Jon’s November 2020 Creator Showcase: Thirty-Seven Posts to Help Keep Warm During the Winter Months!

Hey guys! Long time no see. I know I said I’d have this for you by the start of the month but stuff happened and while I was getting the post ready, I also thought, this is going to be my only post for a while so I decided to also fashion it as an “end of year” post from me. Don’t worry, I won’t detract from the actual showcase, I’m just going to wish you all happy holidays and a great new year. I’m still going to be blogging elsewhere but potentially I might come back to this blog every once in a while. It depends on my writing mood and just my mood in general. Thanks to anyone who has stuck around through all my weirdness and anyone who has ever stopped by my blog during my…five-ish years of talking about anime? Actually, I’ve forgotten how long it’s been!

It’s finally feeling like winter at home. Every time I wake up to get ready for work (WAY before the sun comes up), I have to bundle up before I leave my room, which is crazy. It gets pretty cold in my house but I also like it much better than hot days. My work already has all the Christmas decorations, although our house is still a bit bare. We’re a little late this year too. But more importantly, cake. I can already taste all the cake we’ll be eating for Christmas and New Year!!

Speaking of cake, I do have some treats for you this month in the form of content made by the community. Nothing tastes better than all of us coming together for something we’ve all participated in making. And if this is your first time at my blog or participating in the Jon’s Creator Showcase, WELCOME. I wish I’d made it more fun for you all this year. As for WHAT the JCS is, it is a community event where different people in the community submit something they’ve made the month prior to the host month and the person hosting that month – I’ve noticed usually bloggers but I’m sure anyone is able to host as long as they have somewhere to host the showcase at – rounds up everything in a nice and fancy way so you all can have a look!

Last month was hosted by Aria over by The AniManga Spellbook so if you haven’t already looked at those amazing entries, you should! And check out the tag on Twitter to keep up with future submissions and roundup posts~

Also, I believe it’s usually around this time that next year’s hosts sign up for the fun so if you want to host the showcase, make sure to follow Jon since he is the Boss!

Now then, to the posts~

p.s. Like usual, anything in bold are posts that I especially enjoyed so if you’re crunching on time, at least check out those first!

My Showcase Favorite

The Breakwater Club’s Real Life Fishing Grounds in Ashikita, Kumamoto: An Oculus-Powered Armchair Journey of Houkago Teibou Nisshi by Infinite Zenith (The Infinite Zenith): I always say I won’t choose a favorite for the showcase but I usually do anyway and this time it goes to Infinite Zenith’s virtual tour of Ashikita, Kumamoto, which you can view from your rooms so please stay inside for the time being! Like, I LOVE seeing those pictures where people visit the places they see in anime and I’ve always wanted to try outlining stuff like that so I can (one day, eventually, potentially) have me an anime tour but I’m just bad at seeing the little details, but Zenith, OmGgggg, this is so cool!! I will definitely be bookmarking this one for that one day, potentially, eventually trip to Japan! Also, this is a fishing anime. I’ve never heard of a fishing anime? Now I’m intrigued~

Just Press Play!

So I wasn’t sure what video to link for the showcase since the link submitted was for the channel but Bougie Fujoshi mentioned Jujutsu Kaisen so I just nabbed the newest reaction video! I’ve not watched or read Jujutsu Kaisen but I’ve heard amazing things about it and have seen some amazing fanart and EHERM, ships (obviously the more important part of ANY show) and after seeing how eloquently Bougie Fujoshi talks about the latest manga chapter release…well, maybe I should check it out. I mean, tomorrow IS my day off…Also, definitely subscribing! I don’t visit YT often (it’s all a trap! meant to take away my nonexistent productivity!) but will check out more videos and you all should too! Subscribe~

DIO: The Best At Being The Worst | JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure by Voyager (Galvanic): OMG I LOVE THIS. I haven’t watched JoJo but I’ve heard so many good things about it and I could have probably dropped this under the bishounen booty because ok, Dio is surely someone’s type – I’m not into bulky ones but I am into the evil jerks so I was really tempted – but I just really want you all to press play and start watching! These little videos are always fun to watch and maybe I’m a step closer to finally getting to watch this show. I love me a good villain and I can’t really think of any that I’d consider Good

BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky – An Intimate Look at the World’s #1 K-Pop Girl Group || Review: If you haven’t subscribed to Takuto’s channel WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Once more we get another review by Takuto that gives us some great insight into whatever he’s talking about (in this case the Black Pink documentary on Netflix). I’ve seen this flashing on my recs a couple of times but I’ve never really gotten around to it. While I love BTS, I haven’t actually gotten into a lot of other K-pop although there was a BP song I once checked out and the video was Out of the World Amazing. So maybe I should start listening to their stuff! And then check out this documentary. Like Takuto mentions, being an idol really isn’t an easy thing and I think that this documentary can really show us some insight. Especially to those who are like *snobby voice* Kayyyy Poppp

So during submissions I was sad to see I didn’t get many videos but by the time I started sorting through things, I noticed I got more videos than I expected – which makes me EXCITED AND HAPPY – and I considered just making my own submission disappear but I wanted to share it as well because a friend of mine made it and this is all about community right? My friend says they don’t need people to view this, that it’s just some editing practice but I think that if you make something and put it out, there’s maybe a part of you that wants someone to see it, so please check it out and leave a comment~

The Halloween Itch

OMG I was SO EXCITED about this entry! It’s been a while since I last hosted art, potentially since the first time I did theJCS, so thank you Moya for this! Also, one of the reasons I like hosting in November is because I get to see October content and that sometimes means I get some spooky stuff and this is just AMAZING. I was pretty sure pumpkins could only be carved into faces but now I see that I was wrong. Moya, you definitely have some mad art skills. I LOVE IT and you all should love it some more!! I can’t believe this only has 12 likes. I would give it more but Twitter only allows me one *clenches fist* p.s. It took me until now to realize that “pump” was short for pumpkin Orz

Throwback Thursday|Asian Horror Films & The Hollywood Remakes [Spoop Fest] by Minty (Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers): Ok, I know I said I like Halloween stuff but I don’t actually watch horror movies. Hollywood stuff usually has all those jump scares that, well, make me jump and at the end of it I’ll be like, what did I even watch?! But Asian stuff, OMG *whimpers* The suspenseful stuff where you don’t know what to expect, that scares the heck out of me. I still ask myself the same what did I just watch question and of course, Minty had to go on and give me a list of shows to maybe torture myself with. IT’S ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE

English Eerie – Review & Play Reports by Jon (Jon Spencer Reviews): The real question is, does Jon ever get any rest?! He’s always making something fun and great for the community and here’s another bit of spooky fun to check out! I really only play like 3 games ever but this might be one I have to check out~

Gimme That Bishounen Booty

Revisiting The Untamed with Elle – Blogger Collab! Part 1 by Rose (Wretched and Divine): Ok, I knew I was going to like this post as soon as it was submitted and now I want to devour everything!! A 50 episode series, a novel, and a donghua?! This will most definitely keep me busy for some time!! I’m also impressed by how quickly Elle finished everything! And the music!! Please check this out, I know I will!

Revisiting The Untamed with Rose – Blogger Collab! Part 2 by Elle (Of Midnight Ravings): And of course we also have to feature the second part! This one has more spoilers about the characters and events in the series so if you don’t wanna get spoiled, I recommend starting the series ASAP and then coming back to this and screaming in the comments! Or if you’re like me and spoilers encourage you to watch something, kekeke. Seriously though, I think I’m going to check this out. It looks amazing!! The last series I ever looked at in its different adaptations like this was No. 6 so I’m excited for another

Scumbag System (SVSS) Ep 1 Watch Along by Shoujo Thoughts: O-M-G. When I saw this post I was like wait, is this related to the show that Rose and Elle submitted or is it something different so thank you ShoujoThoughts for clearing that up and enticing me. So the show DOES look a little, eherm, not to my tastes but it sounds like something right up my alley. Like wow, I need to get on all this Untamed business

The Yaoi Crate: worth it, and shivering with anticipation for more by Riza (FujoshiTings BL Reviews): TBH, when crates first became a thing, I wasn’t sure how to feel about them. Actually, I think I first came upon them in the book industry and I was like, but I only want the book, I don’t need bookmarks or pins with quotes?? Then I saw them with the Japanese goods and I was like, but I can’t customize my box, what if I get something I don’t like?? And now there’s a Yaoi Crate?! When did this happen and why am I only hearing about it now?! TAKE MY MONEY AND GIVE ME THE BOYS

Yaoi Could Soon Be Banned in Australia by Mistress of Yaoi (Yaoi Playground): Nooooo!!! Here Mistress of Yaoi brings us some heartbreaking news.

