[OWLS] Mindfulness: Moving Towards New Goals

If we don’t take care of our minds and souls, we will always be in pain.

For the past few months, things have been pretty hectic. Everyone’s lives have changed to some degree, and we can’t help but feel anxious, nervous, and overwhelmed. This month we will be focusing on ourselves and keeping a strong peace of mind with our theme, “Mindfulness.” We will be analyzing characters that have crafted and practiced their own philosophy on life and have spread their beliefs to others. We will also be talking about habits, hobbies, and things that are keeping us sane, positive, and peace within our souls.

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Perfect Insider: Mid-season Impressions

Ok, I wasn’t going to write anything about Perfect Insider on the blog until I finished watching it, but I just couldn’t resist! I didn’t think I would get so invested in the story but with each episode I watch, the more I want to scream about it

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Joining #AniTwitWatches Season 6: Watching Perfect Insider

Hey everyone and Happy Tuesday! I was thinking about this the other day but not many people say “Happy Tuesday”. I hear it often for Monday and Friday, but why not celebrate a random day of the week as well? Especially since I’ve been consistently working on the blog, not just blog posts but organizing my pages, on Tuesdays. But to the point of this post: I have finally decided to join #AniTwitWatches

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