Jon’s September 2019 Creator Showcase: Fifty-One Posts to Cuddle With Under Your Blankets!

Hey guys!! Welcome back to the blog for another Jon’s Creator Showcase post. I’m super excited to show you all the goodies that everyone submitted, which seriously blew me away! Usually, I only have about 30 submissions to show you all, but this time we got FIFTY-ONE of them!! I also usually try to get this out sooner but UHM October is really kicking my butt OOF

And if you guys are new to this community event, fear not, this isn’t the last month this will happen. The October Showcase is already happening and Ayano over at Paper Pandas is already taking submissions, so send her your best works from September

As for where the idea of the Showcase originated, it happened over at Jon’s blog Jon Spencer Reviews. It started as an event he was going to host on a monthly basis but because of life, he had to drop it. Then came Raistlin to the rescue and suggested having multiple hosts! Which is why all you lovely people are here. Last month was hosted by Moya at The Moyatorium, so definitely check out that post to find some new content to read!

But you guys aren’t here to listen to me babbling. You’re all here for the goods! So let’s get to them~


Yes, this category has made a come-back this month because we got some new content gracing the showcase this month!! Which you guys might have heard me screaming about when I RTed the submissions

  • Golden Swordsman by Uzuri (Phantasy Studio): This isn’t the first time art has been submitted to theJCS when I was hosting but it’s the first time I’ve linked back to a blog AND that it’s relating to character designs!! So this was super exciting. And you even get a few drawing tips relating to lines and shading! We think the gold color definitely worked better (altho we also just love blue in general so…)
  • QI’RA: Chapter Two by Annlyel (Annlyel Online): I have to make a confession. Since I first started hosting theJCS I’ve been hoping and praying that someone would submit some fanfiction, and I even tagged a few fanfiction writers the first time around…to no avail. But now it’s happening!! A FANFICTION SUBMISSION

Community Fun and Shenanigans

These are posts that I felt involved the community in some way, sort of like this roundup post! I have to admit that some of these were my favorite because interactive posts are my weakness. Some of these are more informative posts and others will probably make you laugh. What are some collaborations or community event posts you’ve encountered recently?

Overloading the TBW Pile

This is probably the category that I dread the most whenever I host. Not because I don’t want to check out these posts (how dare you), but because these posts always make me realize how behind I am in my anime watching and then I want to watch all of these! Please guys, I already have a giant TBW list, why are you all making all these shows so tempting?! Such is the life of an anime fan!

  • A Demon Samurai Bloodbath (Dororo Anime Review) by Sam (A Nerdy Perspective): Why does it feel like it’s been forever since this anime aired? It hasn’t, right? It’s still one I need to watch and especially after reading Sam’s review and learning more about the show! Actually, it sounds like a perfect October watch
  • He Is Still A Rascal: Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume Wo Minai by Mirror Purple (Illusion Purple): The first time I heard about this series was when Takuto talked about it in an OWLS post but I haven’t actually gotten around to watching it (I will…soon…!) so it’s really cool to see it also has a movie?! Check out Rayz experience while watching the movie! (and his not freebies but goodies)
  • (Anno August) Aim For The Top! Gunbuster – The Movie: An Ok Shell Of A Good Series by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews): And here is another anime movie review! Actually, I noticed that anime movies are starting to become a thing and it’s kind of exciting. You get great (usually) content and you don’t need to invest too much time into it (episodes are hard to watch ok). While you can’t watch the Gunbuster OVA, Scott has rated the movie a solid watch for anyone interested!
  • Shelter (Space is the Place Blog Tour) by Lynn (The Otaku Author): I have to say, if you didn’t watch this mini-Youtube video yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I remember watching it when it first came out and everyone was crazy about it. At this point, Shelter seems to have been forgotten, or at least not talked about anymore, so this post was a really cool read that made me remember what makes great short films Great
  • Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (We Can’t Study) Review (Spoiler Free) by Yomu (Umai Yomu Anime Blog): There are a few spoiler-free reviews that I’ve read but I have to say, Yomu’s is probably one of my favorites! I’m usually all about knowing as much as possible from a show without being spoiled but Yomu does a good job at selling this show with as little information as possible. I never read harem-esque shows but oh boy, I’m curious to see what embarrassing situations Yomu was talking about!
  • Why Through The Fails, The Passion, The Like Is Still Strong? by Lita (Lita Kino Anime Corner): I walked into this post expecting one thing and getting two in return, which I think is a very Lita thing to do! In her post, Lita mainly reviews Sound Euphonium but then weaves the show into her own personal experiences and goals. Have you watched this show yet? I haven’t but I think I’m going to need to get to it soon
  • Top 5 Anime like Your Lie in April by Yuu (Yuu’s Sanctuary): Oh my, is Your Lie in April making a comeback? Or I suppose I should ask, did it? Or maybe it does all the time around midyear? Not sure but if you liked YLIA, here is a list of other series to watch!
  • Toradora by I Watched an Anime: This is probably the ONLY time I’ve ever known a review title submitted! And I can’t even credit my watching this series to me, but the good thing is that I watched it and that I aggressively agree with the final verdict!! If you haven’t watched Toradora yet, I hope this post convinces you to!
  • Yagate Kimi Ni Naru Anime Review by Sirius (When Sirius Writes): I just want to thank Sirius for dropping some yuri in the submissions! This manga had been on my radar for the longest time and I think I even own volume one…And then I heard that it got an anime and so I wanted to get to it even more! Except I never did #shameonme. Sirius attempts to tell you all how amazing this series is but seems to suffer the same problem of gushing except they write and I just cry over not being able to write coherently

