Jon’s March 2020 Creator Showcase: Twenty-Eight Posts to Help Make Your Quarantine Less Stressful and More Inspiring!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to this sorry excuse of a blog. Crimson here. First off, I’d like to apologize for this month’s showcase and to any first-timers who decided to join for March. To the regulars, you know I really like to be on top of things when it comes to submissions to the point you all want to block me (don’t lie, I KNOW, lol) but this month has been…well I’m sure you all know. And to the newcomers, wow, you really saw a bad side of me, I promise I’m not always like this and I promise this showcase is usually more fun and community-based!!

If you ask my high school-aged brother, he’s happy as heck since everything shut down and hasn’t left his room, too busy gaming with all his hermit friends, but for those who work and need something to do…well, it’s not too great. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy but really I’ve been failing, falling between extremely lethargic what am I going to do with myself what’s the point of even waking up to walking 12 miles a day until I hurt my legs (currently tending to an overused muscle, shame on me)

But that’s enough of me! You guys aren’t here for that. While my competitive soul is ashamed at how few people I coerced into joining to this month’s showcase, I am happy to say it’s all quality content~ well, except for maybe one post. You’ll know which it is

Like usual, if the post is in bold, it means I REALLY ENJOYED IT and you should check it out. I mean, you should check out all these posts regardless but if you’re really crunching for time, I gotchu. Enjoy!


Would this even be a showcase hosted by me if I didn’t pick a favorite?! Actually, because I had such wonderful and creative posts, I had a hard time choosing a favorite. In the end, I went with this one because it spoke to my career choice!

Thank you iniksbane for the unique read~

The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man in RahXephon by iniksbane (In Search of Number Nine): I love the theme of art, especially since I’ve decided to get back into art now that I have nothing better to do (LOL). Also, I knew older shows were good for a reason, I’m DEF going to watch this and then get back to this post!!


After iniksbane’s post, these are probably some of my favorites because they’re artistic and nothing makes me happier than to see my fellow bloggers trying something new out. Now, there were so many creative posts and videos that I had to divide them into a few categories so while I say “at its best”, that encompasses quite a few of the next categories!

Freaking busy by Fred (Au Naturel): While it’s always cool to read about what our blogger buddies are watching and reviewing, I have to be honest and say that Events are some of my favorite things and Fred has something awesome in the works!! If you’re looking for something to do in Hollywood, why not check out what Fred has in store at the Fringe (ps. This year might be a bust but I’m hoping Fred keeps working on this project for a future stage!!)

Creating 20 Original Anime Valentine’s Cards by Jon (Jon Spencer Reviews): Wow! These came out great! I am especially a fan of Tsuritama as I feel that show hasn’t gotten as much love as it should

An Overnight Guide Of The Otaku Culture by Keni (The Anime Basement): Oh my, this was such a fun read and reminds me that there will always be some new anime fans! And good thing Keni has their back. Actually, I liked how well organized this post was and can definitely see it being printed into a nice looking brochure! (hence why I added it to this category)


One of the things I’ve learned as a writer is that when it comes to stories, it’s hard as heck to put yourself out there. Writing posts is much easier so I was especially impressed that Lynn and Voyager went ahead and dropped some creative stories my way. Give them a read, you won’t regret it!

Isekai of the Dead (Short Story) by Lynn (The Otaku Author): Lynn is right, you really CAN write something about anything! This was a really fun short story about Lynn turning into an anime character and ok, now I’m feeling inspired. I haven’t written anything in ages, maybe it’s time to change that?

Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 1 by Voyager (Galvanic): I have no context for this chapter so I’m wondering if this is an original story or some sort of fanfiction. REGARDLESS, it’s so good so far!! I can’t believe only two people besides me have liked this post?! Please people, check this out. My weeb brain can picture this so perfectly that I need some animation studio to adapt this now!


You’re either a reader and join us cool kids or you leave the book dragons alone. There is no in-between and here are some readerly posts for this month’s showcase. Most are reviews but they’re done in a way that really shows how each author either enjoyed or didn’t enjoy a series and that enthusiasm makes them all winners! Be sure to check them all out~

Review For Aria: The Masterpiece Vol. 4 by Mehsi (Twirling Book Princess): I’ve seen this manga a couple of times and every time I almost pick it up. While I didn’t learn what it’s about (this is a volume 4 review after all), I really like how much enthusiasm Mehsi has put into the post!

Living-Room Matsunaga-San Vol 1 Review by Al (Al’s Manga Blog): I am so glad there are people doing God’s work, looking through all the shoujo titles and telling us how it really is! I feel like this is a manga I would have picked up out of curiosity but Al has saved me from the cringe, LOL. A really nicely written review about a not so nice Matsunaga-san

[OWLS February Blog Tour] Literature Legacy by Megan (Nerd Rambles): I am really loving the book-related posts people dropped this month! As a book lover myself, I always think it’s awesome when people can pinpoint exact titles that have influenced their lives. I think the book that got me reading novels was the Artemis Fowl series for non-reading reasons (lol). Megan also wrote up another post called The Importance of Reading which I think goes hand in hand really well with this Legacy post! And feels totally relevant to quarantine. Are you guys reading? I have a pile of books I’m slowly going through!

