So I Started Watching Yashahime (ep 1-2)

It’s here!! I’ve been really excited about this Inuyasha “sequel” ever since I heard about it a few months ago. As an fyi, Inuyasha was my gateway into anime so it’s a series that has a very special place in my heart. And maybe I used to write fanfiction about Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter back in the day. Unfortunately, none of this writing survived BUT well, now I don’t have to imagine it because IT’S HERE…and another surprise…Sesshomaru had kids?! TBH, he’s both the last person I would ever imagine having kids but also that dad that would be silently protective? If Rin is anything to go by

Although the summary of the story doesn’t make him appear to be very good at keeping his children protected. Wait. I just had a thought…what if he’s…he’s…I can’t even say it!! Ok, let’s stop imaging the worse and get down to watching the first episode. I will be back in a few minutes to scream

Did you guys hear that scream? Yeah that was me. I just…I’m even more confused about this series after watching the first two episodes!

According to the original summary of the series, Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, goes on an adventure with the twin daughters of Sesshomaru – Towa and Setsuna – to do what? I’m not sure but I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with some jewels.

But before all this, when they were little (4), twins Towa and Setsuna were separated because of a forest fire. Towa ends up going into a tunnel that sends her to present-day Japan and it’s only after ten years that this tunnel opens up again and the two are reunited – and with Setsuna not remembering Towa at all

It feels like that wasn’t what I watched

So what happened? The first episode actually takes place six months after the events (I believe) that happened in Final Act, which I’m now seriously debating watching. We get to see what’s been happening with Kagome and the others. Sango and Miroku already have three kids, Sesshomaru is watching over Rin (when necessary) as she is staying in the village with Inuyasha and the others, Kohaku is apparently stationed nearby as a demon slayer, and Kagome and Inuyasha…are working things out. It seems like Kikyo is no longer around physically but she’s still the elephant in the relationship as we see on the gang’s recent round of demon hunting, a root demon that Kikyo had sealed just months before she met Inuyasha and Onigumo

And then the episode ends ominously with said root demon not actually being dead. I can see how this could play into the second episode’s happenings. It actually has a Feelings Touching Across Time vibe in that there’s a dormant demon lying in wait. I don’t have any working theories yet but I’m curious to know if maybe it’s related to the “tunnel” (more like vortex) appearing on the tree of ages. It makes more sense that the vortex is related to the rainbow jewels but there’s SOMETHING going on with the tree and the root demon. I just haven’t figured it out yet (and probably won’t, I’m not a very good detective)

The second episode is more of what’s happening “currently” with our three main protagonists and I’ve got to say – SO MUCH CONFUSION. And spoilers

For one, I was super confused as to why Setsuna and Towa were living in a forest and why they were alone. They made it seem like the forest had always been their home and I was trying to figure out WHY. I mean, the summary said they were Sesshomaru’s kids so was it more of an adoption? Sort of like how he took in Rin? But then that wouldn’t make sense because I’m sure Towa would have mentioned Sesshomaru, similarly to how she mentioned Sota picking her up. Plus, I’d think that if they were with him she’d say something along the lines of “wandering the lands” and not just living in the forest

Did Sesshomaru abandon them? I get that he’s not the touchy feely type of guy but to abandon them? Is this maybe a demon thing? A feudal era thing? Because Moroha seemed to be in a similar situation? What about a mother? No mentions of either parent. Again, I was confused

But aside from this, assuming they are indeed Sesshomaru’s kids…they are so like him!! We didn’t get to see much of Setsuna until the end of episode two and as a kid she was so cute but then she grew up to be really serious-like. Perhaps that has something to do with her separation from Towa who seemed to protect and pamper her. I thought that was really cute and interesting since in present day Japan, Towa can’t seem to stop fighting

And Towa’s thoughts of wanting stronger people to fight? Very Sesshomaru. Plus, I like the whole questioning of gender roles and how she’s very practical

Another thing that confused me was that none of the character really knew each other?! I mean…what?!

I guess I would understand if Sesshomaru took his kids away from the village and then Moroha would have never met them that way, but assuming she’s Inuyasha and Kagome’s kid (too many things point to YES), then I’d think she’d at least know Sango’s kid (that was Sango’s kid, right? The one riding Kirara?) or even Setsuna since she works as one of Kohaku’s demon slayers. But they all seemed to not know each other? Wait that’s a lie. Kohaku knew who Moroha was but it seemed like he knew her distantly. Like he hadn’t seen her in quite some time or maybe like he’d only ever heard of her and had never met her

The kids of people who live in the same village don’t know each other? And Setsuna is pretty much part of the family since she’s, well, Sesshomaru’s kid but also Kohaku’s apprentice

CONFUSION. I even briefly wondered if maybe Kagome had died of old age (because come on, I don’t think Inuyasha would even allow her to die of anything else) but that wouldn’t make sense. It’s only been ten years

Not much of the story and plot has been revealed. Even though the Sacred Jewel was destroyed, new jewels exist that seem to have a similar power. Where did they come from and why do the girls have them? I’m especially curious as to why Towa has one since she pretty much disappeared when she was four. The jewel must have been implanted into her eye at a really young age

Also, nice blast from the past with the centipede lady

Aside from learning more about plot and how Towa is just going to head back to Feudal Japan, I’m curious to see Inuyasha and the others. And (of course) to see who Sesshomaru ended up with because I swear he was the last person I ever expected to have kids!

Have you watched it? How did you like it? Did you guys like the ending song? I thought it was so nice!! The opening…well, it doesn’t hold up to any of the Inuyasha songs so that made me a bit sad. But that ending, full points

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