Currently Reading: Ase to Sekken by Yamada Kintetsu

There is so much manga out in the world and yet I always gravitate towards the unlicensed. I’m not exactly sure why, but for this title, I knew I wanted something a bit more adult. I think I was a bit tired of the whole fantasy worlds and teen characters and while searching for something new to read, I found Ase to Sekken (Sweat and Soap). And oh boy, this series is Hilarious!

sweat and soap

In this story, we follow the life of Yaeshima Maasako, an accounting worker at a women’s cosmetic company, who is extremely conscious of the way she smells because she over sweats. Every day her routine involves multiple stops to the bathroom to reapply multiple sweat and odor care products to keep her odor in check. On certain days, she even has to change her clothes because of how much she sweats! One day, while looking at the latest summer product, she gets kidnapped by a strange man who declares: “Your scent fills my head with inspiration. It might lead to ideas for a new product! Every day for the next week, I’m going to come and smell your scent!”

She comes to find out this guy is Natori Koutaru, the guy behind all of the products she loves!

ase to sekken

If you want to read something that will make you laugh, this is definitely a title to check out! I do have to warn for some harassment at the start since what Natori did is technically harassment, but also later at a train station by someone else. It’s not very detailed but it does happen. But after this, it’s just your typical romantic comedy with lots of scent kink shenanigans!

Even though I think Natori is pretty weird, there’s just something very charismatic about him. He’s also bishie material so that’s always a plus. And if it wasn’t clear, the two do start dating. It felt a bit sudden but considering how intimate they’d been before (because nobody will convince me that letting someone sniff you deeply isn’t intimate), it makes sense. I also just really like how different the relationship is compared to your usual teen romances and BL titles. In most BL titles, sex is the end goal but here it’s just something that happens. It’s not overly glamorized and I thought that was cool

I actually find the sniffing scenes to be more intimate than the actual sex scenes. Am I falling for this new kink?!

ase to sekken3

The series right now is only 8 chapters long though so there’s not much else to report on my end. There’s some drama starting with these two since Yaeshima is starting to feel the embers of jealousy striking (she really has no reason to, she’s so pretty and cute and Natori only has a nose for her scent!).

I’m curious how these two will get through this hurdle!

But I’m curious, has anyone checked this series out already? What do you think about it? Or, if you haven’t, did anything I say convince you to check it out?

6 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Ase to Sekken by Yamada Kintetsu”

    1. The manga actually mentions a bit of the biology, like how odor changes depending on mood, idk if it’s actually true but I thought that was interesting! But will do, now I’m curious xD


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