[OWLS] Adapting our views to create a better society

Hey guys and welcome back to another OWLS post! I know, it’s been a few months but hopefully that hasn’t made me rusty. Actually, because it’s been a while since I last wrote an OWLS post I feel…excited? Now then, chances are you’re all here because Auri linked you all to this post but if you somehow found my blog through other means and are confused about what OWLS is, I recently updated the OWLS info post on my blog. But to sum it up real quick, we’re a group of bloggers and youtubers who try to spread the message of acceptance regardless of our differences (ie. race, nationality, orientation, gender, etc) through the use of blog tours where we talk about our experiences, beliefs, and analyze media

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[Review] Witch Hunter Robin

Hey guys! And welcome back to another anime review. Actually, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the urge to pick up this series again and with the weather getting warmer and my strength depleted, I thought it was time to just stay in bed and rewatch this childhood gem! I don’t actually remember where I first watched it but eventually something led to my owning the box set and rewatching the ending song over and over until it became one of the first Japanese songs I learned as a kid. Surprisingly, I still remembered most of the lyrics so you bet I started SUBETEWA ITAMI WO TOMONAUHODO AZAYAKAing to that beauty

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Trying My Hand at Spotify Playlists ft. Eight by #IUxSuga

If someone told me I would be stressing over music playlist a year ago I would not have believed it, but here I am, stressing over music playlists! While music has played an important role in my life at one point, it’s never been something I really bothered with to this degree. Just last year, the only time I would listen to music would be when I would drive somewhere and I only listened to the radio. Trying to decide what to listen to and looking for new music just wasn’t my forte

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A New Inuyasha Series?!

Inuyasha was my gateway to anime so when I heard that it would continue I was EXCITED. No, I haven’t finished the main story (although I did get all the way to episode 141 when Hakudōshi is introduced) because it was too long and I wasn’t seeing an ending coming along. Even when the Final Act came out, I still didn’t watch it but I did watch the last scene with Inuyasha and Kagome staying in the village so ok, it’s fair to ask if I really am a fan of this series. I am, it was my OBSESSIon when I was growing up and I collected a ton of the DVDs, shirts, posters, and really anything I could get my paws on

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[Review] Bleach: The Substitute, The Entry, and The Rescue

Recently I’ve been in the mood to revisit a lot of older content like books and fanfiction so I’m not surprised this also extended into my anime watching habits. Actually, it’s a good thing it did because I haven’t watched nearly enough anime in the last (possibly almost) two years. Now, this all started because my brother came to the living room and announced that his favorite show, the god of all gods, the perfection of orange haired manliness WAS COMING BACK

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