Let’s Play Webtoon: The Truth Behind Depression and Mental Health by Nerdy Girl (MyAnime2go): I have to admit that this post was a hard one to categorize. It has the sense of a review, but it’s honestly so much more. If you haven’t checked out this webtoon, I seriously recommend it. I haven’t read it but the way Nerdy Girl is talking about the mental health representation, I will get behind it. Actually, it’s nice that it’s getting an adaptation since I feel people watch anime more than they read


So many different interests this month and I’m so on board! I’m not a very good gamer but these guys definitely make me want to bust out steam a bit more often

“Slay the Spire” Is A Lot of Fun by Jack (Animated Observations): Aside from books, games are another form of entertainment recently. I have to admit that I can’t stare at a screen for too long but sometimes that headache is worth it, LOL. I haven’t played Slay the Spire but I can definitely understand how addicting games can be. Have you guys played this one?

A Look at the Momodora Series by Corthos (Corthos Fellrin): Ok, I like the free ninety-nine and this looks like a game series that even a casual like me can play…oh who am I kidding, I couldn’t play Blad & Soul because I couldn’t JUMP IN THE FIRST SCENE. But I am always up for a challenge! This was a fun video and I really liked how I could see how the game is played, as sometimes written reviews for games will only get you so interested

Sonic 2 & Knuckles! The Sonic Game Nobody Talks About! by Zeromaster (Zeromaster): Watching this video gave me a sense of nostalgia! I can’t remember if I ever played any of the sonic games. I was more of a Tetris person but I’m always impressed by how present old technologies are in the gaming world. I would also be that person who hunts down physical copies of the games because me and technology just don’t get along, lol!


Reading these posts made me realize how BEHIND I am with my weeb schedule. I knew time moved quickly with each season introducing dozens of new titles but seriously, where have I been?! Glad to know you all have my back, writing such great reviews… when will I ever finish?

Moving Forward (And Regressing) With Mekakucity Actors by Vel (Velarixion): When it comes to videos, I’m not usually sure what I’ll get on the other end and this one (I must admit) was a pleasant surprise. While the video is a review of the series Mekakucity Actors, Vel does a really good job of telling you why it’s such a great and relatable series. Similar to Nerdy Girl News, this anime speaks to Vel on a personal level, which I always like to hear about. I definitely need to watch this one!!

Is Ishuzoku Reviewers really THAT Good? by Mia (9TailedKitsune): It looks like I’ve been gone from the anime scene too long! What is this show and why do I want to go watch it? Because Mia wrote this fun and short review explaining why Ishuzoku Reviewers is more adequately rated a 7 than a 9 and I am all about that firsthand experience. But maybe it also has to do with a certain character. Can you guys take a guess? Also, I knew we couldn’t trust those anime rating sites!! Good thing we have bloggers

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord [Anime Review] by Matt Doyle (Matt Doyle Media): TBH one of the reasons I haven’t watched anime in a long time is because I’m starting to get the feeling that a lot of it is copied and pasted. This series is one I decided to skip on for that reason. But after reading this post, I’m starting to think that maybe more research is needed before I discard shows. I mean, a 4/5 is pretty good!

Sonic the Hedgehog – Movie Review (Spoilers) by Joe (Average Joe Reviews): I was actually thinking of going to watch this movie when it came out but it looks like I missed my chance! It’s not even that I’m a sonic fan but it did look like it would be an entertaining watch. Glad to know it was!

Weathering With You *spoiler-free review* by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat): I actually watched this movie! Actually, I wanted to write a review for it when everyone was writing them, but my opinion on the movie isn’t very “good” so I wasn’t sure how well my thoughts would be received. By the time I decided to write it anyway, I’d missed my chance. And I think this review, while short, is better than anything I’d write. I’m also one of those people who preferred Your Name but sometimes it’s better to see what someone who hasn’t watched it (and has a bias) has to say about new releases

Review: No Game No Life Episode 6: The Super Healthy Space And This Will Only Kill You A Little by Crow (Crows World of Anime): OK, while I was reading this, I had to remind myself this was No Game, No Life. I actually watched maybe an episode or two but didn’t continue for some reason (even at my brother’s insistence, this is one of his favorite shows) and now I’m wondering why. While I’m still hesitant to revisit this series, this episode sounds like it’s an intense battle of wits! Spoilers since it’s a breakdown of favorite moments


I briefly considered having this category be my usual short and sweet posts but since they were both lists, I decided to change the category a bit. Both lists are about different genres but they contain some (more really great) recommendations to keep you busy in the coming weeks! Because we can never have too much anime, right?!

