Trying My Hand at Spotify Playlists ft. Eight by #IUxSuga

If someone told me I would be stressing over music playlist a year ago I would not have believed it, but here I am, stressing over music playlists! While music has played an important role in my life at one point, it’s never been something I really bothered with to this degree. Just last year, the only time I would listen to music would be when I would drive somewhere and I only listened to the radio. Trying to decide what to listen to and looking for new music just wasn’t my forte

Then BTS happened and I started to become more interested in music, more specifically, creating playlists and I thought I’d share one that I made for eight, a single released by IU ft. SUGA. If it wasn’t obvious from my Twitter profile, I am really into the BTS member SUGA, so when I saw he was being featured and would be producing the song, I thought it was time to test my nonexistent playlist making skills!

According to some accounts, the best way to stream a song is to create a playlist that is no longer than 3 hours, to have some 3-4 songs in-between the song you want to stream, and to alternate your playlist with other playlists, so I took this into account when I made the playlist (although I usually make much longer ones)

Here is the song if you haven’t checked it out yet and don’t forget to give it a like~

But before we jump into the songs I picked out for these two playlists, I thought I would just talk about this track (eight). Nothing in-depth but just some themes I picked up on that influenced the type of tracks I decided to hunt down. Since I don’t know Korean, I had to rely on some lyric translations on the internet to understand what was happening in the track. I also heard that IU wanted this song to be about being twenty-eight and even though it sounds very pleasant and airy, the starting lyrics come off as aggressive and introspective, forcing the listener to think about where they are in life. Honestly, it’s a little disconcerting but I also really like it for that reason

So are you happy now?
Finally happy now, are you?
Well, I’m exactly the same
I think I’ve lost everything
Everything comes as it pleases and leaves without a goodbye
Like this, I don’t want to love anything
Where the sun has set, as far as the sun sets
I travel in those memories


While I wouldn’t call this a love song it did have elements of love: platonic love, romantic love, and the love of inanimate things. In sum, love in various forms. The things we hold dear and love and keep in our memories. I wanted to choose some songs that had to do with growth and age, that sounded a bit melancholy, and that had some sort of farewell in the lyrics.

Breakup songs were the first things that came to mind but I often feel like these types of songs are toxic, with one partner usually blaming the other for what happened and eight didn’t have that kind of vibe. But I also didn’t want to choose music about romance. Even though this track talks about love, it almost sounds like two friends are reminiscing about the past and I wanted the other songs to follow this pattern

Island, yeah, here is an island
A small one that we made with each other
Yeah, um, forever young, the word “forever” is a sandcastle
A farewell is like a disaster cast
A morning greeted along with yearning
Let us both pass this eternity
Surely meet once more on this island


One part of the song that is repeated throughout is the phrase “forever young” and I immediately made the connection to the BTS album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever”. There is also a sense of longing in the song that I wanted to find elsewhere

In the end, I came away with quite a few ideas

One of the playlists I made revolving around this song, and the one I want to share, is called KR (Korean) #IUxSUGA Mix. I know, I’m so creative…This playlist is limited to (mainly) Korean songs that I felt fit the themes of eight and BTS collaborations featuring female musicians. So what songs does this playlist have?

1. Collaboration songs:

  • SUGA’s Interlude by Halsey ft. SUGA
  • Song Request by Lee So Ra ft. SUGA
  • So Far Away by SUGA ft. SURAN
  • We Don’t Talk Together by HEIZE & Giriboy (produced by SUGA)
  • Winter Flower by Younha ft RM
  • Wine by SURAN ft. Changmo (produced by SUGA)
  • Crying Over You by HONNE ft. RM & BEKA
  • Chicken Noodle Soup by J-Hope ft. Becky G
  • A Brand New Day by BTS & Zara Larsson
  • IDOL by BTS ft. Nicki Minaj

Out of this list, I felt that IDOL and Chicken Noodle Soup sound the most unlike the rest (they’re more upbeat) but I really wanted to add most of the BTS and female musician songs there were. Again, I decided against ON ft. Sia, which is making me feel a bit guilty but…I wasn’t a huge fan of the sound. If there are others I’m missing, let me know!

2. Songs by IU and SUGA

  • Interlude_dream, Reality by Agust D
  • Trivia: Seesaw by BTS (SUGA solo)
  • ugly duckling by IU
  • Gaeul Achim: Autumn morning by IU
  • Twenty-Three by IU
  • BBIBBI by IU
  • heart by IU
  • Interlude: Shadow by BTS (SUGA solo)

Picking out what songs to add that were made by SUGA was easy. I already had other playlists focused around his music and aside from his Agust D mixtape, he didn’t have many solos. Of course, there are many songs by him that I didn’t add. I picked out the ones I felt sounded the most like eight (ie. I felt The Last would make the playlist jarring but Interlude_dream, reality had that soft vibe) and then told myself it was ok to add Interlude: Shadow because IU mentioned a shadow in eight…Out of the bunch, I do think Shadow is the most unlike the others, especially later in the song when the beat changes

My problem lay with IU. I didn’t know who she was so I’d never listened to her music. So what did I do? I went through her Spotify profile and randomly picked out some songs (by their title) that I felt would fit the eight theme. I listened to them and if they didn’t catch my interest in the first few seconds, I moved on. I ended up picking out five songs. Actually, my plan is to go back and check out her music to pick out some more tracks (eventually). Her music is interesting. All of the tracks I checked out sound so different from each other and I like the variety

3. The themes from eight

  • Autumn Leaves by BTS
  • Epilogue: Young Forever by BTS
  • Spring Day by BTS
  • Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life by BTS
  • Butterfly by BTS
  • Falling Leaves Are Beautiful by HEIZE

This was the part I was lacking in. I really wanted to find tracks by some of the other artists under the collaborations but considering I made this playlist in a few hours, I didn’t have the time to explore much. I mainly chose songs from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life BTS album, especially since they had that melancholy feel I was searching for (but also to get that “forever young” phrase repeating outside of eight)

The playlist is just short of 3 hours but I like having each song repeat at least one other time. With this playlist I listen to eight 12 times and the majority of the other songs at least twice. Once I get to exploring some other tracks I’ll be adjusting how often a track appears on the list. But what do you guys think? How did I do?

I also have another playlist that focuses on eight called ML (Multi-Lingual) #IUxSUGA Mix. I was hoping to show you all the tracks for this one too but this post was getting long (unless you guys want me to?). Instead, I’ll just leave the link and let you all know it contains songs in Korean, English, French, and Italian. I wanted to add some tracks in Japanese but the problem of having so many languages is that 3 hours becomes such a tight space. I think I’ll just make a third playlist that’s as long as I want (I think my longest is some 8 hours, the one I would use at my job). And I’ll definitely add more languages to that one!

p.s. I wrote this post before D-2 came out so none of SUGA’s new songs were added to this playlist (yet)

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