff and romance when I get real plot and plot when all I have is romance? Make up your mind me!

But what is this webcomic I’m even talking about? It’s a 44 chapter long series called “Inner Beauty” by Fairytale and can be found on Lezhin. Yall should buy it! It’s worth 126 coins which is about the equivalent of $30. I’d get a physical copy of it if it existed. That’s how much I enjoyed it

Minjae has a girlfriend. Or at least he did when he first arrived in Australia to grow as a person but one day while milking cows, the internet is nice enough to destroy his reality. An article announcing that actress Hye-Eun (his girlfriend) is now in a relationship with fellow famous actor Woochan. Needing to hear where they stand in person, Minjae takes the first plane he can get back to South Korea to confront Hye-Eun. What he gets instead is cold dismissal and a hard bump on the head that mysteriously makes him swap bodies with his ex-girlfriend’s new man.

Forced to work together in order to keep this disaster from the paparazzi (and in turn ruining Woochan’s image), Minjae and Woochan slowly realize that the other isn’t as bad as they believed. And that maybe Minjae’s last gift to Hye-Eun might be the cause of this supernatural occurrence

Th reasons I got really into this story was partly because of the character development and partly because of the use of Aboriginal mythology (plus, it’s just funny overall). I feel like I haven’t seen other webcomics use another culture’s mythology (that I’ve noticed and that’s more Native) and have the plot be about figuring out why it’s affecting the main characters and while some people might be skeptical about this use, I didn’t feel anything was off or ill-used. In fact, I feel like even though it was such a huge part of the plot, only one specific element was really used so there wasn’t really much to disuse

So when Minjae comes back to South Korea, he brings Hye-Eun a gift. While in Australia, he found himself really fascinated by a necklace of an Aboriginal deity, however, when he tries to gift it to her, Woochan steps in and tells Minjae to take it back since Hye-Eun is now with him and it’s “making her upset” to be gifted things by someone she’s not interested in anymore. Minjae sadly agrees but it’s around this time that the two nearly get run down by some carts, they fall, get bumped on the head, and then they swap bodies. As Woochan’s manager tries to figure out why this happened, we learn about the deity, and why its magic is affecting the two (and the various potential things they can do to fix this, LOL) I’m trying not to spoil anything because I think it’s a cute story to follow but now I sound like I’m repeating myself LOL

Also, I just felt like Woochan and Minjae were such cute characters!! Especially Minjae. Like, the amount of flustered expressions and just kindness exuding off him made me squeal. Obviously Hye-Eun missed out, swapping him for that fool Woochan. Actually, when we first meet Woochan, I thought he might only be aloof but it turns out he actually had a nasty streak to him and in hindsight, it feels a bit…unwarranted? Like, it’s one thing for a character to unconsciously do shitty things but with Woochan, his nasty streak was all calculated so what he was doing felt even worse (luckily we didn’t get to experience all that much). But we needed a bit of drama so to his childhood hurts we dived. Seeing him grow as a character because of Minjae’s influence was really nice and of course, the ending just DESTROYED ME

There was a lot of blushing from Minjae and tackle and pin attempts from Woochan, but overall the story (as Lezhin promised) was very wholesome. Of course, that doesn’t mean there weren’t some very precarious situations moving ahead when we meet new characters (UGHH) and with Hye-Eun refusing to accept karma (SERVES YA RIGHT)

But I’m curious, has anyone read this yet? Or has anything I said made you curious? I guess because of how long I’d followed it for, it felt like it was longer but after rereading it after its conclusion, it turned out to be much shorter than I thought. Still, I thought it was definitely worth a reread and purchase and I’m actually thinking I might reread it again soon…

warning for unwanted advances, assault, and forced outing

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