Five Romance Anime I Have Yet to Watch by Keiko (Keiko’s Anime Blog): Short and sweet and don’t worry Keiko, I haven’t watched these either!! Although I did watch a few episodes of Your Lie in April (everyone keeps telling me I should finish it but I already know how it’s going to end so what’s the point?). Actually, there are a lot of romance anime I haven’t watched, this genre is the one I watch the least. Have you guys watched these?

The 2nd Annual LofZOdyssey Highlights – 2019 (Day 5): The Top Anime of 2019 (10-1) by LofzOdyssey (LofzOdyssey Anime Reviews Blog): As I have little to do nowadays, I think I’m going to use this list as a starting place for anime I wanted to watch but didn’t. Many of these were on my radar and I’m so glad they ended up just as good as I hoped! And some of them weren’t and while I’m hesitant to even touch them…maybe I should give them a shot? I mean, top 5 is a pretty good spot to be in (Dr. Stone)


Ok, I have to admit that while I like some spoiler-free posts, nothing convinces me faster than a well spoiled and in-depth look at a series! If you’re okay getting spoiled by these God-Level Blogging Writers (-1), then continue forth into the void!

Fate/Stay Night’s Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka: Friendship Made, Love Forged. by DewBond (Shallow Dives in Anime): I’m going to sound like a broken record by now but I’m super critical about who my REAL OTPs are because ok, I really need to love them and reading DewBond’s post is making me wonder if maybe my next OTP may reside in the Fate/Stay Night series! I’m a huge fan of the opposites fall in love trope and what better time to binge-watch an anime than a quarantine? If someone can forward me the order I should watch this series in, I’d be much grateful

On British Literature & Fate: What it Means to be Remembered || OWLS “Legacy” by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe): This is probably one of the more “unique” (different) posts I’ve read from Takuto in regards to OWLS posts and I have to say, while short, I really enjoyed it. Definitely, a post to read if you really want to feel inspired and worthy!! (ps. I’m starting to realize this post could be bookish in nature but the anime screenshots, ah, it all gets so magnificently murky)

500 Followers Special: Its Already 2020 Why Am I Still In Love with the Cosmic Era? by MirrorPurple (Illusion Purple): I haven’t watched any anime for maybe a year at this point but this series has always haunted me. It’s one I remember watching but don’t remember anything about and I’ve been meaning to rewatch. And with Mirror Purple’s cynical tone as he tears this series apart (but also praises the remastered version), maybe it’s time? I remember being in love with one of those blue-haired boys…or was it the brown-haired one?!

[OWLS] The Vision in Interlude: Shadow by BTS’s Suga: Ok this is that exception I was talking about. I don’t usually like to add my posts to the showcases I host because this is about YOU not me, but I kind of really had fun talking about this. Not as comprehensive as I would have liked but I also wrote it the day it was due SOOOOO. But I plan to expand in the future so look forward to it??


Sometimes a little blood necessary to have a completely honest and bonding connection with your fellow anime nerds. Or maybe it’s just the cute boys fighting each other that has me drooling. I can’t figure it out just yet but these two posts stand out from the rest because they hover the unpopular opinion arena. And as you all know, I like a good fight!

School Days: Yes, This Is Happening by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews): As you guys might have heard, I’ve been really interested in these AniTwitWatches that Jon and Scott (and a few others) have been doing recently, but the titles they’ve watched haven’t really piked my interest. Or not to the point I would feel good sitting through a show and yup, School Days is one I was like nah because of its reputation. That said, I also really enjoyed Scott’s writeup on it and while I still probably won’t watch it, Scott, you almost had me adding it to my watch list! It sounds like it’s a good one in terms of discussion

Anime studios should take creative liberties with the original source by Nabe-chan (Geek Nabe): Oh my, I really liked this post! I have to admit that I really like it when the anime is a near replica of the manga. My reason – I don’t usually trust studios to pick out what is important to the overall plot (I’m also looking at Tokyo Ghoul), but the longer I’ve been a fan, the more I feel less prickly about this. That said, I also feel like an exact replica doesn’t mean something is flat. I haven’t read the manga from the first example Nabe-chan talks about in the post but it sounds (keke) like that scene couldn’t really be made more creative whereas an action scene will always look better in animated format (…ok usually)

Well then, I hope these posts and videos help keep your days busy and lively. I know I had a lot of fun going through them! I hope to see you guys as your host again later this year where I will be more on top of things. For now, though, I am debating going into blogging hibernation (original plan) or sitting my butt and being productive (I’m just feeding on this creative energy you all have blasted me with!). We’ll see which one wins in the coming weeks

Thanks for stopping by! And please head on over to Moyatori’s blog as they are currently hosting the April Showcase. Feel free to drop your submissions on Twitter using the tag #theJCS and tagging Moya (@the_moyatorium) or replying to their thread

Until next time

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