The Bias Wreckers: Waifus

So, What’s My Deal With Rent-A-Girlfriend? by MirrorPurple: MirrorPurple getting emotional over the cute girls, but no worries my man, it happens! And wow, this show is looking really nice. I would say that I would watch it NOW but I’m not sure if I’m ready to become an emotional wreck. I have a reputation to uphold, lol

Let’s talk about my taste in waifu by Nabe-chan (GeekNabe): Ok, so maybe I was one of the thirsty souls that came to your post just to see cute girl pictures DONT JUDGE ME. But wow, I think I enjoyed this way of storytelling and list even better. I think it’s interesting, seeing the journey of anime watchers, especially since I didn’t watch anime until I was a bit older and my first was Inuyasha and you know Kagome’s skirt is too short and Inuyasha sees her naked early on, the perv! I also don’t use the term waifu all that much, not because I don’t think my anime girls are waifu material but because…I just don’t have many favorite anime girls. Actually, MY Queen is Kyoko Mogami, FOREVER *cries*

Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland – A Journey to Adulthood by Pete (Moe Gamer): So I was originally going to place this under the gaming category but since it’s mainly about one character (Totori), I thought I’d drop it in the waifu section because wow, she’s really cute and everyone is really cute and now I want to get the game just for that! Although I’m not a huge fan of visual novels – which I think this is? It looks like one and is super story heavy – I might have to reconsider. Maybe I just didn’t play the right games? The story for this is honestly so interesting and maybe I’m still questioning how that island of women is still populated…? Also, is that really her dad because he looks like he could be a potential love interest and *badump badump* Sterk!!

The Journey of Kino – Oops! – I really mean Elaina by Fred (Au Natural): So I actually started watching Kino’s Journey but ended up (temporarily?) dropping the show a few episodes in because apparently I can’t watch things weekly, and now you’re telling me there’s…more?! Or at least a show that parallels it close enough that we’re having a comparison post

Sweet and Easy Lists

18 Anime Similar to Haikyuu!! by Find Me Similar: OK this post automatically gets Bonus Points for a) having all the sports babies together and b) MENTIONING MY FAVORITE SPORTS ANIME. But you gotta read it to find out what it might be

9 Wholesome Anime Like Tonikaku Kawaii by Misaka (9 Tailed Kitsune Anime Blog): I’ve never watched Tonikaki Kawaii and it sounds interesting but what I found more intriguing were the suggestions for “wholesome” anime and just how different the shows are to each other (the suggestions). Like, I’m probably going to want to watch this now if only because a certain deadly show is on the list of suggestions like I can’t, my mind is overheating, it does not comprehend!

The Three Best Characters in March Comes In Like a Lion (Besides Rei): Ok, I give in. Jack has finally convinced me to check out a show I have blacklisted if only because my brother once suggested it and I like to not watch stuff my brother suggests until it’s been at least 10 years. Although, it might have been that long so the trend continues! Jack once more dives into his favorite show, this time giving us a list of favorite characters and based on looks alone, I must agree that Hayashida is cute

Let’s Talk

Mystery Blogger Award by Animated Observations by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat): A short and fun post to de-Mystery Matt! And can I just say that ice cream and pretty much anything frozen is a major treat, especially if it’s cookies related!! I also didn’t used to rewatch anime, I figured I could be watching something new instead but recently I’ve been really into rewatching stuff. Like, why didn’t I do this before?!

Sow A Seed Blogger Award by Megan (Nerd Rambles): TBH, Megan is probably one of my favorite bloggers since I’ve interacted with her, which hasn’t been too long now that I think about it. There’s just something about all her posts that just feel very honest and personal and now she’s sharing some of that wisdom with the community. 100% agree with all the tips!

