[Review] Legend of Korra, Book 1: Air (Netflix)

I’ve made it! At least this far. I was pretty sure I’d be able to watch more before the month ended but once it started to end, I thought I wouldn’t even be able to get through the first book!

How to feel!! Spoilers moving forward

Like I mentioned in my first Korra post, I was pretty excited about this show. The preview hooked me and there was just something about a confident main that was really attractive. But as the series progressed, I noticed it was very…methodical. Every few episodes (or even episode) had a mini-plot element it tried to develop, be that for the story or for the “character development”. I’ve never been a fan of this since it makes the development feel too convenient and even fake. Thinking back on it, even though Avatar also did this, it felt more natural in that show, possibly because Aang was a calmer character, he was more flexible in his emotions and actions. Meanwhile, Korra is too hot headed to have changes like this feel natural for her character

The bit about the fear was a nice touch, I think it really helped explain a lot of her more hesitant actions. And it’s also something that we can all understand and feel with her

In terms of the plot, I was really enjoying it, up until the book ended. I mentioned I was really interested in the dynamic between benders and non-benders, especially considering that Republic City has really turned into a contemporary technological city. It isn’t like the places I remember in Avatar and the question arises: Is the avatar still necessary and are they needed in Republic City? Corruption always happens in big places like cities so I was curious to see how Korra would handle this, and with the Revolution starting to gain traction, things got even more interesting

Actually, it’s very interesting, the parallels between there and in the US. Even though Korra finally got rid of Amon the person, the unrest between benders and non-benders continues and anyone can just come in and take on the role that Amon left. Certainly there’s enough bad feelings to go around, so what will Korra do next? While I do think she takes her role as Avatar seriously, I also think that’s not exactly her priority (yet). She just reminds me of people who get excited about being in the big cities

I guess I’m just curious as to what will happen next. With Amon defeated, book one fell flat. There isn’t really anything, aside from writing about the show on my blog, to make me want to continue watching. This is why cliffhangers are important (lol)

The character relationships! Oh my. So I’m not going to lie, I think this dude is really cute but I tend to think that about any bishounen-type character. But his personality and loyalties (aside from the ones he has with his brother) kind of suck. When Korra started to make progress with the Revolution investigations and he threatened to end their friendship, instead of I don’t know, trusting she wasn’t just making stuff up – was frustrating to watch, ESPECIALLY considering how he ends up acting later when she gets hurt. Like, boy, calm yourself and stop touching Korra like that, you have your own girl

Him saying that he likes both Korra and Asami was the moment I ended him in my mind. So with the ending of book one, I grew concerned. That said, I’m interested to see what Asami plans to do. I was getting evil vibes from her but I think that was just because of how I was feeling about her dad. I don’t think she’s going to be the bad lady but I also feel that she and Korra need to clear things up. After all, even though Korra likes Mako, she had been trying to keep her boundaries intact

That said the episode where he goes with Korra to announce Amon’s secret and then ends up in a fight with the guy was probably one of those Respect moments. Obviously he really does feel strongly for her. I was actually a bit disappointed when Korra didn’t go into Avatar mode until the end of this book. I was hoping for some rescue moment where all her enemies would cower in fear (LOL). Maybe later…

Well, it’s time to head onto the next book! Hopefully it doesn’t take me too long?

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