Joining #AniTwitWatches Season 6: Watching Perfect Insider

Hey everyone and Happy Tuesday! I was thinking about this the other day but not many people say “Happy Tuesday”. I hear it often for Monday and Friday, but why not celebrate a random day of the week as well? Especially since I’ve been consistently working on the blog, not just blog posts but organizing my pages, on Tuesdays. But to the point of this post: I have finally decided to join #AniTwitWatches

But you might be thinking, what’s that?!

#AniTwitWatches is a community event hosted by Jon from Jon Spencer Reviews (yup! our favorite community outreach blogger again~) where people are encouraged to watch some anime as a group and then discuss it (if you want) via a social media post and/or creating a blog post, video, podcast – what have you – related to the show. Since I’m not very creative, I have decided to just make a Twitter thread with my impressions and some discussion points, and then write a review post once I’ve completed the series (unless I can somehow think of an essay post). It’s hard to say how long these “seasons” last since each anime is different but it looks like Jon & Co. plan to watch two episodes a week and then discuss on Twitter. There isn’t a requirement to keep watching until the end and it’s a flexible enough event that people can join whenever they want

I’d actually been debating joining #AniTwitWatches for a while now but none of the previous anime they had watched really called to me. Then Perfect Insider was announced and I liked the dark and mysterious vibes! I also noticed that the header image I used for my blog last year was from this series so I got curious, what would this be about? I didn’t want to look up a summary. I think it’s nice to just blind watch some series

Well, I’ll cut it here. This is just an announcement post. I’ll be posting my updates on this thread!

Steering clear of spoilers after episode 4, have you guys watched this series? What did you think about it? And if you’re also doing #AniTwitWatches, how have you liked the community aspect of it? I don’t usually watch anime like this but I have to admit that I’ve been enjoying it!

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