Struggles of Seasonal Shows by That Random Editor (ThatRandomEditor’s Anime Blog): Just a bit of a ramble post but WOAH, the first sentence got me. Honestly, IDK how people can keep up with anime, more than ONE anime, every season. I think even before when I watched whole seasons in a day or two I still couldn’t keep up with shows seasonally. It’s tough so whenever people can (SEVEN?! I can’t even keep up with Yashahime right now, lol) I’m just mindblown

The Multipotentialite Curse by Matija (SIMPLYMK): Is this my life summarized in one post? How did you know? Actually, it’s really nice to see this type of post out there because it always feels like we’re the only ones and maybe there really is some sort of power in solidarity. There’s definitely nothing wrong with having so many interests and, as I’ve learned (at least here where I’m at and where my interest lie – liberal arts but I’m sure it can apply to many other fields), having a degree in X-thing doesn’t mean you can’t study and excel in Y and Z, so I say go for everything! Why limit yourself?

Room for Precedent by Aria (The AniManga Spellbook): Ohh! Good question. I feel like I don’t usually have to dig too deep in order to find what might happen next in the series, unless the manga is still continuing and even then all we can do is speculate on where the plot is going. But what do you all generally do? I am clueless about studios and the like so I don’t notice trends in that regard…

You Should Be Reading

Earthlings by Sayaka Murata by Shāfiya Mū (The Djinn Reader): AHhh, I devoured this book in ONE SITTING and when I saw this post submission I got excited!! Whatever I could ever say about this book, Shafiya did it 1000% better. Earthlings was seriously one of the most bizarre stories I’ve read in a while but also very tragic. You all should read it and check out this post to know why

Heaven’s Design Team Vol 1 Review by Al (Al’s Manga Blog): HUH. I was NOT expecting this manga to be about animals and designing animals but they do say that the types of anime and manga are varied and this one is the first of its kind (that I’ve heard of). Honestly, I want to read it even more now. While you all keep browsing the post, I’ll go find me a copy! It sounds like it’ll be a hilarious read~

Bonding through Drool! Mysterious Girlfriend X (Manga Review) by YumDeku (MyAnime2go): Okay, I had to nab this combination of words because even though I probably won’t read this series – it’s got Secondhand Embarrassment written all over it and I don’t think I’m ready to have my head burst yet – I think you all SHOULD: magical telepathic drool. Oh and it’s a cute romance but Magical Telepathic DROOL. I’m already laughing at what could be happening in this manga. Bookmarking for a day when I’m braver!

Parallel Paradise Volumes 1 and 2: Sexsekai by Shallow (Shallow Dives in Anime): EHERM, did I just go buy myself a 50 pack bag of rags? Maybe. If you’re into PWP (potentially? I mean, the summary sounds very PWP but those questions, perhaps PWP stories really ARE more what they seem but I won’t judge you if you’re only in it for the smut) then maybe you should check this one out. Shallow obviously thinks you should and I’m always for anything with sexy girls on covers. Beware, there are some NSFW images in this post and, well, since this is the story about the Last Man on Earth needing to have sex with ALL the women, you can just imagine the amount of rampapapan happening

You Should Be Watching

100 Followers Appreciation Post: A Place Further than the Universe (Yorimori) by RailgunFan (RailgunFan75’s Geek Blog): One of the things I’ve been finding recently is that I’m being more open to the idea of watching slice of life. Before, anything contemporary would be an instant turn off but I think there’s a part of me that’s mellowed out. And one of the series I’ve added to my TBW recently is A Place Further Than the Universe, if only because it looks amazing. I’m glad to know it won’t disappoint and also CONGRATS on the milestone!!

Land Of The Lustrous Episode 3 Review – Best In Show by Crow (Crow’s World of Anime): Uh oh. It’s time to play the “How many anime has Crimson NOT watched?” The answer: what is even anime? Land of the Lustrous has been on my TBW list since it came out but if you’re watching it or rewatching it, why not make some conversation with Crow and his episodic impressions? What were some of your favorite moments of episode 3? Favorite quotes? Let Crow know!

#OshiiOct Ghost in the Shell (1995): Blue Transcendence by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews): This might sound a bit weird but GitS was one of the first anime I watched, Inuyasha being my first, but because I only ever watched it on TV and was too young to always follow the TV schedule, I never watched the whole thing or even watched the episodes in order. And it’s been so long since then that I can’t even tell you much about it but it’s probably the only show I’ll ever be like yes, it’s AMAZING. I’m glad so many people are going back to the franchise, either rewatching it or watching it for the first time and I think it’s awesome that it still holds up. Check out Scott’s post for a more concise review of the 1995 film but seriously, a must watch. Hm, maybe I should take my own advice and rewatch and discover new GitS as well

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! (Season One) by Lynn (The Otaku Author): Maybe it sounds like I say this about every series or movie everyone talks about but seriously It looks like a super cute show and the girl IS SO CUTE. But also, it sounds like it’s just a cute show to watch and it’s got cute stamped all over it and just, I love cute things!! Cute things also make me cry so yes, I’m crying as I type this!!

