Jumping Straight into Legend of Korra (Ep1-6)

I decided to browse Netflix and Netflix must have known what I was in the mood for because the Legend of Korra preview started playing as soon as I logged in and I was hooked. Korra looked like she’d be a badass protagonists and I was sold when she broke a hole in her house to show off that indeed, she WAS the Avatar. I haven’t finished Avatar yet (don’t judge me! I’ll get to it…eventually) but I really liked how confident Korra was. Like, yeah, Aang is cool in his own way but I wanted a more fiery protagonist to watch

Actually, considering she’s from the water tribes, I find it funny how comfortable she seems to be with fire bending. Perhaps it’s her personality but I noticed she really likes to use fire.

And why did nobody tell me that Legend of Korra starts off as a sports anime?! I probably would have started this eons ago if I’d known

As much as I really enjoy Korra’s confidence, I’ve also got to admit that her hot headedness can get annoying. I mean, did she REALLY have to destroy the moving panels (the air bending exercise) just because she couldn’t get it right? There were other things that I also wasn’t a huge fan of but I’m still reserving judgement since she’s technically new in town and a teenager. I’m hoping she has some development that will help level off that impulsiveness that she has – at least when it concerns important things

In terms of the other characters, OMG, Bolin is so cute!! I have a feeling he’d be a great boyfriend and while (eherm) he’s not as physically good looking as his typical bad boy looking older brother Mako, Bolin is the better catch. Aside from my blatant ogling, I have to say that the relationship these two have is greatness. I really like that they look out for each other and how they didn’t let that hiccup with Korra turn too big. Asami is sort of the mystery girl for me right now. I don’t exactly like her (I mean, she just came out of nowhere) but I also don’t have any reason to dislike her…

So far I’m enjoying the series in an enjoyment only type of way. If I think about it too closely, it has a similar “problem” that Avatar had (problem in that it made it hard for me to continue watching, hence why I’ve yet to finish the series) – the story feels like they’re convenient mini-arcs. Or mini-problems with instant solutions that are disguised as progress and growth? I’m not sure how to word it but the problems the characters have are resolved too quickly and without much effort

But in terms of the big picture, I’m curious to see how the revolution stuff pans out especially since the Avatar is the only one who is supposed to be able to take someone’s bending away. Who are thou masked man with Kazuma’s voice?

And having the story revolve around benders and non-benders? Interesting indeed. I guess this was something I never really considered but it makes sense especially since the city has a more modern feel to it. And I get what the non-benders are asking for. I mean, how do you defend yourself against people with these apparent magical abilities. You can’t and people take advantage of this as we saw with the Triple Threat Triad and even in sports competitions

Oh! And I was really interested in seeing the sapphic romance and at first I thought Korra was lesbian but wow, she’s at least bisexual and my pansexual heart is going doki-doki! I say interested because I’m going to take a guess and say that the potential love interest might be Asami but just…I’ve yet to warm up to her. And if it IS her, I find it funny they gravitated towards the same guy

Depending on how the first book ends, I might drop another update!

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