Spoil Me Senseless!

I really tried to keep up with the anime this season…for like three weeks, but after that, I fell off the anime scene. So you bet I haven’t watched any of these titles! But it looks like this time around we also got older titles. These are the posts that spoil it all so if you haven’t watched, hold on tight because these bloggers have no mercy!

Cute Boys Around the Web

Can you guys tell this is my personal favorite? Because yes, I’m not the only one writing about cute boys and you all probably need a healthier dose of cute boys in your lives anyway. All of these posts could have made it into the other categories but I had to highlight them as some of my favorites for *cough* aesthetic reasons

  • The Tragedy of Justin Law by Leonard (FuckBoiOpinions): When I saw Justin Law in the title I knew this might be one of my favorite posts this showcase and just CRIES. I haven’t read the manga but I did skim through it and when I saw what happens with manga Justin I was like OMGGGGG. Analysis post so beware spoilers!
  • My 10 Favorite Megane Otome Guys by Naja (BlerdyOtome): When I saw Naja submit this post, I knew it was going to destroy me and oof! I am FOAMING. I never play otome games and only two megane into the list I was like ok I want to try this game which is going to kill me. There are just too many of them!!
  • [OWLS Tour] Believing in The Strength of Friendship by Mel (Mel in Anime Land): It’s FREE so I just had to add it to the cute boys category because that show is just a bunch of cute boys having fun! But this post isn’t just boys being cute. Mel talks about the main theme of friendship in both Free and Tsurune (which I NEED to watch soon!) and how friendship was a driving force for all of the characters
  • King’s Avatar: Anime vs Drama by Yume (Anime Tokoyo): Ok so cute boys is my personal category and really has nothing ‘technical’ tying the posts that fall in here. In fact, the reason I dropped this post into this one is because of the cute boy screenshots!! But it’s a short and sweet comparison post about King’s Avatar the anime and drama. While I’ve not heard about this one (I think, one screenshot looked familiar…), I have read a few Chinese webcomics. Still, this has me interested in what other Chinese anime exist!

The Megane Squad

Previously known as ‘the academics’, I’ve decided to rename this category because I can totally see all of these guys wearing glasses and pristine clothes and giving everyone the evil eye as they present their amazing master’s thesis blog posts! Or you know, something like that. But seriously, megane is equivalent to cool and smart and I shall worship you, right?