Anime Corner: Steins;Gate Review by Never Argue with a Fish: I think it’s finally time to watch this one. Not only because it’s been recommended to me by just about everyone and their best friends but also because this review had something that reminded me of me. I ALWAYS try to go into a hyped series negatively, I don’t know why, but like, a part of me always tries to find a flaw so that I can be like WELL it wasn’t THAT good *points at random scene* but if it withstood some scrutiny, then it must be good?!

The Gaming Library

Deep Read #5.1: Why I Like Megami Tensei by AK (Everything Is Bad For You): So I actually know a tiny bit about what AK mentioned in here, at least related to Persona, not so much because I like Persona, but because my brother convinced me to watch these prequel movies that apparently followed the game? I’m not entirely sure, I’m that gamer who only plays 3 games in their lifetime, lol. ANYWAY, I’ve been eyeing a fourth game and it just happens to be that apparently misleading Devil Survivor game and wasn’t there an anime about this? My mind is flashbacking me to a blue sweater. And I would be IMMENSELY interested in continuing to read this Megami Tensei series of posts!

Blerdy Otome’s Top Otome Openings by Naja (Blerdy Otome): I don’t play otome games but I have to agree with the whole opening songs create an impression argument. While I always say I’m impartial to opening and ending songs in anime, the truth is that sometimes they really DO set the mood. And wow, do these set the mood! I really like the way the Norn9 one sounds but I also really like the boys in Cafe Enchante!! The dilemma…

First Impression: Barn Finders (PC – Steam) ~ Let’s Find Our Stock by NekoJonez (NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog): Wow, I never knew game reviews could be this detailed! And maybe this game is now on my wishlist for *eherm* later spending. As much as I like to play the same 3 games I always do, I have to admit that there’s something about games like Barn Finders that I find charming. I mean, when I first played Skyrim my priorities lay in getting my family and just running around getting them stuff and then later just building my homes. Dragonborn? Who is that? I’m busy doing miscellaneous stuff and running a store has always been something I wanted to do in games. I’m a simple person ok! Lol. Although now that I think about it, I might end up being looted. I’m not a very good business person…

Well, that wraps up this month’s Showcase!! I hope you all enjoyed the 37 items that were sent my way. I know I’m going to be spending my Mondays trying to catch all of these anime and manga that you guys mentioned and maybe I’ll find some time to write an impression or two…it may take me a while though, haha. Thanks a bunch to any returning or new visitors but like I mentioned, this will be my last post of the year, potentially in the next few months to…a while?

And because of that, I also want to mention that this will be “the last time” I host #theJCS. I put that in quotes because I just don’t have the time for it now – I feel super bad about this year and how late I’ve been in getting things done, and I’m only going to get busier starting December 28th – but I hope to come back to this one day? You see, I’m going back to school for a couple of weeks so I’ll be doing two jobs and school for some time. But even after that, I will be starting a new job in the fall that I need to prepare for starting in March and wow, it feels like forever from now but soon it’ll be March and then BAM, new stuff!

I’d LOVE to be able to host again maybe in 2022 but that all depends on how time consuming my new job will be. It’s like a “real” job where I’ll have responsibilities that don’t really end at the end of the day. It’s actually a bit scary but I’m also surprisingly excited?

But enough about me, did you like the showcase? Which was one of your favorite entries? Any that you didn’t catch until now?

Well, until next time~

And don’t forget to send those submissions for the December showcase!

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    1. np!! i always have fun with this 😀 and it helps me catch up a bit with the communtiy and what people are up to xD and omg i loved your pumpkin it was so cool!! i’ve always wanted to carve one but my art skills are nonexistent, i don’t think i’d even just be able to carve a regular smiling one (rip) so i really enjoyed having that submitted 😀

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      1. You’re too sweet. And it might be easier than you think! It’s actually much easier to carve patterns lightly on the surface than to cut all the way through. Give it a try when it’s that season next year!

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