Yashahime (ep 4): When the Cliffhangers Are Too Much!!

The nice thing about being behind on an anime is that slower episodes like this one don’t feel so torturous. That said, I did watch this one soon after it came out so I FELT the TORTURE. Spoilers from here on out. Seriously, when are we going to get a little more?! Who knew Takahashi-sensei had it in her

Episode four kind of feels a bit off considering episode 3 consisted of much fighting (mainly) between sisters but also from that centipede woman. We’re nicely informed that it’s been a few days and both Moroha and Setsuna are fitting in in ways that even Towa (seems to) not have been able to. We even get a scene where Gramps gives Moroha a kappa hand and Moroha has on THE SAME expression that Kagome did in Inuyasha episode 1. The nostalgia’s hitting hard!

Except that Moroha is much more understanding, which I found hilarious. I don’t know, there’s just something about her character that has grown on me. She’s very confident in herself and seems to not know the emotional called embarrassment or shame, which, again, considering her parents, is funny to me

But Setsuna…her and the violin. I don’t know why that bothers me so much. And Mei, oh god, I hope we don’t have to see her again. She’s just been bugging me since we met her and her voice *cringe*

Aside from this, the girls finally find a way to get to the Feudal Era by bargaining with Root Head. But before I jump to that, I need to let out all the questions that have been bugging me

  • What does Moroha mean she’s 450 years older (in this era) than everyone else?! I get the 400, since that would be the time she’d jump through time, but where are these 50 years coming from?!
  • I thought they said that the rainbow corridor was related to the jewels they carry? So why are they now saying that it happened because the tree and Root Head merged?! Does that mean that the jewels are part of, IDK, the tree or something? Like the same type of magic? Confused
  • WHY the HECK did Towa not ask more about Kagome? Like, if I were her and my dad told me his sister went to the Feudal Era I’d be like gimme the deets, why’d she go, what happened.
  • That being said, I’m surprised nobody has ever mentioned Kagome in some way before or that she hadn’t seen her picture elsewhere? Was Kagome’s family like let’s erase her from here so it doesn’t affect…something? Time? But now I’m curious, What DID they tell people? Or was that problem solved with the Sacred Jewel (UGHHH I need to watch Final Act!!)
  • Moroha… WHO DO YOU BELIEVE TO BE YOUR PARENTS THEN?! Look, if Takahashi-sensei throws us a plot twist and is like ACTUALLY she’s not their daughter, I will cry and clap at the same time

When Moroha’s little ploy didn’t work, I most DEFINATELY was NOT expecting THIS. I…when I saw all this from the distance, I thought it was Kagome but when we were shown it was Rin, I swear I screamed. And when I saw the tree take on Kikyo’s form I was like, really?! I thought I’d been rid of her *clenches fist*

AND OMG when Sesshomaru finally showed up I screamed AND cried. I was so emotional, and then I was sad because the episode ended and still not many answers

I did like that we got a tiny bit of information about Sesshomaru and his past. But I’m confused. If they defeat Kirinmaru, Sesshomaru will emerge…is that a bad thing? Like, where is he going to emerge from? And will he be someone else completely? Or did he change since I last saw him? I know he’s not the friendliest of guys but he does care about…people. In his own way. Kohaku backs me up on this

Also, I’m surprised that Moroha didn’t say something about being tied to the Great Dog Demon or Sesshomaru in some way. Does that mean she knows who Inuyasha is?

UGHH so much confusion. You know what would make sense? If they were all from different times, since apparently they have time traveling abilities (according to the tree of ages)

How are you all faring so far? I’m just a mess and maybe getting some Affections Touching Across Time vibes. HM, now I want to watch the movies…and while I’m at it, why not the series…

The temptation…

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