Yashahime (ep 3): Through the Rainbow Corridor

I’ve been trying to keep up with the series and OH BOY, OHHHH BOY. But before I start screaming about the events in episode 4, maybe I should get through episode 3 first. Spoilers moving forward

I suppose episode 2 ended with Moroha and Setsuna being drawn into the future time through the “rainbow corridor”, which I feel like maybe I should know what this means but I don’t. But Moroha mentioned it like it wasn’t a secret so perhaps she could enlighten me? It seems to be related to those jewels that she and the twins carry. Does she use this corridor sometimes? Where does it usually take her? Actually, I was reminded that Inuyasha had one of these jewels in his eye as well, the one where his father’s grave and Testuiga were hidden. And now that I think about it, HOW. Didn’t Inuyasha’s dad die saving Izayoi and he never saw Inuyasha after this? So how did it end up in his eye? The mystery…

OH SNAP. So does that mean that ALL half-demons have rainbow pearls? I mean, Inuyasha’s probably the only other half-demon that we know of (look it’s been a while since I last Inuyasha-ed) and now we have three more and they each have their own pearl!

And my heart is breaking, how do they not know who Sesshomaru is?! And when the heck did Sesshomaru get his other arm back?! Obviously this is why I should watch Final Act!!

I’m kind of glad that we’re finally getting some answers, but now I feel like I have MORE questions. For one, why did Sesshomaru take the infant twins with him? And why is Kaede glossing over WHO the mother is?! I mean, the most obvious answer is that their mother is Rin but I feel like I can’t believe anything until it’s been spelled out for me. But also, why do neither of his daughters know him? I mean, if Setsuna was doing “a rite of courage and cowardice”, why was she doing it if not because Sesshomaru sent her on this task? Who was she living with before all this and why come to Kaede?

And what does Kaede mean by “uninformed half-demons”? Like of where they come from?

Aside from all the questions burning inside me, I did like this episode because we finally got some interacting with our main cast of characters and because fights. I really enjoy me some action. Speaking of, I think it’s interesting that while Setsuna has been apparently working on proving herself as powerful and even has a really cool collection of fighting moves, her power isn’t matching up with Towa. Meanwhile, Towa has only been fighting with humans, so no actual use of powers, and yet she’s much more powerful. Perhaps there’s that message here of it being okay to be a half-demon and that accepting that human side of you doesn’t make you weak

The end of the episode is devoted to FINALLY helping us understand what’s going on with all the inconsistencies. And I’m actually wondering if maybe Towa and Moroha were also affected by this Dream Butterfly, maybe Towa not to the extent that Setsuna was, probably because she got thrown to the future, but I feel like this would explain some of the inconsistencies happening. Even Moroha, who has been the voice of reason so far, funny considering that she’s Inuyasha’s kid (KEKE), there are things that just don’t make sense

This also means that our main protagonists are a bit unreliable. But who doesn’t like a bit of mystery. And why do I get the feeling this Dream Butterfly and the Root Head are related in some way? Actually, since the Root demon appeared before Inuyasha and the others had kids, I wonder if it’s responsible for their apparent erasure so far

How are you liking Yashahime so far?

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