[Review] BNA: Brand New Animal

I was browsing Netflix in hopes of finding something interesting to watch and oh boy, this one caught my attention ASAP. I decided to watch the first episode to see if it was actually interesting and the next thing I know, it’s evening and I’m on the last episode!

BNA (or Brand Newย Animal) is a Trigger x Netflix anime that aired earlier this year. It’s 12 episodes long and follows Michiru Kagemori, a teenage ex-human girl, as she escapes into Anima City soon after she mysteriously turns into a tanuki beastkin. Anima City is said to be a paradise and refuge for wandering beastkin and since the mainland is ignorant of beastkin affairs, which has manifested in violent anti-beastkin protests and attacks, Michiru believes this is the best place to live until she figures out a way to turn back into a human. While there, she meets Shirou Ogami, a wolf beastman who helps keep Anima City safe and who hates humans…a lot. Because of her unusual circumstances, the mayor of Anima City decides it’s best she be kept near Shirou, lest trouble find her

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