My Experience with Scheduling and Blog Themes

I mentioned this before but it wasn’t until last month where I actually sat down and really planned out a month of posts before. Usually, I’m the type to just write and post whenever I want, which has its own perks, but today I wanted to talk about my experience with scheduling. So how did things work out?

I want to say it went surprisingly well but people are always saying scheduling posts makes their lives easier so would that count as surprising?

I have to agree with the many people who advocate for scheduling posts. There’s just something really nice about waking up one day only to find out you’re feeling lazy and not have to worry about the blog because – surprise! – past you has got yo back! This actually happened to me a couple of times and it was such a nice feeling. But there’s also another part of this elite world that I hadn’t realized existed

One, making a schedule is HARD. Not just because you have to make sure that all your plans are feasible with your IRL obligations but because, if you’re like me, you want it all to be evenly distributed

This is actually something I’ve been trying to reign in for some time (and trying to quash when it comes to OWLS, don’t know how successful I’ve been on this front tbh) but there’s something really attractive about a symmetrical schedule. For example, right now I’m struggling with my June schedule because (surprise), I’ve already mucked up the first week. Now when I look at my sidebar’s calendar, I’ll always be reminded of this smidgeon of a mistake because it only highlights days 1-3 and then today, the 10th. For it to have been a perfect schedule, I should have at least posted on the 8th and 9th!! (Although that means I would have to pass on posting on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays…you see my problem?)

Now, I could try to hide this by removing the calendar widget from my blog but the mistake will also always be present in my bullet journal. There’s really no escape.

Ok, but what if today was actually June 6th and I realized (on time) that I wasn’t keeping up with the detailed schedule I wrote since May? Well, I’d try to rearrange things so that those missed posts have a good home on another day. Something that’s hard to do with a pen but with my new bulletin board with painter’s tape, I can easily swap posts around with no worries! Plus, I’ve also switched to pencil for my bullet journal because I knew this would happen…

Unfortunately, this also takes me a ridiculous amount of time. For example, if I already have discussion posts scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays, where would excess discussion posts go? Especially when I have a steady stream of reviews on Mondays and Webcomic or Manga on Wednesdays?! If I create a new “discussion day” then I also have to think up at least 3 more posts that can happen on a weekly basis. And don’t even get me started on how some of my posts have either a sense of chronology OR they have related topics (you’ll see tomorrow and Wednesday’s posts!) so a single mistake can really derail the image I was going for. Technically I’m the boss of my own blog and whatever I say goes, but I just. Can’t. It Hurts. My. SOUL.

So not only do I spend a crazy amount of time trying to make a schedule from scratch but when I mess up I take way too long “fixing” my mistakes. Time I could be spending Writing the darn posts I keep falling behind on

Which is why I asked if you guys don’t mind more than one post a day that one time. I thought, HMM, falling behind? Why not spam everyone? Ok, I felt really bad when all my posts started to flood my Twitter so I actually disconnected certain posts from cross-posting to my social media. Yes, even THAT bothers me. There needs to be a cushion of tweets between my spam for me to be alright with things

And themes!!! God, how I’ve come to realize the double-edged sword of this concept! While themes help give my blog some consistency (and garner more ideas), it’s also a pretty restricting idea. In May, because I was focusing on mental health, I just didn’t feel right posting about something else. I suspended all my reviews and all my other discussion ideas were pushed back to June. I chained myself to my bed (in not the fun kinky way) so that I wouldn’t be able to sign up for any blog tours that required posts in May. And I screamed a little about the whole thing in the privacy of my backyard (I was kicked out after screaming at midnight when I failed to publish my post of the day)

So you bet I feel really frustrated over my failed first week of June! My next (scheduled in my bullet journal) posts are about art and my book reviews are returning to the blog. My Fridays are already filled with a single discussion post and I want to avoid double posting as much as possible (which I’ve also failed at). So where the heck can I fit those posts into Now?!

It feels like going to a book convention and showing up with a Final Fantasy cosplay. I know, totally okay and cool but it feels out of place…at least to me

Of course, that doesn’t mean that this experience wasn’t very nice. Because I’ve got this habit of writing and rewriting all of my plans (I wrote down my May schedule like 5 times and my June schedule 3 times – this is also why all my classmates in elementary school always knew to ask me for my duplicates if they ever forgot to do their homework), it got me into the groove of when things should be up. I began to mentally write posts so that when I actually sat down to write, some of the posts just flowed out of my head so nicely!

Sort of like this post. Ok, I hadn’t planned to use Death the Kid but while searching for gifs, I saw him spurt out blood and knew I had to use him

I also created schedules in batches of two months so when I wrote my May schedule, I already had most of my June schedule completed. And now that we’re in June, most of my July plans are already planned out. Actually, as a sneak preview, once we get to June 24, my July “schedule” officially starts. Since I’m working with people with different timezones, planning out my schedule beforehand really helps me create a visual representation of my days in the future

But don’t ask me about color coding in my journal. I’m trying to ignore how asymmetrical it all is!

It also really helps when thinking up what to write about. Although I guess I should attribute post ideas more to the blogging community and when I remember to write down an idea on a nearby sticky note (which I may or may not lose soon after), but when I plan out a schedule, I can see where gaps exist (since I draw out the calendar). This helps me think of and add up how many more posts I need to create for things to be “perfect”. After all, it’s better to have too many ideas than too few, right?

But I’m curious, do you guys create schedules or schedule posts? What are some good habits or strange and possibly bad habits that have arisen because of this? Let me know~

And until next time!

11 thoughts on “My Experience with Scheduling and Blog Themes”

      1. There are 2 reasons to blog . Either you enjoy it or not you make money. Relevance is only important for the second reason. I’m a silly old man who likes to run naked thru the streets blogging in a community half to a third my age. Relevance? WTF is relevance?

        Enjoy it for what it is. Years from now today’s views, likes and follows won’t mean a thing

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  1. I use a spread sheet done by Kal/Reader Voracious, and yet I still sometimes accidentally double schedule posts on a day, I just have given up and post what I want, but I try to use the spreadsheets as a guide at the very least X’D

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    1. you know, i saw your comment and was going to reply but then i got distracted by those spreadsheets RIP sorry for getting back to you so late. and i tried using those but they’re just so elaborate that I end up either not understanding them or filling them out with “plans” that just aren’t real LOL and nice, i feel like i should do that more often

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