  • Why Fanfiction Scares Me by Fan of a Certain Age: I just had to add this one to the top of the list because it’s probably my favorite submission for the whole showcase. I wasn’t even sure what to expect from this post, maybe something funny? I mean, what is scary about fanfiction? And I found it to be a super interesting read on the trends of sex in fanfiction, which is relevant right now, especially considering the (apparent, never experienced it) extreme policing over kinks and fetishes
  • Why Is It So Hard to Find A Good Female Lead In Anime? by Karandi (100 Word Anime): My brother once criticized me on how I don’t have a list of top female characters under my belt, which then prompted me to make a list. But I found that while a list exists, I can’t really say I’m super attached to those characters (I can’t even remember what characters I listed…). And while Karandi doesn’t have a set in stone answer for this question, she brings up some great points on the issue!
  • Masterpiece Anime Showcase: Your Lie in April, A Journey in Vanquishing Past Dæmons and Discovering the Colour of Love by Infinite Zenith: This is probably the longest essay submitted to the showcase but it’s also the one I recommend the most because of how detailed it is. I’ve always refused to finish Your Lie in April for what seem like petty reasons now (I only watched like half?), and this post has definitely convinced me that I should give it another go. There are so many little details I didn’t catch that I’m super glad to know about now and that I feel will make it an even more emotional watch. Beware the spoilers but if you’ve watched this series, this is a great post taking apart everything and giving it meaning!
  • Appreciating An Aesthetic: The Aura of Shounen (Updated & Adapted Vers) by ElevenxHeaven: This was actually a really interesting read! Honestly, I never really think about what makes up a genre. If someone asks me to name some shounen anime, I can name a few, but if someone would ask me to define shounen…well, I wouldn’t know! Instead, I’d probably direct them to this post
  • Dissecting the Directional Work of Tetsuro Araki by Icarus (Icarus Anime): This one was hard to add to a category because it’s an Instagram post, which means there isn’t much text BUT since Icarus is looking at Tetsuro Araki’s directional work and how that influenced other works, I decided it deserved essay status! I hadn’t realized this was a technique in animation but heck yes it works very effectively. I got shivers just watching those scenes!
  • Rei Ayanami is broken: Shinji wants to fix her by Fred (AuNatural): It’s kind of weird. Even though I watched Eva when I was younger, there’s something about it that I’m very meh about, which is why I didn’t jump along with everyone when it became part of the Netflix library. But after reading this post, I feel like maybe it’s time to give this series a rewatch. It looks like Fred has a series of these analysis posts so head on over and check them out as well!
  • The Significance of the Secret Identity by Voyager (Galvanic Team): Oh boy, I was debating between the right brainers and the megane squad for this post, which KUDOS Galvanic Team, because both of these categories are awesome. In this post, which reminds me of a visual novel (!!) we have Rila and Riley breaking down the secret identity in the MCU and DC universe!

Manga Temptations

Because really, manga is my weakness and I always need more things to read! I mean, these last two days I’ve basically been rereading the same manga and webcomics because I didn’t know what to pick up next. Thanks guys!

My Right Brainers

Whoever can guess where this category came from will get a virtual cookie!! As a hint, I will say I was reminded of it when I was at the doctor’s this month! This category is all about the creative posts that were entered this month, which I absolutely LOVED

  • Fruits Basket – In love for a while – AMV by matija (tfwanime): So I only recently started following matija and I didn’t know they made AMVs! If you like fruits basket, cute things, relaxing but romantic music, and/or anime, I’m sure you’ll love this one!! I feel like I’m floating on a bubble now
  • Norse Mythology in Pokémon by Pinkie (Pinkie’s Pokémon): OMG! This is such a cool segment that I had to add it to the creatives pile! In this blog post, Pinkie goes over how Pokemon and Norse Mythology go hand in hand and uses that to predict the third legendary pokemon!!
  • Anime Food Shiritori (Roasted Soybean Buns) From Date a Live by Moya (The Moyatorium): SCREAMS. This was such a fun post to read!! I thought I was the only weird one who tried making food from stuff I read or watched. But thb, this is actually a way more fun to do things! Are you guys following the shiritori game with Moya and Astral?
  • Cowboy Bebop Essay by TanteiKid (BlazTavern): When I saw the title for this, I was only expecting an essay but wow, I got something else entirely! TanteiKid plays around with how to present Cowboy Bebop to two different audiences and in two different tones. I don’t even know if I would have been able to do this! But it’s definitely a cool exercise to get those writing skills up

The Gamer Souls

I really should play more often, especially considering that our household has tons of game consoles but alas, time is really tight with all the hobbies I have…which is really only one. Oof, who knew anime could be such a time-consuming hobby. Instead, I think I’ll leave the gaming to the Experts

Get to Know the Bloggers

I know I said those other posts were some of my favorites, but I can’t just not say these aren’t my favorites! I mean, what’s better than getting to know the blogger behind the blog? Nothing. Not only do these posts require less mental strain, but they also tend to be fun or insightful. Get to know the community guys!

