[Review] Bungo Stray Dogs S1: Getting Ready to Watch S3!

On May 19th I decided it was about time I a) started watching anime again and b) give this show a second chance because I really wanted to check out season 3! If you’ve been following me a while (or have browsed my inventory?! I’m looking at you Irina! I saw you stop by my Devils and Realist post recently…), then you might have noticed that in 2016 (has it really been that long?!) I was really excited to watch this show because it had so many bishie babes and that after three episodes, I was hooked (actually, it was after episode 1 but I did a three-episode first impression, EHERM)

I thought I had also reviewed the series but I guess I didn’t (and now I’m here to remedy that problem!)


At the start of this series, we get to meet the homeless Atsushi who hasn’t eaten in four days and has finally worked up the courage to commit theft to stay alive. He promises he’ll steal from the next person he sees but the first one zips by in a motorcycle and the one after is a group of the military police (and they’d obviously not have their wallets on them, right?). He decides it’s best to pass on them as well and on his third try he finds someone floating down the river.

After some debate, Atsushi dives into the river and saves this mysterious person. However, when they awaken, instead of being grateful, the person is upset because Atsushi ruined their suicide attempt!

We come to learn this character is Dazai Osamu, who is part of the Armed Detective Agency, and he (along with his ideal driven hot blonde partner) are trying to find a tiger said to be loose on the streets of Yokohama. Hearing this, Atsushi tries to escape their kind hospitality, but soon finds himself as bait for the mysterious tiger!


“A good book is always good, no matter how many times you’ve already read it.”

Although I would substitute book to the first episode in this case. Like last time, I really liked the first episode. It had enough crazy, humor, action, and (most importantly) cute guys to ogle at. Of course, Dazai ruthlessly crushed my fujoshi soul at the end of episode one, but you know what? Actions speak louder than words and nobody will convince me he doesn’t have gay feels for Atsushi. Also, that man knows he’s got all the boys running after him and jealous, and he likes to toy with them. Yes, he’s a perfect addition to my harem!

Unfortunately, the excitement starts to teeter off a few episodes in. There’s just something about the balance of each episode that begins to feel a bit forced (yes, that mushroom episode was WEIRD). I still thought Dazai’s suicide attempts were funny (although I haven’t chosen a favorite yet) but even the funny moments feel like they’re Meant to be funny. I like natural funny

Was I the only one who got tired of the president’s badass background music whenever he’d enter a room? Anyone? And oh my goodness, don’t even get me started on the episode with the badass Black Lizard company who get their butts handed to them in a snap


On the other hand, I did like a lot of the weird moments (like the doctor and the siblings…what does this say about me, I’m not sure) but I just wish they’d felt more integrated into the plot. In a sense, season one felt more like an introduction to each character, which left little room for long term plot development

Luckily it’s not 2016 anymore and there are two more seasons to keep watching! I don’t feel right rating this season on its own so I’ll give more thoughts once I get through season two. Expect a review out next Sunday and if you’re on Twitter and you’re curious about my episode to episode thoughts, check out this thread

But what about you guys? Were you hooked after season one? Or are you like me, deciding to give this show another chance? Also, tell me who you ship!! I’ve seen Dazai with Chuuya (who I thought appeared in season 2, completely forgot his late entrance) but I just…can’t see it? Also, it’s a tragedy that there are only 703 stories under the Dazai and Atsushi tag…maybe I should add to the numbers? Ok I did but it’s a bunch of random shenanigans 

5 thoughts on “[Review] Bungo Stray Dogs S1: Getting Ready to Watch S3!”

  1. I ship Dazai with a guy you get to see in the early episodes of season 2… And then with Chuuya. I’m more of an AtsushixAkutagawa kind of girl. ^^ I got hooked immediately tbh… Oh! And I ship Dazai a tiny bit with Kunikida too. He’s my fandom bicycle I guess >_>

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    1. The friend?? Oh my god i thought they were cute too! actually, when I first started bsd I didn’t ship atsushi and dazai much, i saw the potential but IDK, they were missing something but when I did the rewatch it’s like I suddenly SHIPPED THEM. xD I’m starting to see some astushi and akutagawa vibes in s2, hohoho. I wonder what’ll happen (i’m about halfway in)

      YES KUNIKIDA. I love the guy, he’s so adorable!! I actually shipped him with dazai initially but i think i gave up on it during the one episode with the girl he apparently “likes” (idk what to think about that in terms of feels on his part). but yes, dazai is so shippable~


    1. i’m halfway there! they haven’t really interacted much but i’m kinda eager to see :^) oh, picking up bl vibes is my middle name, i’m sure i’ll notice >:D


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