[Review] BNA: Brand New Animal

I was browsing Netflix in hopes of finding something interesting to watch and oh boy, this one caught my attention ASAP. I decided to watch the first episode to see if it was actually interesting and the next thing I know, it’s evening and I’m on the last episode!

BNA (or Brand New Animal) is a Trigger x Netflix anime that aired earlier this year. It’s 12 episodes long and follows Michiru Kagemori, a teenage ex-human girl, as she escapes into Anima City soon after she mysteriously turns into a tanuki beastkin. Anima City is said to be a paradise and refuge for wandering beastkin and since the mainland is ignorant of beastkin affairs, which has manifested in violent anti-beastkin protests and attacks, Michiru believes this is the best place to live until she figures out a way to turn back into a human. While there, she meets Shirou Ogami, a wolf beastman who helps keep Anima City safe and who hates humans…a lot. Because of her unusual circumstances, the mayor of Anima City decides it’s best she be kept near Shirou, lest trouble find her

Rating: 8★

I don’t usually watch Trigger anime but I’ve heard really good things about it. My first and last Trigger anime was Promare and OH BOY I loved it! So when I saw the little Netflix preview, I knew that (if anything), I would enjoy the animation of this series. And that’s what I needed, something lighthearted that I could just enjoy on my off day. Well, as lighthearted as things can get with beastkin (hired by humans) wreaking havoc on Anima City’s anniversary can get!

The animation was exactly what I wanted. I really enjoyed the fight scenes from the first episode and maybe I’ve decided to join the furry fans because wow Shirou is HOT. And really sentimental, which I’m all for. It might also be that I’m weak to white-haired anime boys, the droopy tired eyes, the fit body, the collar, and the mysterious vibes. Oh hey, he ticks all of my requirements for husbando material!

Of course, Michiru isn’t all that far behind on my list of favorite characters. I instantly liked her from the moment I saw her slinking around town. I mean, just look at her design, it’s SO ADORABLE. We also get to see her as a human but nope, please, keep the tanuki look. However, the reason I really enjoyed her as a character was because she was so versatile, never gave up, cared for her friends even when they strayed into some dubious territories, and always did what she believed was right. Luckily, this didn’t lead to a train wreck of second-hand embarrassment. The power of communication is amazing

I’d also like to give some praise to the story!

I really liked how it started and while it got a bit wacky somewhere in the middle (baseball, idols, and cute forever-in-debt bears?!), I do think it ended in a satisfying way, giving a commentary on how humans selfishly place pressure on other creatures in their quest for power, expecting no negative consequences from this violence (and when there is, foregoing blame). Interestingly, right before watching this, I’d learned about the attacks in Africa from apes on (especially) human children, precisely because their habitats were being destroyed by humans, which in turn left them with little food sources and higher levels of aggression. Of course, this was only one of the many takeaways from the series, but I won’t spoil much more

It’s not the best anime out there but I do recommend it. It’s a simple watch and I found myself smiling, laughing, and swooning. I wasn’t a huge fan of Michiru’s friend but it all worked out in the plot. I’d also like to give kudos to Alan, he got me good. I would have rated the series higher if it didn’t lose some momentum during some of the middle episodes but aside from that, I had no complaints. In fact, I would watch more of Shirou and Michiru’s adventures

Has anyone watched it? What did you think about it? While watching it I had some Disney Frozen vibes, probably because of the music and colors. Also, I kept thinking of Zootopia because of the whole beast-humans in a beast-city, except this one got much darker. And if you haven’t seen it yet, do you plan to? After this, I think it’s about time I sat down with more Trigger series

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