watch or pass? Yashahime (ep 1-6)

I was really excited about this series ever since I heard about it earlier this year. Inuyasha was my gateway anime and to see it back…part of me couldn’t believe it and the other was like BRING IT. But it’s perhaps because I watched Inuyasha that I had certain expectations. One of my favorite episodes in Inuyasha is the first because it really catches you in one go. You know the story, you know the characters, there’s magic, and cute dog ears. Yashahime, however…well, let’s see. Spoilers (up to ep 6)

Yashahime takes place fourteen years after Final Act and instead of the loving cast of Inuyasha, we now follow the lives of the Great Dog General’s grandkids – Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, and both Setsuna and Towa, the twin daughters of Sesshomaru – on their quests to…well, it’s complicated. Towa’s main quest is to find the Dream Butterfly who took her sister’s dreams away, Moroha is trying to save up as much money as possible by being a bounty hunter, and Setsuna, while on the look out for the Dream Butterfly, is continuing her life as a demon slayer

But underneath all this there is another task at hand. The Tree of Ages has asked the two half-demon princesses to bring back balance to the world by defeating both Sesshomaru, the heir to the Western Lands, and Kirinmaru, the heir to the Eastern Lands. Refusing this task, the three continue on their own quest, not realizing that their paths are slowly converging into something greater

That sounds ominous.

After watching episode 6 and realizing that what I want to know and see was probably not going to happen anytime soon, I decided to change my views on this show. I was going in with expectations to see the old cast, see what they were up to, and just having another adventure again. I had to scrap that and finally LOOK at what was being presented to me

We had new character in new situations but still similar to what Kagome had experienced (time travel). Towa was a half-demon in a human society, forced to always hide her true strengths but finding it hard to fit in, and hoping that one day, she’d be reunited with her sister Setsuna. Setsuna, on the other hand, is a mystery. While she’d grown up protected by Towa, in the time they were separated (10 years), she’d grown cold and perhaps developed some sort of anxiety over how “weak” she was because she was half-human. She clearly wanted to show she was strong. She also became a demon slayer, an interesting profession considering she’s half-demon herself. And Moroha, a seeming contradiction to any demon out there since she’s only a quarter demon and has spiritual powers. Usually upbeat and the voice of reason, the three of these new character fit well together

And yet, Inuyasha was so much more interesting in just the first episode

I think what Yashahime is suffering from is direction. The first episode clearly makes Inuyasha (the series) a focus of Yashahime. We’re reminded that Kagome decided to stay and that Kikyo’s demon sealing has once more come back to bite them in the butt. So when we finally arrive at “the present” and see that the Inuyasha cast is magically disappeared and that none of the daughters remembers any of them…it creates confusion and frustration with the watcher. All of this mystery and no answers and little progression for 4 episodes (out of 24) makes me lose some hope. Then, when the next two episodes play out like the adventure story Inuyasha is (except with no direction because at least in Inuyasha they were moving towards the jewel shards and here the girls are just going about their lives like nothing weird happened), I begin to wonder if maybe the series will flop

To watch or to pass?

As a fan of Inuyasha, there’s really only one answer to this question. I’m going to keep watching it but I’ve also lowered my expectations by A LOT. I’m also probably not going to follow it weekly because not enough is happening for me to really want to tune in, and after all that baiting, I’m not sure I can trust cliffhangers or previews. On the other hand, I can see why others wouldn’t continue and that makes me sad. After all, as of right now, I’d give this a C average, bordering a D

I think one of the problems of continuing a series is getting the viewer to connect with a new cast and so far Yashahime hasn’t done a great job at it

But I’ve yet to give up hope! Let’s see where this feudal fairytale takes us. It’s time to catch up to the last two episodes~

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