Short and Sweet Kitties

I feel like I made a contradiction with this title, which was totally on purpose. And if you didn’t catch it, there, I spoiled it! While these posts may appear short and sweet, they are like the kitties in our lives – not actually short and sweet. Enjoy them!

  • Ode to Anime Studios – Ufotable by Aria (The AniManga Spellbook): I’m not the type to really know any type of background related to anime so I’d never heard about Ufotable. But I do recognize the titles that Aria mentions and oh my, aren’t those big titles?
  • Happy 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Z – My top 5 characters I wish to see canon in Dragon Ball by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat): Man, I haven’t watched DBZ since I was stuck in Mexico for the summer when I was a wee-kid but I’ve seen it appear more and more recently. Perhaps because of the movies but don’t quote me, I’m not actually up to date with it! But I think it’s pretty neat that Matt did a list of characters he wants to see canon in a theoretical future movie or series (I think I got that right..?). Actually, it’s a bit confusing to me, how there will be movies to series but they won’t be canon?! Isn’t that like the worst kind of teasing a creator can do?
  • 30 Day Geek Out Challenge – Complete List by Megan (A Geeky Gal): If you want to do a 30-day challenge, I have to say, this one sounds like a lot of fun to do!! In fact, I’m tempted to do it sometime in the future. This is the masterpost to the answers Megan did for the challenge, check them all out!
  • 30 Day Anime Challenge by Keiko (Keiko’s Anime Blog): So it looks like Megan has done more than one challenge before since the one Keiko did on her blog has different questions. This is actually just the announcement post, but you can find Keiko’s answers to the prompts here!
  • Watch Out For The Thug YumDeku Squad ! by YumDeku (MyAnime2go): Oh man, I feel like this one could have fit in a couple of other categories but because it’s such a short and sweet post, I figured it fit here better! I haven’t seen this tag before but it looks like Lita started it (or introduced it? Not sure) and it’s such a fun one. Who would you have as your squadmates?

And this concludes the September showcase this year, along with my hosting (until next year if Jon will have me)! I had a ton of fun getting to meet new bloggers this month, since I really wanted to get more people involved. Please consider checking out everyone’s content, especially from anyone you might not know! Leave them some comments and likes as well (I know I’m quite behind on that, but no worries, I shall visit you in the coming days!)

As for updates on me: I’ve been having headaches all week so I’m probably going to take a bit of a breather once the weekend starts (tomorrow I still have so many things to do!). And ICYGMI, I will be one of the hosts for this month’s OWLS livestream so find me on their youtube channel in like…a few hours. The stream is scheduled for Friday the 11th at 5am PST, 7am CST, and 1pm BST (which I believe is more evening time if you’re further east!)

Keep an eye out on Jon’s blog and social media concerning next year’s JCS. I did hear we need a host for this November so if you’re interested, DM Jon to see if it’s still open

Until later~

14 thoughts on “Jon’s September 2019 Creator Showcase: Fifty-One Posts to Cuddle With Under Your Blankets!”

  1. Truly superb hosting! Thanks again! Of course I’ll be happy to have you on next year as well. I’ll put together a 2020 signup sheet once the 2019 one is filled, as per my normal policy. I’m so impressed by all of the incredible submissions, there really is something here for everyone!

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  2. Wow I can’t believe this well curated collection of 50 talented, creative, incredible creators and their content…. oh and my silly little thing snuck in here neat.

    Thanks, I enjoyed hearing that my review peaked curiosity and sold the unique qualities of the show which was effectively my goal. Congrats on a fantastic job on host duties, and great job on everyone producing and sharing interesting stuff.

    I definitely will try and check some of these out but I’m more of a left brain so time to get back to work ’til my inevitable death brain. Again, thanks for having me, real treat.

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    1. i was surprised too! i usually only get about 30, but i was excited to get so many 😀 lol! isn’t that what we all think about our own posts 🙂

      thank you!!! i’m glad you and everyone thought i did some good hosting. honestly, i was pretty nervous since i tried some new things this time around :3

      thanks for submitting! and yes pls check some of these out during your breaks xD


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