Burn the Witch (ep 1): I Want to Get Married

While browsing Crunchyroll the other week, aside from checking out Noblesse and Yashahime, another show that caught my attention (but that I chose to ignore, or at least attempt to) was Burn the Witch. The cover just looked so nice and it was about witches and maybe I was really curious. Two weeks later and I caved

I watched the first episode (spoilers)

And okay, maybe it was good enough to continue. I mean, I love characters with droopy eyes and black haired girl had the nicest droopy eyes ever…among other things. I have to say she has some very nice qualities…of course I’m mainly talking about her magic but come on, not even the characters in the show are blind to her stoic beauty

On the other hand, Ninny…well, I remembered her name. There’s nothing wrong with her per se but I have to admit that her more reckless and wild character wasn’t to my liking. But that can definitely change in the coming episodes

Actually, her starting off with that rant about fairy tales really threw me off

please marry me

Speaking of how the characters look, as I was watching this, Niihashi kind of reminded me of Rukia then BAM, I find out this is the “soul society of London”. Or at least that’s how this was sold to me a few months back by my Bleach loving brother. And seeing it from that perspective, I find the differences between these shadow societies to be really interesting

In Japan, the soul society is very traditional with everyone pretty much wearing shihakusho, they all wear black unless you’re a captain with your elegant white robes, and it’s just very…historical. In Burn the Witch we see a different interaction between the two worlds. While in Bleach, the shinigami weren’t visible to the average human (unless they had a gigai), in Burn the Witch…there’s a portal the witches disappear to?

I’m not exactly sure how that works but assuming an unresponsive Ninny wasn’t in the alley when the paparazzi showed up must mean she transported her whole self to the other London. And how modern it looks! Obviously it’s been keeping up with the times…

Or is the shadow London superimposed over regular London? I wasn’t exactly sure how that worked. But I find all of this interesting because it gives the show a totally NOT bleach, souls, and afterlife vibe. In fact, I would have believed it to be a different and separate work from Bleach if I hadn’t been told it’s in the same world with a similar premise but different country and myths

Speaking of, I’m curious to know if this witch fighting force has any guys. I want to see some cute guys in tiny shorts as well!!

Fortunately I wasn’t completely let down on the boys front as we did get Balgo!

He’s kinda really cute in a dorky type of way!! And I’m curious as heck about the type of character he is as he’s apparently the exception to the “humans can’t come into contact with dragons or else they die” rule. He also kind of has an Ichigo look to him but the smiling and dorkiness make him totally different. Again, not much about what’s going on in the first episode (like what the heck does dragon clad mean?! He doesn’t seem to be able to fight? unless we’re being tricked!) but the good news – or so I hear – is that Burn the Witch is technically a movie split into three parts so I should be finishing it up…soon

I hear there’s also a oneshot but I’m going to see how the anime works on its own before running to read the oneshot

My verdict is average. I think the show looks amazingly nice, the fighting is smooth, the girls are hot, the boys vary from dorky cute to Grimmjow dangerous, and there’s enough explained about how the world works to pull you in but also enough shrouded in mystery to make you want to watch more. And plot!! Even though the series is following our two witches, it seems that our focus might be going towards Balgo, what with the committee we saw wanting him gone – although we’re sure to get enough of them too since they’re tasked to care for him

Again, QUESTIONS. But no spoilers, I want to see it on the big screen

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